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Changes at the Stars/Armory

The Hollywood Stars is a team of actors and actresses who are working together to get noticed in HTG Hollywood. So the team is pleased when a producer/studio shows interest in one of their talents. Cuba Gooding Jr. of the Hollywood Stars has left the team to film Tortoise and Hare. Although he will be missed by the team, we received assurance from studio owner Brianc2008 that Mr. Gooding Jr. will be... 


28 Apr 2013 » Brianc2008 » Movie News » Tags: , , , , , ,


Who is Going to Camp?

Shia LaBeouf leads the cast of the Flip Brothers latest movie, Camp Quad. An arthouse drama about war, friendship, and baseball. Joining the young actor in the leading roles are Michael Ironside, Justin Timberlake, and Rachel McAdams. The movie co-stars Laz Alonso, Topher Grace, Justin Bartha, David Krumholtz, and Bill Pullman. After Bowman (Bartha) is severely injured in battle, his friends and fellow... 


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