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New Studio Announcement Video

New Studio Announcement Video
INT. TV STUDIO Ritchie Steven (RS) is standing in the Flip Brothers TV studio in front of full screen wall of posters of HTG films both past and present. Notable in the mix are Superman: The Last Son of Krypton and The Squad. RS: Hello to everyone out there in HTG land! It is great to dust off this old studio for a special announcement. I’m here today to introduce to the newest member of the... 


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Rick is Back & Chats with the Times

Rick is Back & Chats with the Times
I recently got the chance to sit down with returning producer Rick Arnold, seeing as I was around when Rick was first here. It made me feel a little old when he mentioned how long he had been away. We discussed why he came back and what his plans for the future are and here is what he said. KRIS: So you’ve returned to HTG after a long absence, How’s it feel to be back? RICK: It feels good... 


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Vice out! Who in!

Vice out! Who in!
There have been rumors for some time Superman and Badge Of Justice producer would be making a return to television with a rebooted tale of Miami Vice (SEE: Miami Vice Begins (re)Casting!), The classic cop show from the eighties would be set in present day, but now it seems that is not the case. I sat down with Kris to find out about the delay. TIMES: So last time we spoke, you seemed pretty enthusiastic... 


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Freeman Leaves the Force

HTGPD lost one of it’s finest officers today when it was announced that Morgan Freeman had reached a deal with the Flip Brothers Studios and KG Productions to voice the role of Tomar-Re in the upcoming anthology  film DC Showcase in the segment “Green Lantern: Manhunt.” “I am absolutely delighted that we landed Morgan [Freeman] for the role,” uber DC Comics producer Kris Greet... 


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Super News!

They are back!! Kris Greet and The Flip Brothers are reteaming to bring us another installment in their hit Superman franchise. Kris explained the reason for the delay. “I had a hard time trying to find the right way of bringing certain characters into the story” So does this mean we won’t be seeing Jude Law saying the immortal words Kneel before Zod. “Not in this film” Kris replied “... 


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