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Hey guys. I called my good buddy and co-producer from CTTV’s “Downtown” and “Green Lantern” series, Kris (who happens to be the head of 21 Century Cat Pictures) Greet, and asked him if I could do an exclusive interview with the minds behind “The Butcher,” which stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (Rogue’s TCW series), Shia LaBoeuf (Frey), Harvey Keitel (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen), and Bill Murray (Pinball Wizards). Kris was kind enough to grant me access to his studio’s post production facility where I was able to watch as Paul Verhoeven, the film’s director, and MadShangi, the writer/producer, put finishing touches on a scene.

First things first, I had to ask Paul what it was like to work with The Rock and if he was able to handle the intense action sequences that I’ve only heard rumors about.

“Working with The Rock, was wonderful.” Verhoeven said with a big grin, “And he was more than capable in the physical department, during the film’s brutal action sequences. He’s very big and powerful, but he’s also very fast and graceful. Plus he gives a great performance, in a type of role he’s hasn’t done before. You’ll know what I mean, when you see the movie.”

To prove his point, Verhoeven gestured to the monitor in front of him and pressed play on the keyboard.  What followed was one of the most amazing and nasty things I have ever seen in cinema history. I can’t go into detail here in case children are reading, but it involved multiple deaths, gore, the “Butchermobile” (as seen in early posters for the film) and The Rock.  At the end of it he turns towards the camera, looking just past us and with a vicious smirk says; “”You just faced The Butcher!”

And I can honestly say that I hope I never have to “face” the Butcher!  After seeing that I had to pick Paul and MadShangi’s brains. Did they face censorship from the studio? If they could film and show this, while risking an NC-17 rating, what were they unable to show?

MadShangi was eager to answer this question; “21 Century Cat pretty much let me do my thing.”

Paul continued, “Trax had seen the script when he was in charge of the production, but than he left the studio. Which left us on our own for the most part. It was great. Total freedom.”

Mad continued, “Yeah, when KrisGreet took over, I’ve been pretty much been doing everything by myself. I did a lot of the creative myself, and some other expenses have been coming out of my own pocket.”

“Oh,” Paul stepped in, “if you’re expecting crazy stuff, you’re gonna get it. “The Butcher” is packed with many memorable moments.”

And with that comment, I could see no better place to end the interview, and shake their hands, thanking them for their time.  “The Butcher” will see a world wide release this Friday, and I could not be more excited!

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Rotor Productions is hard at work on the filming of their seventh film, Ghostwriter.  This marks the production companies first team up with the Cohen Brothers, who will be directing from a script by the company’s CEO Rotor.  Rotor’s Studio, Bulletproof Pictures, will be releasing the film in theaters on the 22nd of February.

Signing up to breath life into Rotor’s words are Arielle Dombasle, Clive Owen and Ralph Fiennes.  This marks Rotor’s sixth time teaming up with Arielle Dombasle, who was nominated for Best Actress in the 6th HTG Awards.

The film is a romantic comedy, which is always a refreshing addition to the film archive.  Rotor and Miracle Pictures’ A Soho Affair is currently the highest grossing romance with $209,637,834 in world wide gross.  It should be interesting to see if Rotor can top his own film, and make Ghostwriter the top romantic film of all time.

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Seven tracks from the soundtrack to Beautiful Thing: Romeo & Romeo have been released to listen to on the film’s official site. The track listing is as follows…

Beautiful Thing: Romeo & Romeo Soundtrack

  1. “Beautiful Thing Medley” by Jon Altman
  2. “Crash Here Tonight” by Toby Keith
  3. “I Miss My Friend” by Darryl Worley
  4. “I wanna Feel Too Much” by Travis Tritt
  5. “You Won’t Ever Be Lonely” by Andy Griggs
  6. “Back At One” by Brian McKnight
  7. “Trying To Love You” by Trisha Yearwood

The romantic film is an original story set in the Beautiful Thing universe and takes place after Daniel Thomas’ Beautiful Thing: Life In Rotherhithe. The film stars Jamie Johnston and Will Rothhaar, and features Bill Paxton and Glen Berry. It will be hitting theaters in the second week of January, 2008.

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Hey this is Paparazzo Pete reporting for the Daily.

With television coming to an end, it would appear that Raptor Inc has become very busy with new film projects. I heard a rumor that Raptor Inc is in heavy negotiations to release an arthouse crime film with Bulletproof Pictures.

I tried to contact Quantum, the head of Raptor Inc, but all I got back was a message from his PR representative, stating “We cannot confirm nor deny these rumors.”  Rotor, the Bulletproof Pictures head just ignored the questioning.

So, what does this mean? I did a little more digging from one of Carson’s sources that is “in the know”, and we think we found our answer. Apparently, Quantum wrote a script for the HMTV anthology show, “A Major Crime,” that was too long and brutal for the show. Instead of ditching it, he secretly shopped it to a few studios that have a specialty in arthouse pictures and Bulletproof snatched it right up.

So, what else was I able to find? It looks like this as of yet untitled picture will be released between the Flip Brother’s “The Lost Squad” and “Yours Truly,” which has no home but is rumored to have been picked up by the Ship of Fooles Studio. This is all rumor though, and subject to change.

Who’ll we see directing, who’ll star, and when is this going to be released? I guess we’ll have to wait until more information is released. Maybe some official information.

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A source of mine at the Flip Brother’s Studio has sent word that Random FX’s upcoming graphic novel adaptation has been cast and that a director has signed on the dotted line!

Lena Heady will be leading the cast as the title character, and along for the ride with her on this sci-fi epic is Cillian Murphy (Streets of Jericho) as Judas Harrow, Gerard Butler (Stranger and The Suitcase) as Matteus Godolkin, Bruce Spence as Cult Master Lammergeyr, Rhona Mitra as Yasmeen Kaya, Derek Jacobi as Professor Martin Martinus, and Anthony Head (Star Wars Episode X: A New Order) will be providing the voice of the Super Computer.

Our source goes on to tell me that the studio is very excited to be having none other than Guillermo Del Toro (An Anthem For Doomed Youth) directing the picture. Apparently Del Toro was Random FX and the studio’s first choice to helm the adaptation.

We’ll keep on the progress for this film and deliver more news as we hear it!

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