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17th HTG Award Nominees

Here they are, your 17th HTG Award nominees. Voting has opened on our message board. Help celebrate the best that HTG had to offer in the last half year! Best Creative Company RS Creative | RandomFX | Goliathus Best Critic Goliathus | Brianc2008 | Lucian Best Journalist Goliathus | RS | Quantum Best Soundtrack Voice of the Night | WWE Present, The Greatest Movie Ever Sold | Tortoise and the Hare Best... 


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No New Movies This Week? Good!

Looking at the Release Calendar, I noticed that there are no new movies hitting theaters this week. I don’t know about you, but I’m happy to have the week off to go to HTG Theaters and enjoy one of the twenty movies already in theaters. Summer has been very busy and productive, but it hasn’t left me much time to check out any of the new movies. Lets take a look at some of the recent... 


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Killing Blue Exclusive Interview – The Mind of a Mad Scientist

Killing Blue Exclusive Interview - The Mind of a Mad Scientist
You might not heard of Tesla and Mad Scientist Films a year ago but it’s hard to not know him after the last Yoda and giving the output of his recent films. He has been on headlines, press conference and any big or small movie forums out there. How can you miss that? No, you can’t. As productive as always, his new movie will be in the theater very soon and this time, it’s an arthouse... 


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Hardest Working Director in Hollywood

For someone who is not even allowed to step foot on US soil, Roman Polanski is one of the hardest working directors “in” Hollywood with multiple films scheduled for release in the next month alone. Lets start with L.A. Noire: The Consul’s Car, the final film of Polanski and Baseball Mogul Production’s series based on the video game. Releasing worldwide tomorrow, this will be... 


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Hollywood Film Fund Announces New Project

Hollywood Film Fund Announces New Project
Earlier this week, the long dormant Hollywood Film Fund (for new producers) announced their first new project since 2010’s Keeping Up Appearances: A Musical Day. The new project will be the debut film of Tesla and his production company Mad Scientist Films, the dark romantic drama Transylvania. The movie is a full length movie at over 100 pages and is very polished. At the helm is Roman Polanski,... 


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