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HTG Theater Movie Spotlights

Lots of new stuff to explore around HTG Hollywood (including that shiny new Space Center!). But don’t forget, we have a lot of great films still in theaters! Here are a few of them… Metro City Origins: POWer From Flip Brothers Studio, this prequel spinoff from POWer spotlights the origin of Peter Walker (Dylan O’Brien). The cast includes Scott Bakula, Peter Dinklage, Willa Holland,... 


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Anna Kendrick Taking Break from Singing

Anna Kendrick Taking Break from Singing
Actress Anna Kendrick was recently spotted in the Hollywood area recently with some bad news for fans of her singing.  She is announcing that after the upcoming musical Adam Horror that she’s taking a break from movies with musical numbers. “I want people to know that I’m a versatile actress.  Someone who can act in dramas or in comedies”, Kendrick said.  “If people... 


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Hardest Working Director in Hollywood

For someone who is not even allowed to step foot on US soil, Roman Polanski is one of the hardest working directors “in” Hollywood with multiple films scheduled for release in the next month alone. Lets start with L.A. Noire: The Consul’s Car, the final film of Polanski and Baseball Mogul Production’s series based on the video game. Releasing worldwide tomorrow, this will be... 


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Hollywood Film Fund Announces New Project

Hollywood Film Fund Announces New Project
Earlier this week, the long dormant Hollywood Film Fund (for new producers) announced their first new project since 2010’s Keeping Up Appearances: A Musical Day. The new project will be the debut film of Tesla and his production company Mad Scientist Films, the dark romantic drama Transylvania. The movie is a full length movie at over 100 pages and is very polished. At the helm is Roman Polanski,... 


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Rogue Shows add Regulars

With session eleven beginning in just a few short weeks, several returning Rogue Net shows will be adding new regulars to there lineups. Those shows mixing things up are Hybrid, New York, and Sheriff Pro Tempore. All three shows aired at least one episode during the latest session. Hybrid, the breakout midseason freshmen series from last session has done the most in terms of revitalizing its regular... 


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