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Rules and Guidelines

All players must follow these rules and guidelines for playing Hollywood the Game ( If you do not understand something, feel free to ask the admin team at

I. Introduction - Updated 10/01/04
II. Accounts and Deals - Updated 10/01/04
III. Deal Submission - Updated 10/01/04
IV. Studio Heads - Updated 10/01/04
V. Career Tracks - Updated 10/01/04
VI. Talent - Updated 4/26/12
VII. Franchises - Updated 12/23/08
VIII. Miscellaneous - Updated 07/15/05
IX. Voting - Updated 10/01/04
X. Outside Webpages - Updated 10/23/04
XI. Items - Updated 08/02/05
XII. HTG TV - Updated 07/13/06
XI. Offices - Updated 07/12/10

I. Introduction - Updated 10/01/04

Hollywood The Game (HTG) is a Hollywood/Filmmaking Simulation Game that is open to players 15 years of age and older. Players can take the roles of studio heads, producers, critics, journalists, marketing agents, real estate agents, TV network heads and theater owners to name a few. Only deals covered within these set rules will be made official by the game's standards. These rules contain generalized guidelines which can be used for interpretation.

The application of these set rules to specific cases will be made by the Site Administrators. All decisions made by the Site Administrators are final and binding on all parties.

HTG makes NO claims to the copyrights, trademarks or other intellectual property of any party whose copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual property may be introduced into the game by players. HTG makes no cash (or profit) from this site, nor does HTG claim any copyright over existing franchises or actors. HTG is just a game (*Please refer to our Terms of Service).

Players of HTG agree that they will not hold HTG liable in any way for any legal actions brought by them or against them that relate to their involvement with HTG. Players play at their own risk. By having a user name players agree to these rules.

II. Accounts and Deals - Updated 10/01/04

The money exchanged in HTG is not real money, but fake money (HTG Cash, HTG $ or simply $ from here on out). All new players will begin the game with $500,000 in HTG Cash in their leaderboard account. All Users can ONLY have one user account (with the exception of players that rise to the level of Studio Head, who will be able to open another account for their studio).

Any users found with more than one account will first be warned and than risk being banned from game play. All money made in all career tracks will enter a user's single $ account. Along with one User Account, players can only have one spot in each career (I.E. a player can not hold two critic spots or have two creative companies).

Users have wide latitude to make deals between each other as they see fit. All deals will be monitored by admin and deals that are unfair to the game or its players will not be permitted. Any money which is transferred without sufficient consideration (value received in return) will be taxed 50% of the value (no giving other users - except users to their studio account - "free" money).

Multiple users may join together to purchase rewards, franchises, studios, etc. When doing so, it is highly suggested that all of the parties involved should submit a deal with all of the details of ownership. This deal can be submitted through the deal form.

On special occasions, loans can be given to players through the HTG bank. To do so, users must have a possession of value that they are willing to lose if they are unable to pay back the loan on time.

All deals (money and non-money value) must be reported to the Site Admins to be processed. This is done via the "submit a deal." Players are not permitted to have less than $0 in their account. Any businesses (studios) that go under $0 will be closed down and sold on auction.

If a player wishes to close their account, it is requested that they contact the Site Admins, so that their assets and obligations can be dealt with appropriately.

III. Deal Submission - Updated 10/01/04

Talent Deals
When you are ready to cast your film, check out the Talent Database, and obtain the Talent Scores for your WHOLE cast and DIRECTOR. All talent will be submitted in one deal to the central bank (submit the deal to "centralbank"). Under the description, you must list the cast members (with talent scores and how much money they cost).

Here is an example:

Director: Name Lastname - 1.5 Talent Score - $1,500,000
Actor 1: Name Lastname - 1.5 Talent Score - $1,500,000
Actor 2: Othername Lastname - .5 Talent Score - $500,000

NOTE: You need to fully cast a film's Director and Top Four Actors before you can place it on the Release Calendar.

Film Deals
When you are ready to release a film and it is set on the calendar, you MUST put in a deal to Central Bank (submit the deal to "centralbank") BEFORE the start of Buzz Voting. No films will enter Buzz Voting or Theatres without being paid for FULLY. If you don't have the money to release a film, than it will not be released.

Submit this deal in this form:

Genre: Comedy
Production Budget: 10 million
Ad Budget: 20 million

Total: 30 million

IV. Studio Heads - Updated 07/13/06

The original four studios (Flip Bros, Street Films, Alexander Corp and U.F.I.) were determined by the site admin. All films that are released to the HTG Theater have to be distributed by studios (aside from films using an indie release award). Studio heads have the freedom to "green-light" films that they want to release. Site admins have no say in such matters (but hold the power to say NO to any films that are overly offensive or pornographic in nature). Studio Heads can be hired and fired by the site admins at their discretion.

