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Welcome to Hollywood The Game where you create virtual films. Pitch your concept, write a script, cast your stars, mount an advertising campaign and bring your dream movie to the silver screen.

Start your rise to fame in virtual Hollywood as a struggling Intern with $500,000 in your pocket and visions of success in your eyes. Make your fortune in a variety of possible careers - writer, script editor, movie producer, creative consultant, journalist, critic, casting specialist or even as a real estate agent. Soon you'll be moving from the mean streets of The Slums to a small house in the HTG Valley and finally settling into a grand villa in HTG Malibu.

Every aspect of Hollywood The Game is fully player run. Whether cub reporter or editor in chief, unproven producer or powerful studio head, everyone has the chance to climb the ladder to success in this unique online gaming experience where players create the content, and the fun!

IMPORTANT: When signing up for a new username, do not include any spaces or symbols (@#$%&*) in your username. You can use spaces in your production company name though.

IMPORTANT: Only press "Create User" once and wait for it to be processed. It will say "User Created" if the sign up went through successfully. If it went through successfully, do not press submit again, and do not sign up a second username. A player is not allowed to have multiple usernames.