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Baseball Mogul Productions

Owner: Pedro

69 Posey Place
HTG Hollywood

(Production office owners are allowed to use their filmography towards ad budget,
1 free advertising banner, 1 car, 6 items, and 5 production office additions.)


(Value to ad budget: $15,400,000)


(Value to ad budget: $500,000)


  1. Generations (Television) Buzz Score .05
  2. American Pie (Movie) Buzz Score .05
  3. Family Guy (Television) Buzz Score .50
  4. Grand Theft Auto (Games) Buzz Score 2.75
  5. X-Files, The (Television) Buzz Score 1.5
  6. Baseball Mogul (Games) Buzz Score .05
  7. Walking Dead, The (Comic) Buzz Score .20
  8. Dick Tracy (Comic) Buzz Score .50
  9. Lord of the Rings (Peter Jackson version) (Movie) Buzz Score 10.0
  10. Good Luck Charlie (Stage) Buzz Score .50
  11. Final Destination (Movie) Buzz Score .75
  12. Dead Rising (Games) Buzz Score .75
  13. Incredibles, The (Movie) Buzz Score 1.75
  14. Scream (Movie) Buzz Score .65
  15. Toy Story (Movie) Buzz Score 4.0
  16. Big Brother (Television) Buzz Score .50
  17. C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigation (Television) Buzz Score 2.0
  18. Johnny Bravo (Television) Buzz Score .15
  19. Lost (Television) Buzz Score 1.5
  20. Office, The (Television) Buzz Score 1.0
  21. Scooby Doo (Television) Buzz Score .75
  22. Simpsons, The (Television) Buzz Score 5.0
  23. Metal Gear Solid (Games) Buzz Score 1.5
  24. Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, by the Flaming Lips (Music) Buzz Score .05
  25. Diminished Capacity, by Sherwood Kiraly (Book) Buzz Score .05
  26. Courage the Cowardly Dog (Television) Buzz Score .45
  27. Grindhouse (Movie) Buzz Score .60
  28. Slaughter High (Movie) Buzz Score .20
  29. 90210 (Television) Buzz Score .50
  30. As the World Turns (Television) Buzz Score .50
  31. Fast and the Furious, The (Movie) Buzz Score 2.0
  32. All Along The Watchtower (Music) Buzz Score 0.10
  33. Drunk History (Internet) Buzz Score 0.10
  34. Saint's Row (Games) Buzz Score .40
  35. Call of Duty (Games) Buzz Score 4
  36. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Television) Buzz Score .175
  37. Party Down (Television) Buzz Score .125
  38. Arrested Development (Television) Buzz Score .40
  39. Frosty the Snowman (Music) Buzz Score .50
  40. Heavy Rain (Games) Buzz Score .25
  41. Killer Condom (Comic) Buzz Score .05
  42. Mr Show With Bob and David (Television) Buzz Score .375
  43. Life and Times of Tim, The (Television) Buzz Score .25
  44. Hunger Games, The by Suzanne Collins (Book) Buzz Score 2.65
  45. I Know What You Did Last Summer (Movie) Buzz Score .90
  46. Prison Break (Television) Buzz Score .38
  47. State, The (Television) Buzz Score .17
  48. Happy Birthday To Me (Movie) Buzz Score .07
  49. Archer (Television) Buzz Score .175
  50. Avatar (Movie) Buzz Score 5
  51. Charlie's Angels (Television) Buzz Score 2.0
  52. Dexter by Jeff Lindsay (Book) Buzz Score .375
  53. Machete (Movie) Buzz Score .40
  54. Glee (Television) Buzz Score 1.20
  55. Fringe (Television) Buzz Score .32
  56. Community (Television) Buzz Score .29
  57. Deadman (Comic) Buzz Score .22
  58. Home Movies (Television) Buzz Score .225
  59. Phineas and Ferb (Television) Buzz Score .85
  60. Lollipop Chainsaw (Games) Buzz Score .10
  61. Cabin In The Woods, The (Movie) Buzz Score .075
  62. Mad Men (Television) Buzz Score .70
  63. Sleeping Dogs (Games) Buzz Score .22
  64. Flintstones, The (Television) Buzz Score 2
  65. Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, The (Television) Buzz Score .2
  66. Grumpy Cat (Internet) Buzz Score .12
  67. Black Widow (Comic) Buzz Score .40
  68. Boo the Dog (Internet) Buzz Score .10
  69. Sharknado (Television) Buzz Score .80
  70. Animal Man (Comic) Buzz Score .40
  71. Beyond: Two Souls (Games) Buzz Score 1.20

Production Office Additions

One free 6 to 10 TS talent per movie. Can cause problems.

One free under 3 TS talent per movie. Can cause hurt feelings. You can only lose out on so many auditions!