Any studio that hits $0 will have its studio head fired. Studio heads will be held to a higher level of responsibility than other players in the HTG community due to their status/responsibilities.

Studios can cross over and work together on films. But when doing so deals MUST be written up and be very detailed about who pays what and where the profit goes.

All films must have a genre, which will designate how much a film's production costs are (the site admins have the power to veto a studio's chosen genre if it does not fit the release).

Below is a list of genres with costs:

Action - $45,000,000
Animation - $50,000,000
Arthouse - $0
Comedy - $10,000,000
Crime - $25,000,000
Documentary - $5,000,000
Drama - $18,000,000
Event - $5,000,000
Family - $15,000,000
Fantasy - $50,000,000
Horror - $10,000,000
Musical - $20,000,000
Romance - $15,000,000
Science Fiction - $60,000,000
Thriller - $25,000,000
War - $40,000,000
Western - $13,000,000

All films must have at least one cast member and a director attached/paid for. Actors and directors have box office ratings that play a part in determining the box office gross of films. NOTE: See Talent Rules for more info on hiring talents.

Studios and producers decide together who will be paying production, advertising, cast and any other film costs. No Studio can grant a producer more than 90% of a film's gross.

Release dates of films must be on a Friday (there will be no Wednesday releases). If a release date change is made after buzz voting has already begun on the film, a $5 million fee will be assessed.

Other fines are possible. They will increase with repeated frequency. If a film is scheduled on the release calendar, it is expected that the film is going to be released. Fines are given to make sure that this remains so.

Studio heads have full access to the HTG Calender and must put info on a calendar for relase at least one week earlier then a films release date.

Studio heads are responsible for reporting all information about a film to the "submit film for release" page/Studio Message Board Thread one week prior to the Thursday immediately before that film is to open. Including on this form is the film's title, all of its stars (the top 8 stars must be in order), its director, its producer, its genre, its advertising budget, the studio's name, the film's website, and a listing of any awards used/items owned. They must also email a copy of the film's poster, which must be 100x150 pixels, to the site admin. If they fail to submit all this information by the Thursday immediately before the film's release, a fine of $10 million will be charged to the studio.

No two movies based on the same franchise, whether that material be original or adapted, may be released within three months of each other to an HTG theater.

If a studio head steps down from their studio head post, they will be rted as a player with assets determined by the Site Admin. The Site Admin will determine the disposition of the studio's assets. Studio heads CAN NOT pass the mantle of Studio HEad to another player, but they can make suggestions to admin of who they would like to see take over the studio.

If a studio shares more than 1 Studio head, both users are not able to vote for their own release. Studios can not be run by more than 2 people. Studios can either have 2 co-studio heads or 1 studio head and 1 assistant.

Arthouse Studios/Limited Release
Production costs are 20% of the Genre costs.

Only one talent is allowed to have over 5+ TS.

10 mill limit on Ad budget + items (excluding items that give a film a 20 million dollar ad budget).

A note on BO: Limited release films get the full BO they make in theaters.

No films of the genre Sci-fi, animation and fantasy can't be Arthouse/Limited release.

No Arthouse Studio will be allowed to be run by more than 1 player (they shall have no assistants or co-studio heads).

Arthouse Studios can release full budget movies by buying backlots of certain genres. They have to pay full production costs with said backlot unlike full studios that get a discount with backlots.

V. Career Tracks - Updated 10/0104

Along with Studio Head job, HTG has many Career Tracks.

Producer Career - All users are open to become producers. Producers make films with studios (Note: See Studio Head rules). Users are open to co-produce a film with another player. Producers can go about making a film in many ways. Producers can pitch a film to Studios in many ways; (1) they can pitch the idea to the Pitch Auction, (2) they can pitch an idea directly to studios, or (3) they can sell their script from the message board.

Producers get paid according to the deal they work out with the studio that green-lights their film.

Plagiarism will not be tolerated at HTG. Works must be either original, or if adapted, must contain substantial, non-trivial originality. Producers of HTG films must be active players of HTG.

Editor - Editors get paid to edit HTG scripts. They get paid according to the deal they work out with the studio/producer. Any editor who agrees to edit a film and submits the deal, but does not turn in the edited work, will be fined and can risk a HTG Court Law Suit by the studio/producer.


Critics - SEE CRITIC CAREER TRACK IN FAQ. No studio heads can be critics.


Theater Owners/TV Network Heads - Currently under development.

