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It seems that Kermit the Frog is worthy of two franchises, not just one.

The ownership or lease of a franchise is necessary in HTG Hollywood in order to publish work on that property. Recently, newcomer JonesofFlorida asked about the price of Sesame Street, the beloved program catering to children for decades. The price given was 200 million dollars. (That would give a buzz bonus of +2 to the vote average.)

But there would be a question… How would this affect an already priced franchise, The Muppets?

The Muppets have already appeared in HTG as a TV series and a two-story movie.

After some quick opinions, it was decided that there would be two separate franchises with the Jim Henson-based characters. The ones that seemed best suited for each franchise would belong to it. There would be one overlap… Kermit himself, who tends to appear in both properties.

And good news for Lucian Carter of Ship of Fooles Productions and Possum Lodge Studios… The price of The Muppets would increase to 250 mil, with no cost to the owner. That would give the buzz bonus an addition with future releases.

JonesofFlorida has mentioned a studio chief interested in a Sesame Street film. And Lucian has assigned his long-rumored Muppets vs. Dragons crossover (with Dungeons and Dragons) to a producer.

So it seems that there’s good news for all, because there will be more product in theatres soon. Don’t forget to visit the theatre page and catch up on the already released flicks!

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After a long career in HTG Hollywood, fanboy delight Natalie Portman has finally surpassed the 10 barrier for her Talent Score. Thanks to the success of Baseball Mogul’s comedy S***ball 2, the actress now has a TS of 11.000.

“It’s a great feeling” the star stated during a recent meet and greet. “Maybe now I can buy a decent pair of shoes or something. My thanks go out to Pedro and the Amyland crew for letting me appear in their film.”

Although not currently advertised for another HTG movie soon, rumor has it that Miss Portman is anxious to again be a part of an ALS film. The parody “The Color of Amy” is in pre-production. Another of Pedro’s infamous dog movies, talents voice the parts of the canine characters. The movie parallels the Paul Newman/Tom Cruise classic “The Color of Money.”

“If I could land a role in the movie, I’d be tickled” the actress concluded.

No release plans have yet been provided by Baseball Mogul Productions.

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So much Box Office, so little time. With so many movies pulling in big numbers, as we learn how more and more of these movies are doing, let’s take a look at a few of the recent movies in theaters.

Tina The Movie
It is always great to see new producers and give them a warm welcome into HTG Hollywood. Tina The Movie is a bio pic of Tina Turner by Simply the Best Productions and first time producer Richard Van Den. The film is the first effort from the Hollywood Film Fund (for New Producers) in years, and with a recent influx of new producers, this might be a great time for the “Indie Studio” to become more active. Back to the movie, it stars the great Angela Bassett and Denzel Washington and was directed by Jason Reitman. Check out the movie and give Richard some pointers for future movies.

XCC: Out With a Bang
Possum Lodge Studios and Ship of Fooles Productions joins with director Steve James for the fifth part of their documentary film series XXC, with XCC: Out With a Bang. With the top two stars being Steven Seagal and Howie Mandel, can you honestly tell me you aren’t in the least intrigued with what the movie holds? Seagal has been with the series from the beginning as a color commentator (and boy is he colorful), while Mandel joined the series with the third entry, XCC: National Pride.

Meet The Squad
So we have focused on a film by a new producer and a veteran, now lets take a look at a comedy by a returning producer, Safron (who produced 8 HTG movies in his initial run, including Remember, Involved, Rookie Mistake, 8 Kilos, and TV shows including Four, Pluse, and others!). Meet The Squad stars a young cast including Logan Lerman, Aaron Johnson, Robert Sheehan, Nick Robinson, and Ezra Miller, and was filmed in a light-hearted documentary style similar to The Office. This is director Sofia Coppola’s second movie after Space Travel on a Budget.

This is just a sampling of some of the 20 movies in HTG Theaters. What are you excited to check out?

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AoF-Poster-RedwingDecember 18th: Chris Harmer’s superhero epic Arsenal of Freedom was released to HTG Theaters by Flip Brothers Studios in conjunction with Jade Falcon Productions.

Arsenal of Freedom takes place in an alternate Earth, where things are even less peaceful than they are now. The once numerous Arsenal of Freedom’s numbers have dwindled in recent years. Their leader, Redwing, is stubborn and hanging onto the past. Even he, however, cannot ignore the need for new blood in their ranks. Will they be able to find someone worthy? Will they be able to find someone with a pure heart? Will they be able to defeat the evil that is brewing in these turbulent times?

The film was ten years in the making and marks the first epic film released by Chris Harmer since Terazen. The all-star cast contains several prominant movie stars of the action genre, including John Cena, Anna Kendrick, Stephen Lang, Morgan Freeman, and MMA superstar Ronda Rousey. The director is Batman series helmer and Flip Brothers regular Alfonso Cuarón.

The film’s soundtrack is just as power packed as the cast, featuring Offspring, Swedish House Mafia, the Rolling Stones and more.

This marks the first time that Chris Harmer and Flip Brothers Studios have worked together. Look for Arsenal of Freedom, now in HTG Theaters!

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New producer Richard Van Den has opened the doors to Simply the Best Productions and will be jumping right into the deep end with with Tina the Movie, a biopic on the famed singer/actress Tina Turner. The movie follows her from her chance meeting with Ike Turner wen she was 17, through her movie roles in the 90s and boasts a sound track that features her classic hits such as  Private Dancer, The Best, What’s Love Got to Do with It, We don’t need another Hero, Missing You, On Silent Wings and When the Heartache Is Over.

Teaming up with Richard on the production is director Jason Reitman, and stars Angela Bassett, Whoopi Goldberg, Rutger Hower, Denzel Washington, and Viola Davis. Bassett is no stranger to portraying Turner, and was happy to step back into the role. “When something feels so natural,” Bassett told us, “you jump at the chance to play the part again. I’d love to do showcase Tina [Turner] in another light in the future. Or maybe I can portray her in different stages as I age as well.”

The movie is being released as an independent film through the Hollywood Film Fund for New Producers, a non-profit that was setup under Adam West’s [Mayor] administration nearly a decade ago.  The HFF is funded fully by private donations and the foreign box office it has earned from its past releases. This is the first movie released by the HFF since 2012’s Transylvania, by a future best producer winner Tesla. Will the HFF usher in another possible best producer? Only time will tell.

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