Release a soundtrack with at least 6 songs listed and get a +.5 added to your film's buzz. Must note at the top of update thread. One use per month. Can outsource.

Enables the making of 1 animated film a month at 50% the genre cost. Need a studio to release. Can outsource to other producers/studios, but requires the name of the animation studio to be in the credits or advertising.


Friendly Talent Pool

Christian Bale
(TS Score: 15.387)

Chace Crawford
(TS Score: 3.765)

Russell Crowe
(TS Score: 14.253)

Matt Damon
(TS Score: 20.470)

Charlie Day
(TS Score: 5.398)

Dustin Diamond
(TS Score: 2.558)

Leonardo DiCaprio
(TS Score: 15.072)

Michael Douglas
(TS Score: 9.326)

David Duchovny
(TS Score: 6.321)

Cary Elwes
(TS Score: 5.285)

James Franco
(TS Score: 18.173)

Ricky Gervais
(TS Score: 3.800)

Neil Patrick Harris
(TS Score: 12.582)

Samuel L. Jackson
(TS Score: 11.943)

Nicholas Lea
(TS Score: 7.731)

Paul Leyden
(TS Score: 9.997)

Jack Nicholson
(TS Score: 10.753)

Edward Norton
(TS Score: 13.565)

Gary Oldman
(TS Score: 12.278)

Luke Perry
(TS Score: 6.384)

Michael Rady
(TS Score: 9.869)

Sam Rockwell
(TS Score: 7.596)

Kiefer Sutherland
(TS Score: 10.176)

Bruce Willis
(TS Score: 17.311)

Amy Adams
(TS Score: 8.954)

Jessica Alba
(TS Score: 12.798)

Jessica Amlee
(TS Score: 4.015)

Gillian Anderson
(TS Score: 8.546)

Elizabeth Banks
(TS Score: 11.230)

Kristen Bell
(TS Score: 9.215)

Jessica Biel
(TS Score: 6.733)

Cate Blanchett
(TS Score: 11.988)

Emily Blunt
(TS Score: 8.182)

Julie Bowen
(TS Score: 3.051)

Alison Brie
(TS Score: 11.656)

Emily Browning
(TS Score: 5.377)

Lizzy Caplan
(TS Score: 3.724)

Elaine Cassidy
(TS Score: 2.119)

Kat Dennings
(TS Score: 6.087)

Zooey Deschanel
(TS Score: 15.066)

Emily Deschanel
(TS Score: 5.920)

Anna Faris
(TS Score: 6.461)

Tina Fey
(TS Score: 3.622)

Jennifer Garner
(TS Score: 10.663)

Maggie Gyllenhaal
(TS Score: 5.023)

Christina Hendricks
(TS Score: 5.205)

Rashida Jones
(TS Score: 7.239)

Keira Knightley
(TS Score: 6.279)

Blake Lively
(TS Score: 6.278)

Julianne Moore
(TS Score: 9.358)

Emily Mortimer
(TS Score: 3.828)

Julianne Nicholson
(TS Score: 4.672)

Pauley Perrette
(TS Score: 7.307)

Parker Posey
(TS Score: 13.915)

Gabourey Sidibe
(TS Score: 7.695)

Cobie Smulders
(TS Score: 8.353)

Emma Stone
(TS Score: 11.823)

Naomi Watts
(TS Score: 9.200)

Deborah Ann Woll
(TS Score: 10.769)

JJ Abrams
(TS Score: 12.263)

Coen Brothers
(TS Score: 7.799)

Sofia Coppola
(TS Score: 14.987)

Cameron Crowe
(TS Score: 10.436)

Stephen Frears
(TS Score: 9.258)

Lee Harry
(TS Score: 7.010)

Miranda July
(TS Score: 5.899)

Patrick Lussier
(TS Score: 8.517)

Sam Raimi
(TS Score: 18.616)

Brett Ratner
(TS Score: 11.345)

Jason Reitman
(TS Score: 9.496)

Tom Savini
(TS Score: 5.020)

Tom Shadyac
(TS Score: 8.008)

Julie Taymor
(TS Score: 6.268)

John Waters
(TS Score: 11.723)


Bane Mask from The Dark Knight Rises
The villain who broke Batman in The Dark Knight Rises wore this mask, what value will you have with it? Use it on a movie and find out!

Tom Hanks' Glasses from Captain Phillips
(Unique, One use) Tom Hanks pulls off another stellar performance as the ship captain facing pirates. Maybe your film, too, will be a good one when you use this item. It provides for one free use of Tom Hanks in the lead role, plus +1 to theatre vote if most of the movie is at sea (or by the sea). Bon voyage!

Parking Spot


Zebra Truck

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