Real Estate Agents - This job is open to ALL players. Real Estate Agents have the ability to sell any of the Residential Lots to other players. Players can come to them or they can seek out players to sell to. Real Estate Agents earn 20% of every sale they make (I.E. if they sell a 100 Million Dollar Mansion they make 20 Million). Real Estate Agents also have the option of lowering a player's price on Lots up to 20%. Each % they lower the price means that they get a lower cut of the sale (I.E. give someone a 10% discount and the agent only gets a 10% cut). Real Estate Agents DO NOT determine the price of HTG Town Square lots, the site admin does. For such deals, the buying party submits the deal to the HTG bank (with the name of their agent) and the Agents % will be given to them by the site admin.

Other positions are in the works.

VI. Talent - Updated 4/26/12

Following are rules and mechanics for use of talent in Hollywood the Game. As with any evolving game, rules will remain in development. Keep in touch with rule changes on the game forum and in the updates section of the talent front page.

Directors, actors and actresses that fictionally appear in all films in Hollywood the Game are available for use by all players. There are no "agents" who have sole control over the use of these talents.

Any person can be used as a talent. Many of these people are listed in the talent database. It is impossible to include the hundreds and hundreds of possible talents in this listing. On occasion talents will be added as the administration sees fit.

The talent listing consists of names, plus for each a number, the Talent Score. The Talent Score is a minimum of .5 and has no maximum. (See Be a Star! Junior exception below.)

This Talent Score (TS) serves multiple purposes. First, it will be the cost to hire the talent for a movie role (in millions) as the director or top two starring actors/actresses. So if an actor has a TS of 10, it would cost $10 million to have him in a movie in one of those three positions. All other talents, in positions 3 and up, will be hired at one-half of that rate. An actress with a TS of 7 can be hired for $3.5 million to appear in a 4th-spot supporting role in an HTG movie. (See TV rules for uses of talents and Talent Scores for that aspect of HTG.)

HTG v3.4 update concerning directors who act: Because of the manner in which the databases are constructed, a talent in the acting database cannot be used as a director. A rare exception may be made to this. Contact the game administration or post a question concerning this on the message board if you find an acting talent who you feel should be able to direct. Talents in the directing database, however, may act. In addition, concerning payment, if the director of a movie appears in the top four slots of the movie's cast, there is just an extra $1 million charge. If the appearance is outside of the top four, there is no extra charge for that acting director. Examples of acting directors: Kevin Smith, Clint Eastwood. A talent in the directing database can be used as just an actor in a role -- That person does not have to direct the film. The game staff does its best to make sure that the Talent Scores are accurate for acting directors. Be warned that occasionally there will be a change in TS for a director in an acting role.

Please note that a talent with a Talent Score of 10 or greater cannot be hired for a role outside of the director or top four slots. Exception: Cameo roles. If it is discovered that a studio used a talent with a TS of 10 or greater and that talent was outside of the top four or director, a penalty will be assessed by the administration as a penalty.

Producers and studio chiefs are asked to use common sense when looking to cast talents not on the listing. Example: The Talent Score of the kid who played the son of the lead in some obscure film and has no other films to his credit is .5. Another example: The director of a few foreign films that has never been released through Hollywood and has absolutely no name recognition for the viewing public of Hollywood films will not have a significant TS.

The cost to hire a talent is the cost on the day of release. (See note below concerning talents in a movie ending on the day before a release.) But, in order to place a film on the release calendar, the talents must be paid for. So, in case there is an increase in price at the time of release, the film studio needs to pay the difference at that time. On the week of release, please recheck the costs of your talents. In the case of the top talents, this will usually have a positive change to your box office results.

Talents may be used in cameo roles for films under the following conditions:

The TS is also used in the box office formula. The Talent Scores used are for the director and first four actors/actresses listed on the release calendar. It is the responsibility of the film studio to make sure that this information is accurate.

When a picture leaves the game's theatre, the TS of the director and top 4 stars of the film are subject to change. A talent "expects" his TS times $10 million at the box office (U.S. domestic gross). For example, an actor with a TS of 10 expects a film that he is a top 4 star in to gross $100 million.

To determine the amount of change for the number 2 actor slot:

Change to TS = (Final film gross - Expects figure) / 100

For example, an actor with a TS of 5 expects $50 million U.S. gross. He stars in a film that grosses $100 million. (100 - 50) / 100 = .5, so the TS goes from 5 to 5.5.

Another example: The same actor's film grosses only $30 mil. (30 - 50) / 100 = -.2. His TS would decrease from 5 to 4.8.

The above testing for the lead actor and director is performed similarly, but the talents expect 1.5 times as much and is rewarded/penalized 1.5 times the change.

