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Hollywood Stadium

The Coast
HTG Hollywood

"Home of the Hollywood Stars"

Coach Gary Gaines
(Billy Bob Thorton)

The members of the Hollywood Stars have been rarely seen in HTG Hollywood. They have put together this team to get noticed. If you hire any member of the Hollywood Stars they will work for free. You must write a press release saying that "____" of the Hollywood Stars will be leaving the team to film your movie or tv show. The actor will then be replaced on the team by someone else.


Paul Blake
(Scott Bakula)

Vince Papale
(Mark Wahlberg)

Stefen Djordjevic
(Tom Cruise)

Al Bundy
(Ed O'Neill)

Girl Next Door
(Kendra Wilkinson)

Frank Cushman
(Jerry O'Connell)

Andre Krimm

(Wesley Snipes)

Clifford Franklin
(Orlando Jones)

Carter Rutherford
(John Krasinski)
Asst. Coach
Head Cheerleader

Malcolm Moore

Annabelle Farrell
(Brooke Langton)

(Ali Larter)

Roland Sharp
(Tommy Lee Jones)

Scotty Smalls
(Arliss Howard)

(Jon Faverau) left to direct "Hollywood Swan Song"
(LL Cool J) left the team to film "Sparks"
(Kathy Ireland) has left the team to film "Pandemic"
Annabelle Farrell (Brooke Langton) has left the team to film "Down and Under"
(Woody Harrelson) has left the team to film "C.Artist"
(Jaime Foxx) has left the team to film "Major Crimes"
(Goldie Hawn) has left the team to film "MacGuffin"
Corey Haim R.I.P.

(Cameron Diaz) has left the team to film "Silencer"
Rod Tidwell (Cuba Gooding Jr) left for "Tortoise and Hare"
Robert Boucher Jr (Adam Sandler) left for "Something Fishy"