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King Leaves the Force

Officer Bobby Davison, aka Erik King, has left the Hollywood Police Force to take a supporting role in the Flip Brothers video game adaptation Saints Row. He joins Steven Yeun, Will Smith, and Michael Cudlitz in the movie that was penned by Pedro, in a new take on the franchise. This marks King’s first HTG role since 2012’s Dexter, where he reprised his role from the TV series, also produced... 


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The 5 Ws and How: Return to Dead Island

Last time we took a look at the Bargain, today we talk to Pedro about his new movie. Who? Return to Dead Island will be released by AmyLand Studios. The film is produced by Baseball Mogul Productions. Quantum did the poster. Everyone is cast in the film, including returning actors, Nicholas Lea as Dirk Connors, Jessica Chastain as Julia Rivers, Emily Deschanel as Mandy Reborn and Charlize Theron as... 


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Deadman Cast Announced

Deadman Cast Announced
Baseball Mogul Productions has announced the cast for their new film Deadman from the Flip Brothers Studio. Writer/producer Pedro is excited to be working with studio heads RS and PJ again. Amy didn’t care less, but she came along anyway. Deadman is the sequel to The Hook. It takes place a few months after Boston Brand has been killed. Michael Weatherly is the main cast member here. He comes... 


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Another Poster Leak for a BM Film

Another Poster Leak for a BM Film
Security at Miracle Pictures Studio is under review, thanks to the reveal of an early advertising sheet for the upcoming Baseball Mogul movie Grand Theft Dog 2. “I have no idea how these posters are getting out” commented MP chief Marlowe this afternoon. “I keep these things on my personal computer in my office. No one but me has the code to get on that computer. I’ve been... 


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Get to Know Dark Horse: Part 2

GOLIATHUS: If you can only choose one of your own films, which one would you choose? DARK HORSE: What like the best one? or my favourite one? I’m keen on all of them I guess. They’re all first drafts and all need work. I figured I’d put them on the shelf after HTG and return to them in a year. Give the well some time to refill itself. I want to write something very small, and very... 


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