The above testing is done for talents in acting slots 3 and 4, but the possible increase or decrease is half of the above.

Talent Scores will change greatly with the frequent use of the talent or if an underused talent is in a hit movie. When a film leaves the game on a Thursday, this testing does not affect films with the same actor releasing on Friday (for ease of the administration). However, if you feel that a talent in your movie has had a significant increase in TS and would benefit your film, by all means utilize the Talent Score that would benefit you the most.


If a studio or producer has had some continued success with a director, actor or actress, it is possible for that talent to be friendly with the studio or producer. This will result in a cheaper hiring rate while maintaining the same Talent Score.

If a studio or producer has a talent in the director slot or top four actor slots in three HTG films and that talent meets his expected value (currently 10M times the talent's TS for actors 2-4 and 15M times for director and number 1 actor), it is possible to purchase friendly status for that talent. (The three movies do not have to be consecutive.) The purchase is done when the third film leaves the HTG theatre. In case multiple studios and/or producers qualify for the talent's friendly status, the cumulative total of the top three domestic box office money for the three qualifying movies will be looked at. The studio or producer with the highest total will have the first opportunity to purchase the friendly talent status. If that person declines, the second person has the opportunity, and so on.

The friendly status may be purchased for the full hiring price of the talent, but a minimum of $5 million. (So talents of lower TS would not have a financial advantage to have friendly status.) For that purchase, that talent may appear in the projects by the studio or producer for free. (This applies for all positions. You cannot accrue multiple discounts using friendly status.) That may be done three times per friendly talent in a calendar year (Jan. 1-Dec. 31). The owner of the friendly talent should update the friendly talent calendar on the message board with each use.

The talent remains available to all other studios and producers. But the friendly status, and the discount involved, applies to the first studio or producer who makes the purchase.

To request friendly status for a talent, email the Talent Administrator and mention the talent's name and the three movies that led to the talent's qualification for the friendly status. When approved, payment is made to the game and the friendly status is listed in the talent section of the HTG site.

The friendly status of a talent is not transferable. It cannot be sold or given away to another player. When a producer leaves HTG, the friendly status of a talent is again available. However, if a studio is transferred to another player, the friendly status remains with the studio.


With the Be a Star feature, an HTG player can become a part of the talent listing on the site. For a one-time fee of $100 million, a player can have his name placed on the talent listing. This payment must be made by that player from his account. Occasionally awards or contest prizes will grant Be a Star! status.

Once the talent administrator is notified of the payment, that player receives a Talent Score of .5. The TS is subject to change in the same manner as the scores for other talents on the listing. Any studio/producer can use the player as a talent, but only with explicit permission of the player. Good taste must be used. (Game administration has final say in what is good taste and what penalty is to be levied in case the line is crossed. For example, sexually explicit scenes should be okayed first with the player/talent.) Payment for the use of the player as a talent is made to the player, not the game.

A player is not eligible for friendly talent status.

If the player leaves the game, his name is removed from the listing. If the player returns, the purchase will have to be made again, unless special arrangements have been made.

Update on 11/21/08: After some thought, it is now possible for producers on the database who use the Be a Star! function to direct HTG films. Only one half of the player's Talent Score is used in the BO formula when he or she directs. He or she will be judged at the current TS when the film exits theatres. However, the TS will never be below 0.500 for a player-director using the Be a Star! function. If the halving takes the TS below that, 0.500 is used.

On the database entry for the movie, "No Director" will be credited with the film. Below in the trivia will be a mention that the player was the director. This is to get around a mechanic in the database that was built for version 3.4.1.

There may be future updates to this addition at any time and will take effect immediately when deemed necessary by the game administration to continue game playability and mechanics.

BE A STAR (Junior)!

Occasionally the game administration will offer a smaller version of the Be a Star! option with a limited TS. These offers will be explained when made, generally on the message board.


No HTG players can be used without their permissions. Former players who quit are free to be used just as regular talents. Please ask the Talent Admin to assign them a TS if needed for a film. (This will usually be the minimum possible.)

VII. Franchises - Updated 12/23/08

The Adaptation admins have a formula that prices the costs of a franchise. This process will keep the costs of the franchises the same no matter who is buying, or who has given you the quote. The adaptation message board, with the admins as mods, will be used for price quotes and the ordering of franchises. All info on who is buying a franchise is open to the public. The user who asks the price will have first dibs on buying the franchise. If the user doesn't respond in 48 hours, can't afford the franchise or decides not to buy the franchise than it will be open to other users to buy. A few high priced franchises have already been priced; please check out the franchise page for all taken franchises and pre-existing prices before using the Adaptation Board. Users that ask the price of an already bought or pre-priced franchise will be ignored. Users/Studios can either buy or lease a franchise:

Leasing: You can either have a 3 month Lease or a 6month Lease.

