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Upcoming Movies!

Upcoming Movies!
The calendar is quickly filling with a variety of movies, lets take a closer look at a few of them! For the full selection, check out the HTG Release Calendar! Kill Will Release Date: February 22nd, 2019 From Miracle Pictures studio and director Brian De Palma (The Devils Due, Spelling Crime) comes a thriller (?!) starring Will Ferrell as himself when he discovers that someone wants him dead.... 


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Changes on the Top Lists!

Changes on the Top Lists!
With the all new Foreign Box Offices numbers posted for all of 2013 and current through all of the movies out of theaters in 2014 we have some big shakeups on the Top Lists over on the HTGMDB! Four films between 2013 and 2014 have made it onto the Top 20 Films of All Time list, with Poop: The Third Strike from Marlowe breaking the top 5 and over taking the 4th spot. The Flip Brothers Studio has two... 


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Another Poster Leak for a BM Film

Another Poster Leak for a BM Film
Security at Miracle Pictures Studio is under review, thanks to the reveal of an early advertising sheet for the upcoming Baseball Mogul movie Grand Theft Dog 2. “I have no idea how these posters are getting out” commented MP chief Marlowe this afternoon. “I keep these things on my personal computer in my office. No one but me has the code to get on that computer. I’ve been... 


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Interview: Marlowe

KAITLYNN: What is your nickname and/or your production company name? MARLOWE: Marlowe of Miracle Pictures. That’s a studio and a production company name since our migration from Film-Mogul. KAITLYNN: What is your role in HTG? MARLOWE: I write for both film and TV. I run the previously mentioned studio. I manage the htgstore account, which features most of the items in the game. I handle talents,... 


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Hardwick Detects Success, Halloween Doesn’t Trick

Business continued to improve, with two hyped films gaining great openings and a few holdovers that held extremely well… unfortunately. Hardwick 2: Double Trouble, the sequel to Marlowe’s effing awesome award-winning film Hardwick, bagged $68.9 million out of the gate. While that’s quite a bit off from the first’s $87.4 million opening, Hardwick 2 still saw great business.... 


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