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14 Renfro Lane
HTG Hollywood

Contest points: 1
Not a journalist.
Critic points: 150

(Mansion owners are allowed an unlimited film library, 10 cars, 20 items,
15 closet spaces, 25 awards, and 12 housing additions)

Housing Additions

Hot Tub
Hot Tub Dude: Jason Schwartzman

(10% off purchase of Book Franchises $10m+)

Screening Room
(10% off purchase of Movie Franchises $10m+)

Art Studio
(10% off purchase of Comic Franchises $10m+)

DVD Library

(Value to ad budget: $1,100,000)


Display Case
(19 of 20 used) - General Ad value $1.9m
(Action: $2.6m; Comedy: $2m; Drama: $1.8m; Horror: $2m; Musical: $1.9m; Science Fiction: $1.8m; Western: $1.8m; Romance $1.8m)

Puppy, RS
$100,000 Ad

Eric Stoltz

Kristen Stewart

Johnny Depp

Vacations and Marijuana Soundtrack
($100,000 ad)

Never Dump a Vengeful Alcoholic
($100,000 ad)

Mr. T Cereal
($100,000 ad)

($100,000 Ad )


$100,000 at Flip Pizza

$100,000 at Flip Pizza

$100,000 at Ad Budget

$100,000 at Flip Pizza

$100,000 at Museum

$200,000 at Casino











Women of the West
The Society For Women In History will pay your production costs if you produce a WESTERN film with a female in the top 1 lead.

Keanu Reeves bumps into you on the streets of HTG. He agrees to be in your film for free.

A Graphic Novel Idea ($50m)
Your movie is a huge hit amongst those discriminating members of the comic book industry, and they're interested in taking the franchise into their realm of entertainment. To collect the $50 million in licensing fees, your movie must be an original concept (not a franchise) and you'll need to issue a press release with a sketch of one of the main characters.

Nude Photos - Sarah Polley
Naked photos of Sarah Polley have leaked onto the internet - are they candid or are they fake? Who cares you get a TS bonus of +2 if she appears in a top 4 role in your film!

Sponsorship Deal with Doritos
Include a scene in your film with someone eating the tasty snack and you'll get a whopping $10 million in HTG cash.

Like Father, Like Son
Gary and Jake Busey want to make an action film with James and Scott Caan. They’re all willing to waive their usual talent fees as long as they are the top 4 stars.

Sofia Coppola
Free use of the director for one film.

Genre Casting
You win 25 million towards casting on your next sci-fi, action or horror film.

Donald Sutherland's SCARY
If you cast DS as the bad guy in a horror film, he'll be so happy that he'll pay production costs (he must be in the top 4).

Hollywood Times Ad
You have won a free ad on The Hollywood Times. It'll stay there for a WHOLE MONTH!!!

Who's There?
Knock knock jokes are still around after all of these years 'cause they're funny. Include a character in your movie that tells at least eight knock knock jokes in the film and the International Consortium for the Advancement of Knock Knock Joke Humor will give you $10 million to cover whatever costs it can for your movie.

Time to Play the Game (Film)
An HTG Gamecast game is made based on a NEW FILM. You receive a free HTG Gamecast plus a free copy of your game. This game can not be based on an old movie, but needs to come out along with a new film in theaters. Your game will also now be sold in Mega Mart! (you do not make money per sale)

It's All In The Merchandising
An action figure based on a character from your movie sells like hotcakes. You get $20 million added to your film's total. This is added after it leaves the theatre and is not reflected on your film's record. You must design the action figure and provide a picture of it along with a story telling of it in an article in an HTG-sanctioned publication.

Vin Diesel Genre
Vin Diesel really wants to make an action, horror, sci fi or thriller and wants to make it with you! He'll work one of those genres for free!

Lyle Lovett is SCARY!
If you cast LL as the bad guy in a horror film, he'll be so happy that he'll pay production costs (he must be in the top 4) and the ad budget (up to 20 million).

Abrams Award
J.J. Abrams, creator the the hit shows Alias and Lost wants to hire you to produce his latest film. He will pay for the production costs of the film and work as a producer but not director: Must be a Thriller.

Tim Burton
You get Tim Burton for free and 5 million off production costs.

Hulk Hogan's SCARY!
If you cast Hulk as the bad guy in a horror film, he'll be so happy that he'll pay production costs (he must be in the top 4).

Crush - Jennifer Garner Likes You
Jennifer Garner has a crush on you, if you agree to go out with her, then she will star in your movie for FREE.

Half Price Award
Do you have a movie that's 20 pages or less? Good for you, because you are able to pay only half the cost of the normal production fees, no matter the genre...

Free $5m Franchise
A free franchise valued at $5 mill to be determined.



2008 Smart Car

Fear and Loathing Car
$2,000,000 Drama

Candy Applered 66 GTO

Mercedes-Benz CLK 500 from Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
$2,000,000 Crime

Steve McQueen's Triumph from The Great Escape
$2,000,000 War

Giles' 1963 Citroen ID Wagon from Buffy the Vampire Slayer
$2,000,000 Horror

Mercedes-Benz 540 K Cabriolet B from Sound of Music
$2,000,000 Musical

The Dude's 1973 Ford Gran Torino from The Big Lebowski
$2,000,000 Comedy

$100,000 ($200,000 Action)

1972 Ford Gran Torino from Gran Torino
$2,000,000 Crime

1966 Alfa Romeo Spider 1600 Duetto from Vicky Cristina Barcelona
$2,000,000 Romance

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