A 3 month Lease will cost you 25% of the total cost of a franchise; however you must release the film within 3 months. If you don't release a film you have the option of; extending your lease to a 6month lease, buying the franchise, or losing the franchises and your 25%.

A 6 month Lease will cost you 50% of the total cost of a franchise; however you must release the film within 6 months. If you don't release a film you have the option of; buying the franchise, or losing the franchises and your 50%.

Buying: To buy the franchise you will have to pay for the full 100% of the costs upfront. You will have no restrictions when you have to release a film. You can even sit on the franchise if you wanted to.

To stop people from sitting on franchises, having too many adaptations being released and not enough original work, there will be some strict franchise rules.

***People who dont have enough money to buy the full franchise or people who are only interested in making one film from the franchise should lease it. No need to pay for the full thing when you only are going to use it once. Leasing it would be the cheaper alternative If you are planning on multiple films or you want to sit on it, then buy it.

As an example say a franchise "X" costs 200 mill to buy, You can lease it for 50mill for 3 months, or 100 mill or six months.

Selling a Franchise: You are allowed to sell a franchise to another player, but the same rules as buying a franchise from us applies. You can only buy 1 franchise per month & can only release one film per franchise every 3 months.

An example; Player 1 buys Franchise "X", next week he release a film with it. Player 2 buys it from him. Player 1 & 2, both have bought a franchise this month even though it was the same franchise. Player 2 also has to wait 3 months before he can release a film.

In HTG, any pieces that were made 70 years before the current calendar year or more are "public domain" and available to use for free. There is no buying public domain works. However, if a property is purchased while still less than 70 years old and eventually does become 70 years or older, the purchasing producer/studio/network still maintains absolute rights to the property.

VIII. Miscellaneous - Updated 10/23/04

As earlier stated, players may engage in other "careers" not described here, as long as such careers are deemed by the Site Admins to be within the rules.

HTG Town Square - This is the home of Hollywood the Game. All users begin in the Slums and must work their way up the status ladder of HTG. Different property gives players different abilities, possessions and chances within HTG.

Personal Film Library - If a user owns property in HTG Town Square (outside the slums), than the user is able to own a personal film library. Films for this library are sold in auction, got as rewards, on the boards and by players (after they get clearance to sell their film into the film library). Films in one's film library can add anywhere between 100K to 5 million to all of a producer's film ad budgets.

Cars - A few HTG properties allow users to own cars. The apartment owner can have 1 car, the condo owner can have 2 cars, a home owner can have 3 cars and a mansion owner can have up to 5 cars. Business lots can not own cars. Cars also have the ability to add to a film's ad budget (can add anywhere between 100K and 3 million to all future releases). Cars can be bought at the car dealership and on auction (auction will feature special cars from real movies).

HTG Museum - This building will house a single prop from all HTG film releases. Studios will get 5 million for supplying the HTG Museum with said prop. Only 1 prop is allowed per film.

HTG Casino - Feeling lucky? The HTG Casino works with the fun filled game of pick a number between 1 and 100. Each chosen number is at the cost of 5 Million to the user (with users only allowed to buy 2 picks per week). Users can win anything from production cost breaks, cars, houses, film deals, free releases, films for their library and much much more.

Reward Creative Contests - The CC Admin will hold contests where users can try to win sponsorship deals with major companies. These deals can defer costs big time and are very valuable.

Message Board Signatures - Each sig can have 1 picture, with a size no bigger than the normal web banner size of 468 W by 60 L or square 60 by 60. The word limit in sigs will be capped at 100 words.

Film Release Dates - Studios are not allowed to release the film before the Friday of release. I.E. NO SNEAK PREVIEWS to the public. The studio is only allowed to release the film early to official critics. See the critics leaderboard to know who is and who isn't a critic. There are also no allowed Wednesday releases.

Message Board Behavior - Any malicious replies to posts, flame wars, and swearing directed at another HTG player on these boards will now result in the thread being closed and the person(s) at fault being handed a fine of $20 million. No more warnings will be issued, just expect to see your account a little lighter next time you participate in the above activities.

All fine money will be paid directly to the last player signed up to the messageboards. Subject to that player answering a PM from admin. Hopefully this measure will never be needed.

A movie ad on the message board is deemed the property of the ad presenter. Any unwanted replies to that ad may be deleted or moved by board administration at the ad presenter's request.

