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20th HTG Awards Nominations

20th HTG Awards Nominations
Best New Producer Simply the Best Productions (Richard Van Den) Mr Grell (Mr Grell) Random Name Productions (RandomName) Joseph Akers Productions (Joseph Akers) Best Creative Company Marlowe PJFlip RS Best Critic Mr. Bungle Howard Bell Jones of Florida Best Journalist RS Marlowe Richard Van Den Best Soundtrack They Came From Planet Earth The Warriors Space Travel on a Budget Best Site They Came From... 


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HTG Producers Interview Series with Mattricks

I’m starting a new series on The Hollywood Times where I interview various producers as they get ready to release films in HTG Theaters. ¬†We’ll start this series with Mattricks. Mattricks is a veteran producer with HTG known for such Yoda winning works as Americatown, The Gifted Grafton Owls, and Pinball Wizard. After being away for several years, he’s back with the comedy Space... 


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