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Flip Brothers Television’s Downtown returns this season and according to its ad campaign, “everything changes”.  One such change are the additions of Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Crispin Glover to the cast. The Network has been super tight lipped about Glover’s role, but the show’s producer Ritchie Steven let it slip in Club Siberia that JDM is the team’s newest Agent.

Sadly, we have word that he might be taking George Eads’ spot on the team. Eads has portrayed Agent A.J. Nash for the past few seasons, but our source has informed me that his role has been reduced from a cast regular to a recurring guest star on the new season. This makes a lot of sense storywise, as the character was sentenced to life in prision after an error in judgement on a mission caused the deaths of more than a dozen NYPD Officers.

Another change for the new season is featured in an ad of Ethan Embry’s Sean Ripley character, which reads that he is the new Downtown Unit Leader. This position has been held for the past two seasons by Angela Sabin (Teri Hatcher).  Did she resign after Agent Clint Power’s (David Boreanaz) death? Was she fired? Will she even be on the show in the current season or is her casting just to distract us from the truth?

Which leads us to a recent article by What’s Happening in HTG Town that features a teaser image for the new season of Downtown that is Clint Power’s tombstone. What’s Happening is throwing around theories, like; could Clint still be alive? Will he been seen in memories? Flashbacks perhaps? I’m going to throw a couple more ideas out there… What if Clint is the new big bad? Maybe an old villain uses some crazy voodoo dark magics to rise a zombie Clint out of the grave to destroy the downtown unit. Hey, it is not that far fetched.

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John Cusack called last night and unexpectedly canceled our press interview for “Crooked Little Vein”, and the film’s producer Tyler Durdan has been impossible to get comments from on the films status (not that we’ve tried that hard). This leads me to believe that the film might be pulled at the last minute from buzzing and pushed back to a later date for release.

Miracle Pictures, the studio behind the release sent us this message, “No, the film’s not being pulled.  I [Marlowe, the studio chief] spoke with Tyler today and everything’s as scheduled.” We only have a day to wait and see.

Two films that we know are coming out this weekend are “Knock, Knock” from Lucian, and “Minions 2” from Blacksmith. Both have begun pre-screenings, with “Knock, Knock” already getting three reviews and “Minions 2” pulling in two. “Knock, Knock” is currently number 2 on the lowest critic ratings list with 4.7, which I think is going to have a majorly negative effect on how it does, regardless of the film’s mega wide release.  “Minions 2” is split between two reviewers with one loving it and one in the middle. It should be interesting how the horror sequel is received after opening. The original grossed more than 186 million dollars worldwide, did not break any records, but walked home with a78.3 critic average which is excellent for a horror release.

The last of the weekend’s four possible releases is Lake Hope’s “TimeSplitters” from the future best producer nominee (hey, I’ll vote for him). The film has had some strong advertising and boasts a huge a-list cast. Goose’s last few films have opened at number 2, so it should be interesting to see if this will take him over that edge. My guess is that this and “Minions 2” will be battling for the top spot and that the horror sequel will edge out the action film by less than 2 million dollars. Their spots might even swap in week two.

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As we found out at the last minute, BB’s “The Park” was pulled from its September 5th release date for unknown reasons. But that was only the beginning of a huge calendar shake up!

First, “Crooked Little Vein” was pulled from its September 26th date, only to return to the calendar with a new studio releasing it. Another shift to the 26th occurred when Ship of Fooles announced “Knock, Knock”, which makes it a 4 release date. That should clear out a bunch of older films and spread out some foreign dough.

The Flip Brother’s could not make up their mind for October 10th, first taking down “Ace” and replacing it with “Love at Ground Zero”, and not they’ve taken that down and replaced it with the superhero film “Green Lantern Legacy” (which a banner for has a November release date).

Speaking about making up ones mind, Lake Hope Features currently has two films scheduled to be released on October 31st.  Costa’s “Pandemic” and Quantum’s “Machete Freddy”. No doubt, one of them (if not both) will be pushed back to a later date.

November currently lists “Neverwhere” and “Batman: Knock Knock” as coming out. Sources in the know assured me that “Neverwhere” will be on time, but not to expect “Batman” in 2008. The producer is tied up with two other long running series’ and will not be available until next year. So unless the studio replaces him, which I doubt after the success of “To Thy Magic”, we’ll have to settle for Superman and Green Lantern in the second half of 2008.

November 14th is Birthday Day, as both MC48 and Ed Havens have films scheduled for release on the day, which happens to be both of their birthdays.  MC’s is an untitled thriller, and Ed’s is an adaptation of “Jennifer Government”. Also releasing on the day is “Joey” from Miracle Picture’s Studio, but an as of yet unnamed producer. My prediction is that the producer will end of being either Goose or Newman.  Goose is one of the hardest working people in town, with multiple releases in theaters. Newman’s been writing a mysterious new film. And both producers have worked with Miracle in the past.

