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The 5 Ws and How: The Butcher Cuts Loose

Who? Screenwriters: Christopher James Doran and Patrick John Doran Director: Pete Travis Starring: Dwayne Johnson, Gina Carano, Shia LaBeouf, Amanda Seyfried, Bill Murray, Taylor Kitsch, Kane, and James Gandolfini What? The Butcher Cuts Loose is the third film in what has become “The Butcher Trilogy.” It follows directly after the events of the previous film, The Butcher Means.  War.... 


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The Brit… I Mean, the Birds Are Coming!

The mobile gaming phenomenon that is known as Angry Birds is finally getting the HTG treatment! “I’ve always thought an Angry Birds film would be a fun thing to produce and a fun thing for audiences to watch,” says Dartcher the producer of the upcoming adaptation. “My goal is to add some of my own little things into the game’s universe, such as a couple new birds for example…... 


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Who is Going to Camp?

Shia LaBeouf leads the cast of the Flip Brothers latest movie, Camp Quad. An arthouse drama about war, friendship, and baseball. Joining the young actor in the leading roles are Michael Ironside, Justin Timberlake, and Rachel McAdams. The movie co-stars Laz Alonso, Topher Grace, Justin Bartha, David Krumholtz, and Bill Pullman. After Bowman (Bartha) is severely injured in battle, his friends and fellow... 


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