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Happy Holidays! Enjoy one of the many great films in HTG Theaters. Here are a few of them…

Campfire Tales
Hilary Swank and Meryl Streep lead the cast in this horror themed anthology film by Brianc2008 and director Darren Lynn Bousman. Tales include “Candyman”, “The Prophecy”, “Cat and Mouse”, and “Home Sweet Home”. The movie was released by Horizon Pictures.

Continuing with the horror theme you can check out the sitcom turned horror flick A•L•F from the Flip Brothers Studio. Starring James Franco, Alison Brie, Zachary Levi, Willa Holland, Jamie Alexander, and Naveen Andrews. Who will survive the alien attack? Not your cat, that is fur sure.

3 Tales from The Twilight Zone
Miracle Pictures (studio & producer) put out this anthology with three stories inspired by classic tv series The Twilight Zone. The movie features writer/producer Marlowe’s usual mix of intriguing talents including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jeremy Renner, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Jason Mewes, Will Arnett, Kim Kardashian, and Marlowe himself. All three tales were directed by JJ Abrams.

Check out these movies and more in HTG Theaters. What is your favorite film in theaters?

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The voice of Adam Sandler is both well known, and capable of a lot of different styles and accents. So it’s no wonder Ship of Fooles has tagged him to play the lead role in the new film Something Fishy. A short cartoon about, unsurprisingly fish, this comedic tale of two fish in a bowl promises to be a huge blockbuster, if only because it’s opening on what is bound to be a large Box Office weekend.

Unlike most modern animated films, Something Fishy uses exclusively traditional, hand drawn, animation. No CGI was used. Hand drawn animation has fallen out of style of late, but still has a number of fans.

Sandler will be leaving the Hollywood Stars football team to record the film. Here’s hoping a new Waterboy, and more replacement players, can be found soon.

Co-starring in the film is Scarlett Johansson. Trey Parker is signed to direct. Something Fishy opens December 16.

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Thanks to some hard work by Ritchie Steven, weeks of box office results have been posted on the message board. With that comes a few things. One of them is updating the Talent Scores for the top people in those movies. And, after some more work, those talents have there TS now updated.

It should be little surprise that many of the films earned good grosses. With fewer movies being released, more of the box office bucks result for individual films. And, with higher totals, the likelihood of an increase to TS results. In fact, all talents processed had an increase… except for one. Seth Rogen, star of Flip Brothers’ Horror Hours, saw a decrease in TS from 14.859 to 14.631. Fortunately for Rogen, he saw his TS increase to a whopping 16.694 for his participation in Miracle Pictures’ All Up In That Junk.

Some talents became new members of the 10+ Club, seeing their scores rise to 10 or greater: Nicole Kidman in Seeker (PLS), Hulk Hogan in UWC Monday Metal (FB), John Waters and Elizabeth Banks for All Up In That Junk (MP) and Dan Byrd in Tornado (HP).

Byrd’s rise was from 5.314, thanks to a leading role in the $426,518,993 grossing film.

In addition to this Talent Score work, payments will be made shortly to the studios for their films.

“I smell more than a billion dollars in payments” stated one HTG admin.

UPDATE: The remaining weeks of Box Office have been worked up. More talents joining the 10+ Club are: Steve James, Charlize Theron and Steven Seagal for XCC: In For a Penny (PLS) (Theron becoming the second highest TS actress in HTG); Sofia Coppola, Bill Murray, Zooey Deschanel and Emma Watson for Space Travel on a Budget (MP) (Zooey now the third highest TS actress. Adrien Brody just missed out making a 10 TS).

ANOTHER UPDATE: “More than a billion dollars” was an understatement. Just over five billion dollars was paid to studios for exiting films. Of course, producers must be paid from that money. However, these payouts may be the largest in HTG history.

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The past two weeks have seen three new movies in HTG Theaters. Learn more about them…

The Gunfighter
The first new movie from The Dark Horse Films since 2013’s The Slave. Directed by Clint Eastwood, the western stars Daniel Day-Lewis, Christian Bale, Edward Norton, and Jude Law. The movie has had quite an impressive advertising campaign on the forum. The film was released by mega studio Miracle Pictures.

Camp Lleh
The second release by the Hollywood Film Fund in recent months, Camp Lleh is a horror comedy by new producer Joseph Akers and director Drew Goddard. The movie stars Lea Michele, Johnny Depp, Jodie Foster, Clint Eastwood, Logan Lerman, Jayden Smith, Emma Roberts, and Dylan O’Brien.

Wrestling Spirit
Director Karyn Kusama teams up with experienced/award winning HTG  Producer Lucian on a documentary that follows former gymnast Lucy Loo as she begins her professional wrestling career. The short movie is narrated by former wrester CM Punk.

These are HTG Theater’s latest movie releases, but there are currently more than 20 movies in HTG Theaters. Watch one tonight!

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