Chat Mod Rule - Only official HTG Game Admin will be granted Room Mod Status in the HTG Chatroom, if necessary. Not all admin will be needed as a chat room mod. The title of the room will remain professional and unbias, though proper frivality is expected..

IX. Voting - Updated 10/01/04

Regardless of user's chosen career tracks, all players are allowed and encouraged to vote in various aspects of the HTG game. Users that constantly vote will be rewarded with cash prizes and/or rewards.

Voting (All Players)
Regardless of their chosen career(s), all players are allowed and encouraged to vote in various aspects of the game.

Buzz Voting
In the days leading up to a film's release, "buzz voting" is taken on that film. This represents the level of excitement that the filmgoing public has towards a film prior to its release. A vote of 1 indicates total apathy; a vote of 10 indicates rabid excitement. The average buzz vote is an important part of the box office formula.

Theater Voting
In the first week of a film's release, "theater voting" is taken on that film. This represents the quality of the completed film. A vote of 1 indicates a complete failure; a vote of 10 indicates the perfect film. The average theater vote is a crucial part of the box office formula.

(1) Voting from multiple accounts will result in an automatic ban. You are only allowed to play with ONE account. Cheating will NOT be tolerated.

(2) Be careful when you submit your vote. If you make any mistakes or double submissions, the admin will use the first vote only.

(3) The voting admin will monitor players submissions for consistently bias voting. the voting admin reserves the right to discount votes fitting the above circumstances. This will be carried out without warning to the voter.

(4) Studio heads: (For studio's that have two heads/or an official assistant representing the studio) Only one studio representative is allowed to vote on any given release from their studio. This ruling covers Buzz and Theater voting.

DVD Voting
This aspect of HTG is not yet ready.

All voting will be reviewed by the HTG admin and players that cheat will be warned/banned.

NOTE: If two people wish to vote, but they have the same I.P. ADDRESS (this means they are using the same computer or Internet connection), then to vote there has to be public participation by both. A short review (a paragraph on their opinion will do) MUST be made by both voters and submitted to the Critics corner. If both people vote but don't submit the short reviews, the vote is dumped. If one submits and the other doesn't, the vote that didn't have a review is dumped. After three "vote dumpings" the voter is put on probation. If he makes it to five, he can no longer vote.

X. Outside Webpages - Updated 07/13/06

For all outside webpages you must have a disclaimer that says this site is for "" and is not real.

XI. Items - Updated 08/03/05

Effective immediately, if you win an item at the casino, but do not have room for that item at your home when I am updating, you lose the item and the money spent for that item. If you're full and you need to make room, take care of it immediately. If you are in the process of making room, make a note of it in the update thread on the message board. No note, goodbye item.

It is the player's responsibility to make sure that his house has room for items.

XII. TV - Updated 04/25/10

Please see the HTG TV External site for all details on HTG TV. Click here.

XIII. OFFICE RULES/USES- Updated 06/10/06

1) General Info

All offices that have price tags can be bought on the map. The thee sizes of office are small (the 20 million price rage), medium (the 30 million price range) and large (the mid 40 to 50 million range). Each office has many uses and players can own and buy/sell as many as they want. Studios ARE also allowed to buy offices. Owning offices are perks and with that come with special game play options and a variety of ways to make and lose money.

Small and medium offices turn to the color orange and the mouse over reflects the business name when bought. Large offices also turn orange and the mouseover reflects the business, but as an added incentive, the business logo is placed on the map.

2) Office Uses

a) General Storage Areas - Franchises/Items/Awards

Small Office - Can hold up to 40 pieces - these pieces can include franchises, items and awards.
Medium Office - Can hold up to 70 pieces - these pieces can include franchises, items and awards.
Large Offices - Can hold up to 100 pieces - these pieces can include franchises, items and awards.

b) Garages - Cars/Boats/Spaceships

Small Office Garage - Can hold up to 5 cars/boats/spaceships.
Medium Office Garage - Can hold up to 10 cars/boats/spaceships.
Large Offices Garage - Can hold up to 15 cars/boats/spaceships.

With garages, you are more than welcome to rent spaces out of fill it with your own cars. Payment is worked out between you and whom you are renting to. You are more than welcome to give away free spaces. Sub level garages can be added to other offices.

c) Production Company Building

With Production Company buildings, you are showing a rise in status in the town and will be able to list services and filmography. You will also be able to hold new special items for Production Company Company Building Owners Only.

