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First Foreign Box Office Numbers of 2015!

(In no particular order) Title Studio Producer Foreign BO TOTAL BO Moving Horizon Pictures Frontline Films $109,768,352 $244,680,050 Major Crimes 2 Flip Brothers Studio PJFlip Films Miracle Pictures Aurora Films $400,654,819 $733,561,735 Heroes or Something Like It Flip Brothers Studio PJFlip Films $520,040,362 $911,528,263 Energy Run Horizon Pictures Bluegrass Productions $237,996,363 $479,194,089 Another... 


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Flip Brothers Renew Freshman Shows

Earlier today Flip Brothers Television announced that they picked up two freshmen series for second seasons; the half hour adaptation of the vampire anime Trinity Blood, and the original hour long comedy Cherry on Top. Trinity Blood is written by Teufel (the rival Network head, co-owner of DRTV) and is loosely adapted from the anime and novels by Sunao Yoshida of the same name. The series is set in... 


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Mr. Goliathus’ TV Corner: Week 1 Aftermath & A Little Bit of Week 2

Hello there, this is Mr.Goliathus again, here to talk about the latest TV war between Devil Ray TV, Flip Brothers TV and Rogue Net. It might only be the first week but in a session that is limited in time, every week counts. The highest rating show is kind of a surprise to be honest, as we saw Diamond Records‘ pilot breaks through the 10 rating, gaining a killer rating of 10.58 and that is the... 


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AmyLand Star Speaks Out

Chris O’Dowd, the lead actor in FBTV’s newest comedy AmyLand spoke to reporters outside Club Siberia late Thursday evening. He was speaking out against something said in a new review of the AmyLand pilot. “This review was posted earlier today that said our show “tries to turn Tom Cruise is gay into laughs”, but I’m not sure what show the critic was watching. We never... 


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