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Currently in HTG Theaters

What is currently out in HTG Theaters? Keep reading to find out more about a few movies out now!   It’s Happening Flip Brothers Studio presents a PJ Flip movie by director Taika Waititi that reunites Adam Sandler and Drew Berrymore. The romantic comedy co-stars Keanu Reeves and Kevin James.  Saving the President From Miracle Pictures Studio and producer Matthew1919 is sci-fi drama set around... 


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Two Join Father Matthews

Two Join Father Matthews
Father Matthews is an iconic character in the Ritchie Steven’s Downtown and Shadows universe. He is a vampire priest with a soul who helps to balance good and evil in a world of demons living among people. Like James Bond and Batman, he has been portrayed by a number of different actors in various movie and television projects. The newest actor to step into the role is Chris Pine, who will lead... 


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A Three Way Dance for Box Office Supremacy

After a few lackluster weeks, it looks like April 29th is the unofficial beginning of blockbuster season. Three huge films all with their own niches will take on each other to gobble up the money that will be paid in real life to watch Vin Diesel and The Rock fight. Let’s look at the competitors and see who has the best chance to come out of the weekend with the most cash. First up is Creatures... 


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John Singleton gets Involved

The Flip Brothers Studio’s newest movie pick up, Involved, has chosen a release date, director and has begun casting. The studio only picked up the film a couple days ago but they are hard at work getting the project together and will put it right into shooting. They are aiming for releasing the movie on the first Friday of December. The crime drama was written by Safron and will be directed... 


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