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A source of mine at the Flip Brother’s Studio has sent word that Random FX’s upcoming graphic novel adaptation has been cast and that a director has signed on the dotted line!

Lena Heady will be leading the cast as the title character, and along for the ride with her on this sci-fi epic is Cillian Murphy (Streets of Jericho) as Judas Harrow, Gerard Butler (Stranger and The Suitcase) as Matteus Godolkin, Bruce Spence as Cult Master Lammergeyr, Rhona Mitra as Yasmeen Kaya, Derek Jacobi as Professor Martin Martinus, and Anthony Head (Star Wars Episode X: A New Order) will be providing the voice of the Super Computer.

Our source goes on to tell me that the studio is very excited to be having none other than Guillermo Del Toro (An Anthem For Doomed Youth) directing the picture. Apparently Del Toro was Random FX and the studio’s first choice to helm the adaptation.

We’ll keep on the progress for this film and deliver more news as we hear it!

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