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The 5 Ws and How: Hybrid: Phoenix Rising

Who? The film is being released by Lake Hope Features and produced by Drejr29 films. It is directed by Neil Marshall and stars Charlize Theron as Imoren, Emily Blunt as Imoren’s sister, Tryane, Viggo Mortensen as King Madarion and Alexander Skarsgaard as Imoren’s husband, Valynard. Other notable cast members are Chris Hemsworth, Jennifer Lawrence, Mia Wasikowska. What? Hybrid: ... 


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Soundtrack: Voice of the Night

Soundtrack: Voice of the Night
The official soundtrack to Voice of the Night has been announced. The artists features veterans like Saliva, Muse and The Rolling Stones as well as emerging artists like Evolve Thru Scars, Daniela Andrade, and Adalie. Here is the listing of songs as it appears in the CD: VOICE OF THE NIGHT OFFICIAL SOUNDTRACK Blow (cover) by Beauty School Dropouts Crazy (cover) by Evolve Thru Scars Blood Brothers... 


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Soundtrack: South Dakota

Soundtrack: South Dakota
The buzz for South Dakota has been building over the past few weeks with a series of cast interviews and movie updates on the message board [SEE: South Dakota]. Now Brianc2008, the zombie film’s producer, has revealed the Official Soundtrack of the movie. South Dakota Soundtrack “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong “You’re Gonna Go Far Kid” by The Offspring “Renegade”... 


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