Perks List:

  1. A free banner into the HTG Banner Rotation
  2. Producer Filmography! Each film you release adds a free 100K to your next film.
  3. One garage space (you can store 1 car here)
  4. Friendly Talent Enable (small offices can let you get 1 Friendly Talent, medium offices let you get up to 2, and large offices can let you get up to 3 Friendly Talents - Rules on how to obtain a Friendly Talent are still in play, see the Talent Building)
  5. A link to an external website (company blog? Creative company? Etc?)
  6. Production Company Office Additions! Ever want to buy an editing bay? An audio suite? A green screen? An effects studio? Each size of Production Company Office can hold a set amount of Additions, which can actually take down the costs of your future films! Run out of addition space? Then buy another floor and keep adding them. This will also apply to factories to make HTG toys, DVDs and clothing.
  7. A top secret feature that is too good to be posted until its ready for launch... Coming soon.

d) Independent Newspapers

If you buy an office and decide to make it an Independent Newspaper, you become the Editor in Chief (or you can pick out someone to be the EIC for you). While you have to pay journalists out of your own pocket, with the title of EIC and your office being an official independent newspaper, you will be able to award journalists points for their stories.

Small Offices can award up to 3 points, medium office can award up to 4 points and large offices can award up to 5 points.

You will be able to make money by selling ad space and you will be able to buy special discounted items, awards and film library films to give away in bi-weekly drawings (if you choose to have contests). With your own newspaper you will be able to update it when you want and choose which ever style you want to have the paper be (just be careful, players can sue you in the HTG Court). Your office space will house info on your staff and a picture of your mag (if you do issues it will list issues with pictures) and will link to your official publication that will be on your own space, where you have full updating power. If you buy multiple floors you can have your Independent Newspaper also be a critic sanctioned paper, more details on critic sites below.

With this office comes an extra way for YOU to make money. As EIC (and only as EIC), you'll have the ability to trade your own personal points for money to pay out other reporters. For every article you write, an admin will award you between 1 and 5 points. You than have the option to trade those points in for money! This is only with having a J-Office news site, no other journalists can.

e) Critic Websites

Want to open your own critics corner? Rotten Tomatoes? Ain't it cool HTG? Now you have your chance!

Critic Websites can be opened in small/medium or large office and with the official choosing of a critic website, you will be able to award people up to 3 critic points per story for small offices (4 for medium and 5 for large). All money payments will have to come out of your pocket though. You can take on advertisers to make extra coin and also be able to buy special items, awards and film library prizes (at lower costs) to give away on a bi-weekly basis or less if you choose to. If you want to combine this with a newspaper, you only need to buy a second floor on your office. Your office will link to your official critic's website that will be on your own space, where you have full updating power.

With this office comes an extra way for YOU to make money. As Critic Master (and only as site master), you'll have the ability to trade your own personal points for money to pay out other critics. For every review you write, an admin will award you between 1 and 5 points. You than have the option to trade those points in for money! This is only with having a Critic-Office site, no other critic can.

f) Restaurants

The Basics and the Menu

A restaurant can be owned if you own the deed to a small, medium or large office space. Simply declare to the HTG update administration (on the update thread will be fine) that you wish to convert your blank office space into a restaurant. (Changing an office space of another type into a restaurant is a process still under development.) The price of a small office space is not fixed. Check individual properties on the HTG map for prices.

A restaurant owner sets the prices at the establishment as outlined further below.

A restaurant, unlike most other office spaces, can only have one floor. A restaurant contains two parts: the dining section and the gift shop.

In the dining section, a customer may purchase the use of talents on the listed menu. Talent vouchers will be given for the talents. These vouchers are one-use only. They count as an item in your home. You cannot be in the slums and own items. Restaurant talent vouchers are the same as Club Siberia talent vouchers and may be placed in a talent voucher binder.

To place an order at a restaurant, send the listed amount of money to "htgstore" with "Dining at (restaurant name)" in the subject title. This process is to ensure that the site updater knows of the need to handle the transaction. The site updater will make sure that the restaurant owner is paid for use of the eatery.

There are slight differences in receiving talent vouchers from a restaurant, the main one being that you always know that you will be receiving a talent voucher from a restaurant (unlike Club Siberia, where you may experience a "special event.") One of the available talents on the menu is chosen at random. A talent voucher is given to the diner for that talent, assuming that the diner has room at his/her home. To receive more than one voucher, the customer must "dine" at the restaurant more than once. Multiple deals are not necessary.

IMPORTANT: Once talents are picked, they are removed from the menu! Because of this, the results of your dining experience are done in batches (at least once a week, depending on the site updater's schedule). The menu will be updated as soon as possible.

Talents on the menu are available on a first-come basis, depending on the email order of the site updater.

IMPORTANT: The presence of a talent on a restaurant menu does not mean exclusive use of that talent. All talents can be used at any time by a producer/studio. Talent vouchers merely provide the chance to obtain the use of a talent at a reduced cost.

