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2 Sinatra Street
HTG Hollywood

Contest points: 517
Journalist points: 302
Critic points: 1463

(Mansion owners are allowed an unlimited film library, 10 cars, 20 items,
15 closet spaces, 25 awards, and 12 housing additions)

Housing Additions


Pool House
Guest: Mickey Rourke

(10% off purchase of Book Franchises $10m+)


Home Gym
(10% off purchase of Television Franchises $10m+)

Bowling Alley
(10% off purchase of Sports Franchises $10m+)

Screening Room
(10% off purchase of Movie Franchises $10m+)


DVD Library

(Value to ad budget: $16,300,000)



Display Case (20 of 20 used)
General Ad value $2m
(Action: $2.2m; Animation: $2m; Comedy: $2.4m; Documentary: $2.1m; Drama: $2.1m; Event $200k; Fantasy: $2.3m; Musical: $2.1m; Romance: $2.1m; Science Fiction: $2.4m; Thriller: $2.1m; Western: $2.1m)

Jay Sherman Still
This item doesn't stink! Write an approved review of an HTG film for the Critics Corner and get an extra 1 critic point for each one. Let the Critic Admin know about this item. If the film is Animation, Comedy or stars Jon Lovitz in a top 4 role, make that 2 critic points!

Candid Megan Fox Photo (Unique)
Any time you cast Megan Fox in a top 4 role in a movie you produce, her TS gets a bonus of +2.

Large Comic Box (15 of 15 used)
General Ad value $1.5m

American Splendor
($100,000 ad)

What If 31
($100,000 ad)

Secret Wars 8
($100,000 ad)

Chico's Grand Adventure
($100,000 ad)

What If 31
($100,000 ad)

Duck Tales 13
($100,000 ad)

Pit Issue 3
($100,000 ad)

Of Love & Shadows
($100,000 ad)

Pit Issue 13
($100,000 ad)

X-Men Comic Con 3
($100,000 ad)

HTG Buzz #4
($100,000 ad)

HTG Buzz #5
($100,000 ad)

HTG Buzz #6
($100,000 ad)

HTG Buzz #1
($100,000 ad)

HTG Buzz #2
($100,000 ad)

TV Guide
Every week of the active TV season that you submit at least two TV reviews you receive two bonus critic points. Non-transferable. Unlimited use. Inform critic admin for payment.

Kate Beckinsale (CLUBHOUSE)

And the Winner Is...
(Unique, One use) Feature a character from a top 4 role with the name Oscar in your film and you get 10 million dollars to do with what you wish in that movie.

Possum, Holly
($100,000 Ad )

Kyoto Puppy
($100,000 Ad )

Elephant, Wayne
($100,000 Ad )

Elephant, Shuster
($100,000 Ad )

Puppy, Marmaduke
($100,000 Ad )

Tropical Fish
($100,000 Ad )

($100,000 Ad )

($100,000 Ad )

($100,000 Ad )

($100,000 Ad )

Predacat (Unique Pet, Not Transferable)
From a galaxy far from Earth, Predacat has arrived to chase mice, claw furniture and to help you with your Sci Fi genre purchases. Any purchase of a franchise classified as Sci Fi can be done at a 10% discount. This discount can be added to one home addition discount only for a maximum of 20% off (if owned). Now what flavor of Friskies does this fellow like? Hmm.

Igor's Head from Young Frankenstein
(Unique, One use) Walk this way and you'll learn what this special item can do for you! Produce a horror movie with comic tones (or a comedy with a horror theme) and the genre cost is free. Not only that, but if a top 4 character has the name Igor, that talent is free. Plus, you can have 12 million dollars to spend on the movie in whatever manner you need. (Must spend it all, none back.) Yay!

Bookshelf Items


Hugh Jackman's Beard from Les Miserables
(Unique, One use) Pretty scruffy, huh? Use this item for your HTG film and you get a special benefit. If the movie is a musical genre, you get a bonus of +2 to your theatre vote. This is not stackable with other theatre vote boosts. If it's not a musical, you still get a +1 bump. Either way, you also get 10 million dollars to do with what you please on the movie. Woo hoo!

Walken's in Space!
(Unique, One use) Holy moly! Is that award-winning actor Christopher Walken? It is! Use this item on your film and your benefits will be out of this world! If your film is a Sci-fi, the production cost is free! If not, the production cost is half price. Also, Christopher Walken will appear for free in a top four slot. And there's more! You can spend an extra $12 million dollars on the film on whatever you need. (But you have to spend it all... no money back.) Ain't that spacetastic?

Fifty Million Dollar Movie Voucher
(One use) Lucky you! You can spend fifty million HTG smackeroos on your next film! Use it however you see fit. You have to spend it all, though. What's left you don't get back in change. Have fun!

Backyard Fire Hydrant
(Repeated use) Everyone loves dogs, right? So do our favorite actors and actresses. Have a top 4 character in your film be a dog lover and have them together in at least 3 scenes in the movie, and that talent will work for free!

D&D Lego Playset
(Unique, One use) Two game legends meet in this adventure-packed playset. Use it on your fantasy genre film and you'll reap your reward. Not only is the top star that you choose will work for free, but you can have 10 million dollars to spend on ads. Those blasted orcs don't stand a chance!



$100,000 at Comic and DVD

$100,000 at Mega Mart

$100,000 at Ad Budget

$100,000 at Flip Pizza

$100,000 at Ad Budget

$100,000 at Ad Budget

$100,000 at Museum

$100,000 at Show4

$100,000 at Show1

$100,000 at Show3

$250,000 at Show2

$200,000 at Casino

$100,000 at Ad Budget

$100,000 at No Value

$100,000 at Ad Budget


Rises Fever!
Everyone is anxious for The Dark Knight Rises to hit theatres. You've decided to take advantage of this and have created your own Dark Knight film. However, instead of a Batman feature, it's about a chess player! Have one of your top two stars be a master chess player and the rush of eager movie goers will get you more business... and a +2 to your film's theatre vote.

