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Hollywood Stadium

The Coast
HTG Hollywood

"Home of the Hollywood Stars"

Coach Gordon Bombay
(Emilio Estevez)

The members of the Hollywood Stars have been rarely seen in HTG Hollywood. They have put together this team to get noticed. If you hire any member of the Hollywood Stars as a #1, #2 star or director they will work for free. If you hire them in any other role they will work for 1/2 their normal salary. You must write a press release saying that "____" of the Hollywood Stars will be leaving the team to film your movie or tv show. The actor will then be replaced on the team by someone else.

Line 1

Doug Dorsey
(D.B. Sweeney)

John Biebe
(Russell Crowe)

Dean Youngblood
(Rob Lowe)

Charlie Conway
(Joshua Jackson)

(Seth Rogen)

Line 2

Sean Linden
(Stephen Baldwin)

Doug Glatt
(Sean William Scott)

Alex Delgado
(Francia Raisa)

Happy Gilmore
(Adam Sandler)

(Justin Bieber)


Backup Goalie



Crazy Fan

Le Coq Grande
(Justin Timberlake)

Darren McCord
(Jean-Claude Van Damme)

Matt Shade
(Jason Priestley)

(Snoop Dogg)

Robin Scherbatsky
(Cobie Smulders)


If you make a movie that focuses on a sport and stars two or more real life siblings,
than they will appear in the movie for free and pay the genre costs. At least one of the siblings has to be the #1 star.

NOTE: 1 use per production company & has to be on the calendar before the stadium series ends.