The Talent Score of a talent on the menu is the TS at the last menu update. A film exiting HTG may cause a change. The menu will be updated as soon as possible if this occurs.

It is up to the restaurant owner to keep the menu stocked. A small restaurant can hold 20 talents, a medium 40 and a large 60. Restaurant owners may stock their menu through a deal with the talent wholesaler (the talent administrator). Simply submit a deal to "htgstore" with "Stocking (restaurant name)" in the subject.

IMPORTANT: Talents chosen are at random. Restaurant owners cannot pick talents to have on their menu. As an incentive and to make costs fair for the restaurant owners, a random choice of a talent with a TS of 1.500 or lower are rechosen.

IMPORTANT: Formerly, the Talent Score of a talent available on a restaurant's menu was not be greater than 10 at the time of stocking. However, celebrities with Talent Scores above 10 are now possible at restaurants.

Talent vouchers may be purchased for a restaurant for $2 million apiece in blocks of ten, or $2.5 million apiece. (For example, 15 talents can be added to a menu for $32.5 million.) Owning a restaurant is not cheap, but can prove profitable in the long run if adequate care is given.

It is not required that a restaurant remain fully stocked. However, the limit cannot be exceeded, even with a block purchase of ten talent vouchers. The site updater will update the restaurant menu as soon as possible after the voucher purchase is made.

Talent vouchers purchased for a restaurant may only be used as menu items in that restaurant. They are not usable or transferable in any other way. They cannot be dumped at the HTG Town Dump. A talent voucher must remain on the menu until it is randomly picked by a customer.

A restaurant owner may charge whatever he/she wishes to dine at the restaurant, as long as it is greater than $2 million. (This used to be $2.5 million, but has been reduced.) Don't forget that owning a restaurant can be expensive. Charging for what you provide is the only way that the restaurant can remain solvent. It is important that these vouchers are not given away, so the minimal price must be charged.

HINT: If you find yourself stocked with many high-scored talents on your menu, charge more!

The Gift Shop

A restaurant can hold as many items in its gift shop as the limit of talents on the menu (20, 40, 60). Restaurant gift shops provide items that give discounts to a meal at that particular restaurant. Each item is worth $100 thousand off of further visits at that restaurant only and are reusable. (Customers of the restaurant must state that they own an item in the deal for this to be valid.) Only one of each item may be used at a time for the discount, although more than one of each item may be owned.

To purchase an item from a restaurant's gift shop, submit a deal to "htgstore" stating that you are doing so. The site updater will make sure that the restaurant owner is paid. The updater will then reduce the quantity of that item from the gift shop.

A restaurant owner has full rights to gift shop items for his/her restaurant. No other means of obtaining one of the items is possible, unless granted by the owner.

To stock items for a gift shop, the owner should submit a deal to "htgstore" stating what you are buying and how many. Gift shop items cost $1 million in groups of ten (a mixture of item types is possible) or $1.5 million apiece. A purchase of 5 restaurant T-shirts, 5 baseball hats and 3 oven mitts will cost the owner $14.5 million.

Items available at this time for a restaurant gift shop are T-shirts, baseball caps, posters and oven mitts.

The restaurant owner may charge whatever he/she wishes for gift shop items. There is not minimum or maximum. The items may even be given away for free for promotions or as presents. However, the $100 thousand discount on dining is a fixed rate..

g) Creative Company/Casting Company

You can list general details and links to external sites.

Please Note: These are the current options for owning an office. Soon we hope to release more features including stores, factories and expanded studio space. If any office is used as a way to put down or insult another player, the game reserves the right to take down all links and delete the office.

3) Office Levels/Floors

It is now possible to add a new floor to your office building. To add a new floor to an office building, the cost is half the cost of the total size of the office. Not all offices can add a new floor. Here is a list of offices that CAN add a new floor: Production/Creative Companies, Stores, Papers, Storage and Garages.

The new floor has the same size limits as the size of the office and a few styles of offices are mix and matchable. Here is a list of what is able to mix and match with new levels.

Production/creative company can be multi-level and mixable with Storage or Garages.

Stores can be multi-level and can't be mixed with other types except Storage and a sub-garage.

Papers can only be two levels and can only be mixed with another paper (I.E. Critics and News sites can come together with an addition of a second floor). If you want, a second or third floor can be a personal production/creative office for the building owner.

Storage can be multiple level and is mixable with Production/Creative Companies and garages.

Garages can be multiple level and is only mixable with ALL OFFICE TYPES as a subbasement. Only one is allowed per building.

Restaurants are one-level only and is not mixable at all (expect having a sub garage)