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From the Horror of High School to the Turnpike

The Hollywood High School is losing their beloved Guidance Counselor Emma Pillsbury, portrayed by actress Jayma Mays. She left her position to film a supporting role in the horror short “Terror on the Turnpike” for Horror Weeks (now in theaters). “Turnpike” is one of two stories in the horror anthology. Director Joss Whedon spoke to us about Mays casting. “The role... 


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Get to Know Ship of Fooles: Part 2

In part 1 of our interview with Lucian we chatted about his past films, including his favorites. Now, lets chat about the future… G: You have accomplished a lot of things here, are there any goals you have not achieved yet? Or perhaps something new that you want to achieve? L: There are a few Yoda categories I have never won that I’d like to. Best Picture of course, but Best Cinematography... 


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