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5 Ws & How: The House That Built Me

Who? Drejr29 Productions is releasing The House That Built Me with Flip Brothers Studios. The film is directed by Richard Linklater (Chains of Youth) and starting Paul James (HTG Debut) as Patrick, Gabourey Sidibe (And Up Your A** as Well, While you were out) as his sister Anita, Octavia Spencer (South Dakota) as their mother Sheila, and Josh Hutcherson (Bitter Honey and Other Sweet Things) as the... 


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17th HTG Award Nominees

Here they are, your 17th HTG Award nominees. Voting has opened on our message board. Help celebrate the best that HTG had to offer in the last half year! Best Creative Company RS Creative | RandomFX | Goliathus Best Critic Goliathus | Brianc2008 | Lucian Best Journalist Goliathus | RS | Quantum Best Soundtrack Voice of the Night | WWE Present, The Greatest Movie Ever Sold | Tortoise and the Hare Best... 


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