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The Octagon in HTG?

The Octagon in HTG?
Award winning Mega Producer Lucian has put down a 150 million for the full movie rights to UFC. That’s right, the billionaire behind the HTG versions of TCW, XCC, and WWE might be bringing us an all new fighting experience. Rumors first started to swirl about this potential purchase after Lucian built a Bowing Alley in his mansion at 2 Sinatra Street in HTG Malibu.  Bowing Alleys give producers... 


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Weekend Predictions: ‘Angry Birds’ to Slingshot Massive Numbers

This Memorial Day weekend is set to be perhaps one of the biggest in HTG. TCW vs. WWE fights its way into theatres while Angry Birds catapults itself into theatres. TCW vs. WWE is likely to spark interest, since its marketing angle uses the “fate of…” angle. It also merges two very popular wrestling franchises. The last film in Lucian’s acclaimed wrestling series, TCW X opened... 


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