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20th HTG Awards Nominations

20th HTG Awards Nominations
Best New Producer Simply the Best Productions (Richard Van Den) Mr Grell (Mr Grell) Random Name Productions (RandomName) Joseph Akers Productions (Joseph Akers) Best Creative Company Marlowe PJFlip RS Best Critic Mr. Bungle Howard Bell Jones of Florida Best Journalist RS Marlowe Richard Van Den Best Soundtrack They Came From Planet Earth The Warriors Space Travel on a Budget Best Site They Came From... 


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War has been Declared!

War has been Declared!
Hot on the heels of Arsenal of Freedom’s $1.2+ billion dollar worldwide box office gross, The Harmer is back with an ambitious project. ROBOT WARS is back and will be joined by Battlebots in an epic tournament event for theaters. Robot Wars is a futuristic gladiatorial contest that features robots in combat with each other in a Mortal Kombat style tournament. The robots are from teams of amateur... 


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December 18th: Chris Harmer’s superhero epic Arsenal of Freedom was released to HTG Theaters by Flip Brothers Studios in conjunction with Jade Falcon Productions. Arsenal of Freedom takes place in an alternate Earth, where things are even less peaceful than they are now. The once numerous Arsenal of Freedom’s numbers have dwindled in recent years. Their leader, Redwing, is stubborn and... 


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