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The Octagon in HTG?

The Octagon in HTG?
Award winning Mega Producer Lucian has put down a 150 million for the full movie rights to UFC. That’s right, the billionaire behind the HTG versions of TCW, XCC, and WWE might be bringing us an all new fighting experience. Rumors first started to swirl about this potential purchase after Lucian built a Bowing Alley in his mansion at 2 Sinatra Street in HTG Malibu.  Bowing Alleys give producers... 


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First Foreign Box Office Numbers of 2015!

(In no particular order) Title Studio Producer Foreign BO TOTAL BO Moving Horizon Pictures Frontline Films $109,768,352 $244,680,050 Major Crimes 2 Flip Brothers Studio PJFlip Films Miracle Pictures Aurora Films $400,654,819 $733,561,735 Heroes or Something Like It Flip Brothers Studio PJFlip Films $520,040,362 $911,528,263 Energy Run Horizon Pictures Bluegrass Productions $237,996,363 $479,194,089 Another... 


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EXTRA! EXTRA! New TCW Contest!

EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it! TCW 85 (the latest movie in the famed wrestling series, as we reported on last week) has an all new contest on the MB! The movie is the debut from HTG Hollywood’s newest studio, Possum Lodge Studios, which was started by veteran studio head and producer Lucian. Well, the new studio is pulling out all the stops with their new “Who Needs a Hug” contest. The... 


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The 5 Ws and How: TCW 85

Who? The debut release from Possum Lodge Studios is the 100th total release in the TCW franchise. With TV on a long break, the regular scheduled shows have gone to the theaters. Hence, TCW 85 the 85th episode of the regular series, which is building up to the two-part “Hotter than Hell.” TCW 85 is directed by Paul Heyman. What? A three match Beat the Clock Challenge will take up all the in-ring... 


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The 5 Ws and How: TCW 83

Who? TCW 83 mostly focuses on the usual cast of TCW characters. Being only 28 pages long, and designed to be a development film rather than a major event film, not everyone appears. We get The Rock (pictured, top left), the Hardys (Jeff Hardy is pictured, center), Ric Flair and a number of the wrestlers who only appear in TCW. There’s also one big surprise. What? Three matches, two of them rematches... 


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