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Slow Box Office: “Sunrise” Keeps First, Newcomers Underwhelm

Wow, this is depressing. I’ve been slowly feeding off of you guys’ misery… kind of like Freddy Krueger except not as vapid. I suppose it’s time to remind you guys about how abysmal the box office is, so here we go… 21st Century Cat’s My Last Sunrise clinched on to first for the second week in a row, dropping a slight 19 percent to an $18 million haul. The $28 million... 


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Angry Birds Flies High, TCW An Improvement

Whoa, whoa, whoa. The box office is updated?! Wow, a rainbow just flew through my living room apparently, and we all know I hate rainbows, but whatever. Angry Birds shot through the roof… or sky… or whatever those damn things fly through. TCW vs. WWE raged at everything like a hardcore Xbox gamer and took in some purty numbers. Metal Hearts still clunked it on the head with its metal-y... 


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Hardwick Detects Success, Halloween Doesn’t Trick

Business continued to improve, with two hyped films gaining great openings and a few holdovers that held extremely well… unfortunately. Hardwick 2: Double Trouble, the sequel to Marlowe’s effing awesome award-winning film Hardwick, bagged $68.9 million out of the gate. While that’s quite a bit off from the first’s $87.4 million opening, Hardwick 2 still saw great business.... 


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Nightmare Haunts, Gunslingers Shoots High

Nightmare Haunts, Gunslingers Shoots High
Business this week was a major improvement over the same time-frame last year (although that’s not saying much), with two sequels entering the fray. A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 sliced its razor gloves through everyone’s pockets, bagging an impressive $52.2 million opening and taking first this week. Even though that’s a bit less than the first Nightmare‘s $57 million opening,... 


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