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The Ballad of Mike Rouette doesn’t hit theaters until December 26th, but we have the official soundtrack listing now! The two disc set hits stores this week courtesy of Checkmate Records. Each song was hand picked by BB, the series’ creator/writer/producer.

The Ballad of Mike Roulette Soundtrack Disc One

  1. “Brothers in Arms” by Dire Straits
  2. “Rhapsody in Blue” by George Gershwin
  3. “Das Lied vom Tod” by Ennio Morricone
  4. “Pomp and Circumstance” performed by the London Symphony Orchestra
  5. “Twin Peaks Theme” by Gino Marinello
  6. “Wonderful Life” by the Felice Brothers
  7. “Debora’s Theme” by Ennio Morricone
  8. “When Will I See You Again” by Three Degrees
  9. “What Dreams May Come” by Ennio Morricone
  10. “The Mission” by Ennio Morricone
  11. “I’ve got to get a Message to You” by the Bee Gees
  12. “Locked Out Again” by Michael Giacchino

The Ballad of Mike Rouette Soundtrack Disc Two

  1. “Evil Woman” by ELO
  2. “Requiem Por Un Gringo/The Moon and You” by Ennio Morricone
  3. “Drowning Lessons” by My Chemical Romance
  4. “Angels Walk” by Paul Westerberg
  5. “Angels of the Silences” by Counting Crows
  6. “My Maria” by B.W. Stevenson
  7. “Get on Down” by Ho Hum
  8. “Knights in White Satin (Outro)” by the Moody Blues
  9. “The Wizard Turns On…” by the Flaming Lips
  10. “All the Time in the World” by the Apartments
  11. “P.S. You Rock my World” by the Eels
  12. “The Rider Song” by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis

“The Ballad of Mike Rouette” hits theaters on December 26th from Checkmate Pictures.

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Earlier today, one of my reporters was able to get a comment from actor/director Ed Burns regarding The Crusaders, which just left theaters with just over 65 million dollars.

“I’m not happy with Ship of Fooles right now.” Burns said as he quickly walked through a terminal at the Hollywood Private Airlines, “I shouldn’t have just acted in it… I should have directed it also.” Burns is well known for directing himself in leading roles, but has yet to helm an HTG film. “I’m going back to my roots in New York for a little while and I’m going to try and put together a small independent film.”

Editors Note: Thanks to mickey09 for pointing out an error in the total Box Office gross of The Crusaders.

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The Flip Brothers Studio sent us an official soundtrack press release for their Friday release, Carnival. Every song was hand picked by the film’s writer/producer, TheJD, and is featured within the film.

Carnival Soundtrack

  1. “All Alone” by Mad Season
  2. “Smoke” by Natalie Imbruglia
  3. “Butcher Blues” by Kasabian
  4. “Oh Yeah” by The Subways
  5. “The World has Turned and Left me Here” by Weezer
  6. “Black Rooster” by The Kills
  7. “Can’t Lose” by We Are Scientists
  8. “November Hotel” by Mad Season
  9. “City of Refuge” by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
  10. “Them Bones” by Alice in Chains

Carnival hits theaters this Friday from Flip Brothers Studio and Master Plan Productions. The horror movie stars Camilla Belle, Olivia Wilde, Jared Padalecki, and James Lafferty.

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Flip Brothers Television’s Downtown returns this season and according to its ad campaign, “everything changes”.  One such change are the additions of Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Crispin Glover to the cast. The Network has been super tight lipped about Glover’s role, but the show’s producer Ritchie Steven let it slip in Club Siberia that JDM is the team’s newest Agent.

Sadly, we have word that he might be taking George Eads’ spot on the team. Eads has portrayed Agent A.J. Nash for the past few seasons, but our source has informed me that his role has been reduced from a cast regular to a recurring guest star on the new season. This makes a lot of sense storywise, as the character was sentenced to life in prision after an error in judgement on a mission caused the deaths of more than a dozen NYPD Officers.

Another change for the new season is featured in an ad of Ethan Embry’s Sean Ripley character, which reads that he is the new Downtown Unit Leader. This position has been held for the past two seasons by Angela Sabin (Teri Hatcher).  Did she resign after Agent Clint Power’s (David Boreanaz) death? Was she fired? Will she even be on the show in the current season or is her casting just to distract us from the truth?

Which leads us to a recent article by What’s Happening in HTG Town that features a teaser image for the new season of Downtown that is Clint Power’s tombstone. What’s Happening is throwing around theories, like; could Clint still be alive? Will he been seen in memories? Flashbacks perhaps? I’m going to throw a couple more ideas out there… What if Clint is the new big bad? Maybe an old villain uses some crazy voodoo dark magics to rise a zombie Clint out of the grave to destroy the downtown unit. Hey, it is not that far fetched.

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John Cusack called last night and unexpectedly canceled our press interview for “Crooked Little Vein”, and the film’s producer Tyler Durdan has been impossible to get comments from on the films status (not that we’ve tried that hard). This leads me to believe that the film might be pulled at the last minute from buzzing and pushed back to a later date for release.

Miracle Pictures, the studio behind the release sent us this message, “No, the film’s not being pulled.  I [Marlowe, the studio chief] spoke with Tyler today and everything’s as scheduled.” We only have a day to wait and see.

Two films that we know are coming out this weekend are “Knock, Knock” from Lucian, and “Minions 2” from Blacksmith. Both have begun pre-screenings, with “Knock, Knock” already getting three reviews and “Minions 2” pulling in two. “Knock, Knock” is currently number 2 on the lowest critic ratings list with 4.7, which I think is going to have a majorly negative effect on how it does, regardless of the film’s mega wide release.  “Minions 2” is split between two reviewers with one loving it and one in the middle. It should be interesting how the horror sequel is received after opening. The original grossed more than 186 million dollars worldwide, did not break any records, but walked home with a78.3 critic average which is excellent for a horror release.

The last of the weekend’s four possible releases is Lake Hope’s “TimeSplitters” from the future best producer nominee (hey, I’ll vote for him). The film has had some strong advertising and boasts a huge a-list cast. Goose’s last few films have opened at number 2, so it should be interesting to see if this will take him over that edge. My guess is that this and “Minions 2” will be battling for the top spot and that the horror sequel will edge out the action film by less than 2 million dollars. Their spots might even swap in week two.

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