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Upcoming Movies!

Upcoming Movies!
The calendar is quickly filling with a variety of movies, lets take a closer look at a few of them! For the full selection, check out the HTG Release Calendar! Kill Will Release Date: February 22nd, 2019 From Miracle Pictures studio and director Brian De Palma (The Devils Due, Spelling Crime) comes a thriller (?!) starring Will Ferrell as himself when he discovers that someone wants him dead.... 


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HTG Theater Movie Spotlights

Lots of new stuff to explore around HTG Hollywood (including that shiny new Space Center!). But don’t forget, we have a lot of great films still in theaters! Here are a few of them… Metro City Origins: POWer From Flip Brothers Studio, this prequel spinoff from POWer spotlights the origin of Peter Walker (Dylan O’Brien). The cast includes Scott Bakula, Peter Dinklage, Willa Holland,... 


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PJFlip Returns to TV

After a year break from HTG TV, Sully awarding winning producer PJFlip is returning with a few all new shows. His first to hit the airwaves is the loner drama Diary of a Super Powered Freak. The new show will be airing at 8:30 pm on FBTV after the veteran superhero cartoon/satire The Tick. Diary stars Fran Kranz as a young man that lives in isolation when he accidentally gets superpowers. Unlike what... 


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Casino Works out Kinks

The Casino Night planned for Saturday did not go as planned, but has provided Flip Brothers TV with enough time to “get all of the kinks out”. If you were one of the lucky few to be in chat throughout the day yesterday, you might have even gotten a discounted spin at one of the all new casino-styled games, the giant Wheel. Back in the early years of HTG, administrator Ritchie Steven used... 


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Lets Get Ready to Rumble!

TCW X will be coming to theaters on Christmas Eve, but that doesn’t stop the wrestling machine from pitting people against each other in the ring. In addition to the monthly events at the Coliseum Hall [reported on in TCW is Live at the Coliseum Hall], TCW mastermind Lucian has organized a producer filled Battle Royal which you can check out over on the message board. The 12 men facing off in... 


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