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Upcoming Movies!

Upcoming Movies!
The calendar is quickly filling with a variety of movies, lets take a closer look at a few of them! For the full selection, check out the HTG Release Calendar! Kill Will Release Date: February 22nd, 2019 From Miracle Pictures studio and director Brian De Palma (The Devils Due, Spelling Crime) comes a thriller (?!) starring Will Ferrell as himself when he discovers that someone wants him dead.... 


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Franchise Updates

This article has bits and pieces that have been reprinted from The Hollywood Times episode 3.01, which aired on FBTV in week 1 of TV Session 12. There have been lots of recent franchise purchases and transfers, some of which I talked about in mid March (see: Monk and Other Franchises). I thought that this might be as good a time as any to look at some of the newer franchise transactions. THIRD WATCH Krisgreet... 


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Charmed Returns To The Small Screen

After a successful run of eight years and a continuation as a comic book, the WB hit series Charmed is reportedly going to make its comeback to the small Hollywood the Game screens. An inside source with whom we will hopefully have an interview with in the following days, confirmed that a Charmed TV-movie is in the pre-production. Surprisingly, our source states that the TV-movie will feature all four... 


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PJFlip Returns to TV

After a year break from HTG TV, Sully awarding winning producer PJFlip is returning with a few all new shows. His first to hit the airwaves is the loner drama Diary of a Super Powered Freak. The new show will be airing at 8:30 pm on FBTV after the veteran superhero cartoon/satire The Tick. Diary stars Fran Kranz as a young man that lives in isolation when he accidentally gets superpowers. Unlike what... 


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