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20th HTG Awards Nominations

20th HTG Awards Nominations
Best New Producer Simply the Best Productions (Richard Van Den) Mr Grell (Mr Grell) Random Name Productions (RandomName) Joseph Akers Productions (Joseph Akers) Best Creative Company Marlowe PJFlip RS Best Critic Mr. Bungle Howard Bell Jones of Florida Best Journalist RS Marlowe Richard Van Den Best Soundtrack They Came From Planet Earth The Warriors Space Travel on a Budget Best Site They Came From... 


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17th HTG Award Nominees

Here they are, your 17th HTG Award nominees. Voting has opened on our message board. Help celebrate the best that HTG had to offer in the last half year! Best Creative Company RS Creative | RandomFX | Goliathus Best Critic Goliathus | Brianc2008 | Lucian Best Journalist Goliathus | RS | Quantum Best Soundtrack Voice of the Night | WWE Present, The Greatest Movie Ever Sold | Tortoise and the Hare Best... 


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