Square Deal (2007)

Square Deal

Released by
Miracle Pictures

Produced by
Ship of Fooles Productions

Directed by
Barry Levinson

Genre: Crime

Tagline: Trust is a dangerous thing

Release Date: February 23rd, 2007

Website: Square Deal

Gross BO: $227,292,695.00

Budget: $ 0.00

Plot: Two brothers hatch a scheme to come up with some much needed funds. But who is to blame when things go wrong?

Reviews: Critic's Corner Page


Ray Liotta .... Carl
John Turturro .... Jacob
Ernest Borgnine .... Old Man
Dave Batista .... Snake
Beverly D'Angelo .... Judith


Wendy's sponsored this film. The title Square Deal refers, in part, to the main character's love of Wendy's because their burgers are square.



JACOB: So, how'd we get ourselves into this mess, Carl?


Nominated - Best Short Film

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