The last week in November just got a film, finally, with Marty’s indie drama “Yesterdays”. Mattricks is producing with his long time friend.

The first week of December lists the long delayed Lawerence picture “American Dreams” and Bishop next Dick Tracey film. Of the two, I think we’ll only see the famed comic strip detective. At the last minute Lake Hope might switch another film in place of “American Dreams”. Lake Hope is really good with adding stuff in closer to the date.

On December 12th the Flip Brothers think they are releasing Shane Alexander’s “The Return of Tony Diamonds”. Yeah, right. Keep thinking that guys.

That brings us to the 19 of December where I’m positive we’ll see Random FX’s much hyped sequel “Judge Dredd: Final Cut”. A few bits and pieces about the film have recently been released, including a press release and teaser image. On the flip side, I’m sure that we will not see “Future Award Nominated Film” from Roman Candle Features. Ego driven placement cards rarely ever turn into gold.

The final week of the year lists two films. “Oldman” from Quantum which I have not read much about.  It is supposed to be released with Lake Hope. While I am sure we’ll have a Lake Hope release on this day, I’m not sold yet that “Oldman” will be it. My bet is that a new Goose picture will take this spot. Finally, Checkmate Pictures is releasing the final film in the days saga, “The Ballad of Mike Roulette”, which I’m positive will hit its release date and likely be a contender (maybe even a winner considering it is the last Roulette film we’ll ever see) for Best Producer.

Will my predictions end up being true? I guess only time will tell.

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Later today, TLM Productions and Lake Hope Features release The Homecoming Dance, a romantic comedy about going home. The film is directed by Sofia Coppola, who last directed Warming Up for the Flip Brothers Studio and won Best Director and Best Picture for her 2004 film, Shades of God.

Coppola and Goose, the film’s writer/producer, have put together a fresh cast, including an A-List action star in Brendan Fraser, indie and TV actress Allyn Bard, Steve Zahn (The Last Town on Earth), Mira Sorvino (Destiny), Thandie Newton (Los Angeles), Hilary Duff (Dream Girls, Bad Apples), and Emily Mortimer (The Accomplished Life of an Unhappy Man).

The film comes out world wide this afternoon.

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Calista Flockhard stopped by the studio this afternoon to promote “Camp X”, the Lake Hope Features and Legacy Filmwork’s arthouse war film which also stars Liam Aiken, Paul Butcher and Malcolm McDowell. But that is not the only film she is currently co-starring in.

Carson: Thank you for coming down here, I hope traffic wasn’t too bad.
Calista: Oh, it was fine until we drove past this huge parking garage on Bogart Boulevard. The owner was washing all of his cars at once outside the garage and traffic was backed up for miles and miles.

Carson: I know the one you’re talking about! I don’t even go down Bogart anymore, I have to hit side streets.
Calista: Hopefully Mayor Harmer will get on that. Anyway-

Carson: Anyway, you are currently co-starring in “Camp X”.
Calista: Based on the book of the same name by Eric Walters. A wonderful author.

Carson: Yes. And the adaptation was written and produced by Costa456 through his Legacy Filmworks production company. What attracted you to the project?
Calista: I’m sure I don’t have to explain how hard it is to find a strong female role. Hollywood has been on an action man craze-

Carson: Which your husband [Harrison “Indiana Jones” Ford] is a big part of-
Calista: Yeah. So while he cracks the whip and looks for the Serpent of Eden, I have to watch from the sidelines. This project called for a strong female and I had seen Costa’s debut film, the one that Paul Greengrass directed, so when the producer personally called me and asked if I wanted to be in the film, I jumped for the chance.

Carson: This was your first HTG film?
Calista: Correct.

Carson: And then-
Calista: Costa brought me with him to the Artemis Fowl series where I portray Angeline Fowl. And I got to work with Alan Rickman, which was a treat.

Carson: Will you be in the Artemis sequel?
Calista: (slaps Carson) It hasn’t gotten the greenlight yet. But if it does, I am signed up for it. So lets cross our fingers.

Carson: So, “Camp X” is in its 11 week and has raked in more than 50 million in the box office. Not too shabby for a limited release film.
Calista: Yeah, we’re pleased. I hope people will go out and see it before it is out of theaters. Don’t forget to give it a review if you do. Feedback is key to the process.

Carson: That it is, thanks for coming by Calista.
Calista: Anytime!

Both “Camp X” and “Artemis Fowl: Book of Fairies” can currently be seen in theaters.

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