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Producer/Studio Head.
As a producer you write and produce films for the HTG Theatre. Along with the Head of the Studio, you must choose your director, cast the film, advertise it to the public and release it! Box Office and critical responses will declare if your film was a hit or miss! Someday, you might even work your way up to being a Studio Head.

Click here to see a list of our studios and links to their detailed pages.
The Grand Theatre.
At all times there are 20 films playing in the Theatre. Showings are 24 hours and 7 days a week. These films display a variety of genres, styles, and length. Before you pitch your first film, we highly recommend you chekcing out the films in the Theatre. This is one of the best ways to learn more about the game and players.

Click here to be taken to the HTG Grand Theatre. Or click here to view our Classic Theatre.
What's going on in the world of HTG? It's the journalist's job to let everyone know what is going on in and around town! Become a staff member, write articles, columns, or do interviews to bring the news of what's happening to HTG's playerbase. HTG features a ton of news outlets and players are welcome to buy an office and open their own press.

Check out the links from the "News" option on the above menu to view some of our active newspapers.
Everybody loves feedback on their films; it's arguably the biggest incentive to write films next to the fun of writing. Critics read and critique the movies that producers and studio's release. They offer their views and constructive criticisms. You not only help other players make up their minds on what they should read, but you help the producer improve as a writer. Critics are well respected and very well paid for their duties.

Click here to check out the Critic's Corner.
Creative Company.
Owning a creative company can be one of the most lucrative careers in Town. Whether it's making teaser/theater posters, banners, or websites for films or making them for private citizens like producers or studio heads one thing is always constant; a good creative company will never run out of jobs.

Click here to view our active Creative Companies and learn more about opening your own.
There can never be too many editors sprucing up films before release so they look polished and error-free. Being an editor is a great way to grow as a writer, and it is a very well paying career.

If you want to be an editor, you should post that you are available to edit scripts here.
Other Careers.
Hollywood The Game isn't just limited to the above careers. There is a wide variety of other work available. Provide your services as a casting specialist, sell property as a real estate agent, help a challenged producer or studio with their advertising by coming up with an awesome marketing campaign, and much more. HTG is open ended and is always growing. Do you have an idea for a new career, let us know!
Ever want to produce a weekly TV show? Now is your chance. Work with Network Heads to bring your show ideas to the small screen.

In HTG, the sky's the limit!