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King Leaves the Force

Officer Bobby Davison, aka Erik King, has left the Hollywood Police Force to take a supporting role in the Flip Brothers video game adaptation Saints Row. He joins Steven Yeun, Will Smith, and Michael Cudlitz in the movie that was penned by Pedro, in a new take on the franchise. This marks King’s first HTG role since 2012’s Dexter, where he reprised his role from the TV series, also produced... 


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Saint’s Row to Hit Up HTG TV Screens

With Session 11 gearing up to start at the end of September, network’s are starting to assemble there lineups, and with that means new shows are gearing up to launch. One of these new shows is coming from one of HTG’s most prolific and icon producers. Who exactly? Well, Pedro, of course. Rogue Net and Baseball Mogul Productions are teaming up to produce an adaptation of the video game Saint’s... 


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