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36 Stewart Street
HTG Hollywood

Contest points: 87
Journalist points: 6
Critic points: 21

(Small home owners are allowed an unlimited film library, 3 cars, 6 items,
5 closet spaces, 10 awards, and 4 housing additions)

Housing Additions

DVD Library

(Value to ad budget: $6,900,000)


Monkey House

Trained Chimp, Babo
($100,000 Ad )

Trained Chimp, Sabo
($100,000 Ad )

Trained Chimp, I Pooped on Mark Wahlberg During the Filming of Planet of the Apes and the F**ker Hasn't Bothered Calling Me Back
($100,000 Ad )

Tropical Fish
($100,000 Ad )








Sorry, I'm Just Not That Into You
Do you have a CRUSH award, but don't want to use it on the talent mentioned? Switch it to a talent who has appeared in the same HTG movie or TV show as the one mentioned on the award. The film must be out of theatres when this is used. The TV show must not be the current season.

Judd wants to executively produce your film. Let him do it without directing and $10 million in cash goes straight to your bank account. His name needs to be on all ads.

A TNT Exclusive!
After some hot and heavy bidding, TNT has secured the exclusive broadcast rights to your movie. Once the film leaves theaters, they’ll cut you a check for a cool $30 million dollars. This award can be used on a movie that has previously been released and is not currently in the multiplex when this award was won. NOTE: This money is a bonus and does not count towards the box office total of the film. You must write a press release about this to get the cash

Do you own a franchise that has never been used in HTG? Use this award to turn a completely unused franchise into $5 mil (up to 5 franchises).

Crush - Mayor Silent Bob Likes You
The HTG Mayor has a crush on you, if you agree to hang out with him, he will star in your movie for FREE. He can't direct, though.

Remember Me?
An actor who was previously a regular on your show will guest star on one episode for free.


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