Redefining the Word
You’re allowed to have a guest star appear on your show one additional time per session.

Back in the day, Russell Crowe was in a movie every month. Now he struggles to make payments on his four mansions and fifteen cars and food for his pet billy goat named Leonardo. Cast Russell Crowe in a top 2 role in your film and he'll gladly work for free just to get his face out there.

Dearly Departed CGI
Just because a talent who you want to cast is dead, doesn't mean he can't appear in your movie! Chose a deceased actor/actress to appear in your movie using CGI technology. The talent admin will assign a special TS for that one use.

A G4 Exclusive
After some hot and heavy bidding, G4 has secured the exclusive broadcast rights to your movie. Once the film leaves theaters, they’ll cut you a check for a cool $10 million dollars after you **release a press release to the Times or What’s Happening in HTG Times (must show G4 in a good light)**. This award can be used on a movie that has previously been released and is not currently in the multiplex when this award was won. NOTE: This money is a bonus and does not count towards the box office total of the film.

Nude Photos - That Younger Chick From Precious
Gabourey Sidibe nude photos have leaked onto the web, real? Fake? Either way you get 10 million in free advertising if she appears in a top 4 role!

Clash of the Jessicas
Who's the hottest Jessica? Biel? Alba? Simpson? Cast two of the three in top 4 roles of your film and they'll work for free. But they must (at least initially) be foes in the movie.

Television Crossover
Two producers both write a crossover episode combining their series. If both episodes air in the same week, each show will get a 15% boost in the ratings, and any regular cast members that appear on the other show will work for free. Shows must have different producers. One use per show.

5-Star Funding
This award must be used before your review is submitted. Review any franchise film (excluding public domain) in theaters. If you score 5 points on your review you get a $20 million voucher towards an available franchise of your choice. You may not buy more than one franchise with this voucher. If you buy a franchise costing under 20 million the excess is lost. You may not use this award to lease a franchise, only buy.

Nah, We Loved It!
If you release a movie and it grossed less than $80 mil domestically (without pulling it from theatres), you'll be happy to know that there were fans of the film. They'll pay you $20 million in cash if you release a sequel (once the new film exits theatres).

Blast your way to safety!
You win a ray gun from Mega Mart's toy department. Not only is it good for $100 thousand toward your movie's ad budgets, but it has 3 charges to fend off zombies at the HTG Town Dump. Sweet!

Can I Be In Your Movie Please? Revisited
A player who is mentioned on the HTG Talent List is eager to be in a film. He has found backers who will add $10 million to your movie's advertising if he appears in one of the top four or director slots. Not only that, but he'll have a bonus 2 points added to his TS for this film! (He will still be judged at the current TS when the film leaves the theatres.)

Sponsorship Deal with Nike
Have four scenes take place with a top four character wearing Nike shoes and get $15 million in HTG cash.

Crossover Fever
You know what's better than a franchise film? Two franchise films! Wait, no, stay with me here-- how about two franchises in one film?! I know, I know. I am a genius. Make a film combining any two franchises you already own, and get $15m off the film's ad budget.

Nude Photos - Allyson Hannigan
Allyson Hannigan nude photos have leaked onto the web, real? Fake? Either way you get a plus 2 TS if she appears in a top 4 role!

Betty White is Scary!
Cast the actress as the bad guy in a horror film and not only will she work for free, but your production cost will be just $1 million. Wow! That's Golden!

Cheap Sci Fi is Good Sci Fi
Science Fiction films are rare in HTG. Release one and the genre cost is only $20 mil!

Do you want to catch a flight out of the airport at HTG Malibu, but you don't own a house in Malibu? No worry! Cash this award in and you're allowed to use the airport. You'll also get $3 mil in cash for treats along the way. Yum!

Fare Thee Well
If you announce before the session begins that this will be the final season of a show, the finale episode will receive +2 buzz. The show must have aired at least ten episodes before the final season starts. It may never air a new episode again.

A character in your film will not stop complaining. Have him meet a painful nasty death in the film and viewers will be so happy they'll see the movie again. You can pocket $20 million once the film is released.



Journalist Only Car w/ no bumper sticker

Iron Man
$100,000 ($200,000 Action)

On Board

Vintage Beetle

$100,000 ($200,000 Action)

Balki and Cousin Larry Keychain

Truck from the Beverly Hillbillies (TV)

Buddy the Elf
$100,000 ($200,000 Family)

Mr. T Air Freshener

Journalist Only Car w/ bumper sticker

Evil Ash
$100,000 ($200,000 Horror)

Mr. T Air Freshener


Ken Anderson
$100,000 ($200,000 Event)

Bumper Sticker: I'm a High Roller

1951 Studebaker Commander from The Muppet Movie
$2,000,000 Family

Ted "Theodore" Logan
$100,000 ($200,000 Comedy)

I'm a High Roller

1986 Volvo 240 DL from The 40 Year Old Virgin
$2,000,000 Comedy

Optimus Prime
$100,000 ($200,000 Animation)

On Board

2004 Porsche 911 Turbo 996 from Fantastic 4
$2,000,000 Action

$100,000 ($200,000 Action)

Critic 2009 Jaguar C-XF

Silent Bob
$100,000 ($200,000 Crime)

2009 Maserati Gran Turismo

Ted "Theodore" Logan
$100,000 ($200,000 Comedy)

Owned Property

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