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Soundtrack: Bye Bye, Beautiful

Soundtrack: Bye Bye, Beautiful
Coming to a retailer near you is the official soundtrack for the new 21st Century Cat Pictures release, Bye Bye, Beautiful. When it comes to contemplative voice overs by private eyes in smoke-filled offices, usually rambling about dames and the trouble they’re always causing, nothing is a better accompaniment than jazz. The selection on the soundtrack boasts a mix of an instrumental jazz pioneer... 


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21CC Is On The Case

21CC Is On The Case
Being a private investigator can be a rough gig. Sometimes there’s a drought of work and you’re left waiting for the next case. Other times they’re forced upon you by a slimy congressman played by Paul Giamatti who won’t take no for an answer. Alan Cooper of Shield Investigations comes to learn this hard truth in Bye Bye, Beautiful, the latest flick from 21st Century Cat Pictures and producer... 


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A Trip West to talk with Walter Hill

Flip TV and Decepticon Liberation Front gave us a rare set visit to watch the making of the “Utah Carol” episode of their hit series Marty Robbins’ Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs. The location was a cattle ranch on location in Wyoming. An actual ranch that is up for sale. Maybe the extra Hollywood hype helped sell it. We were able to sit down and talk to the series dirrector,... 


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Back in the Saddle

Back in the Saddle
After a long period of quiet from Decepticon Liberation Front and 21st Century Cat Pictures, both are making a return to theaters August 16th. Starring Christian Kane and Jill Wagner, Saddle Tramp is a western short about a wandering cowboy named Jack Robinson. Jack is a drifter with no place he calls home and he wouldn’t trade that freedom for anything in the world. Saddle Tramp was originally conceived... 


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My Last Sunrise for the First Time!

Tomorrow will mark a historic day in the eight year lifespan of HTG as My Last Sunrise hits theaters. As some of you might know, the movie has has the longest period of development in Hollywood’s history with the first talk about the project occurring in the late 1800s after Eadward Muybridge revealed his “Horse in Motion”. While talks died out for a long time following that marvel... 


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