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Bird may have Hope for the Flowers

   The Flip Brothers Studio (Ups & Downs, Olivia Against Hollywood) are in final negotiations with unbb24 Productions for their new animated project Hope for the Flowers. The movie is based on the book of the same name by Trina Paulus and focuses on the theme of life and “moving through seeming death to a new and more beautiful life.” Also in talks for the movie is director Brad... 


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Cast/Producer Talk New Drama

Even If The World Ends is the debut film produced by unbb24 Productions. It is a dramatic film about a mother who has been released from jail after twenty years and tries to reunite with her daughters. The movie is being released by AmyLand Studios. Yesterday, The Hollywood Times had a chance to do sit down interviews with the cast and the producer of Even If The World Ends inside The Hollywood Times... 


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