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Why am I back?

Why am I back? Because Writer’s Block is a very real thing. Because writing anything is better than writing nothing. Because I like you guys. Because we need more releases, better a 4-page film than films staying in theaters for over a year. Because I made Steven Seagal a mega star. Because I have a freakin’ Space Station. Because I said so. Two films in theaters. More to Come. The Ship... 


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The Octagon in HTG?

The Octagon in HTG?
Award winning Mega Producer Lucian has put down a 150 million for the full movie rights to UFC. That’s right, the billionaire behind the HTG versions of TCW, XCC, and WWE might be bringing us an all new fighting experience. Rumors first started to swirl about this potential purchase after Lucian built a Bowing Alley in his mansion at 2 Sinatra Street in HTG Malibu.  Bowing Alleys give producers... 


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Something About Adam Sandler is Fishy

The voice of Adam Sandler is both well known, and capable of a lot of different styles and accents. So it’s no wonder Ship of Fooles has tagged him to play the lead role in the new film Something Fishy. A short cartoon about, unsurprisingly fish, this comedic tale of two fish in a bowl promises to be a huge blockbuster, if only because it’s opening on what is bound to be a large Box Office weekend. Unlike... 


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A New Horizon for One of HTG’s Oldest Studios

There is a new horizon for one of HTG’s oldest (and most successful) studios as Ship of Fooles closes its doors and joins with Kinetic Pictures to form Horizon Pictures. Co-studios heads Lucian and Brianc2008 will share the new studio, with Lucian taking a behind the scenes roles while he works on personal projects, including a new season of TCW, and Brianc2008 becoming the COO who will head... 


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TCW Partnered with the Ontario Tourism Board

TCW Partnered with the Ontario Tourism Board
It’s a well-known fact that Lucian Carter lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada when he is away from HTG Hollywood. A few months ago, Lucian partnered with the Ontario Tourism Board to bring a major TCW event to Toronto. TCW 12 (counting the one season which ran live at the Hollywood Coliseum) was shot entirely in Canada with events in Vancouver, Calgary and Winnipeg. The season culminated with TCW Total... 


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