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The Football season may be over, but HTG sports fans have a new reason to be excited! The first ever HTG Stadium Series Hockey season has begun!

Led by Coach Gordon Bombay (Emilio Estevez), the newest Hollywood Stars sports team features two lines of some of movies and TV’s best hockey players ever! The first line alone features such greats as John Biebe (Russell Crowe), Dean Youngblood (Rob Lowe), and Charlie Conway (Joshua Jackson). In addition to the great players, the team has a full support staff that includes sports agent Matt Shade (Jason Priestley), announcer Snoop Dogg, and even a special fan.

You can check out a game and visit the team by heading to the Stadium in South Hollywood.  Remember, you can hire any member of the Hollywood Stars as a #1 or #2 star and they will work for free (or you can hire them as a supporting cast member at a discount).

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Coming to a retailer near you is the official soundtrack for the new 21st Century Cat Pictures release, Bye Bye, Beautiful. When it comes to contemplative voice overs by private eyes in smoke-filled offices, usually rambling about dames and the trouble they’re always causing, nothing is a better accompaniment than jazz. The selection on the soundtrack boasts a mix of an instrumental jazz pioneer like Miles Davis, incredible singers like Melody Gardot, and some contemporary artists like Somewhere Off Jazz Street who provide a more cynical, sleazy jazz fitting for some of the more unsavory elements private eye Alan Cooper will deal with on the job. If you’re too cheap to buy the songs but still want to hear them, just go see the movie in the theater which comes out February 10th! It’s two birds with one stone!

Soundtrack Bye Bye Beautiful


1. “Maybe Tomorrow” by Somewhere Off Jazz Street
2. “Your Heart Is As Black As Night” by Melody Gardot
3. “So What” by Miles Davis
4. “Rest Your Head” by Somewhere Off Jazz Street
5. “Transparent City” by Hypnobooster
6. “Your Heart Is As Black As Night” by Beth Hart (with Joe Bonamassa)

Bye, Bye Beautiful hits theaters worldwide today from 21 Century Cat Pictures!

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Being a private investigator can be a rough gig. Sometimes there’s a drought of work and you’re left waiting for the next case. Other times they’re forced upon you by a slimy congressman played by Paul Giamatti who won’t take no for an answer. Alan Cooper of Shield Investigations comes to learn this hard truth in Bye Bye, Beautiful, the latest flick from 21st Century Cat Pictures and producer Teufel.

David Boreanaz stars as Cooper who is tasked with looking into the politician’s former mistress played by Charlize Theron. It might sound like an enviable job that’s easy on the eyes, but Cooper must determine whether she’s the pure evil blackmailer he’s been told or a damsel in distress. The P.I. can’t quite shake the feeling that while he may not know what’s going on yet, nobody has his best interest at heart.

Rounding out the cast is James Spader as a shady police detective breathing down Cooper’s neck and Michael Imperioli as a gangster with ties to the congressman. When asked about a role that stretches his acting range so much, Imperioli simply shrugged and said, “It’s a living.”

The James Mangold helmed Bye Bye, Beautiful hits your local cinema on February 10th. Check out this exclusive poster that the Hollywood Times was able to obtain:

bye bye

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Hot on the heels of Arsenal of Freedom’s $1.2+ billion dollar worldwide box office gross, The Harmer is back with an ambitious project. ROBOT WARS is back and will be joined by Battlebots in an epic tournament event for theaters.

Robot Wars is a futuristic gladiatorial contest that features robots in combat with each other in a Mortal Kombat style tournament. The robots are from teams of amateur and professional roboteers and Hollywood producers who are operating their own home grown robots. In addition to each other, the robots face arena hazards and more powerful “House Robots”.

The movie will feature host Jeremy Clarkson, commentary by Joey Styles, Pit Interviews with Kari Byron and James May, and judges Adam Savage, Bill Nye, and Brent Spiner. An open invitation to roboteers has been posted on the message board.

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Lucian (pictured to the left in South Park avatar form) has posted a real life Kickstarter for his new sci-fi e-book, “Maps on the Wall.” You can visit the campaign here and help support his next writing endeavor. Donations to the campaign of all sizes will receive a copy of the e-book.

Description: “Maps on the Wall” is a 2000-word science fiction story set in the not-too-distant future. Refugees from a dead Earth, a modern day arc, must find a new planet to colonize before time runs out. But is finding the planet the least of their worries?

We’re thrilled to see Lucian branching out with more new original work and wish him much success on the new e-book!