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It has been two months since the last auction frenzy and it is time for another wave of auctions. This time, the amount of items for sale isn’t nearly as many, but it will likely result in a more intense bidding war; at least I hope so because what’s the fun of an auction if it is not intense? There will be three packages this time, each with their own set of franchises.

The highest profile package will be the Beloved 80s Cartoon Package, riding the success of G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (the HTG one) that grossed $436 million and received a Yoda nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay, a G.I. Joe sequel would likely be a hit. The other part of this package is Thundercats and the two of them are worthy enough to have a starting bid of $50 million.

Another package on the line is a 4-in-1 Cult Television Package. Aside from their cult status, all of them have a tad of sci-fi in it (not necessarily as the main genre) so hopefully one can put them to good use in the future. Cult fans of The Adventures of Brisco County Jr, Farscape, Firefly and Jeremiah will appreciate that. This is starting with $50 million as well.

The last package is a book-based Get Reading Package. In my opinion, a tough one will be Battle Royale since it has been adapted once in 2008 and did pretty well. The other three – Cell, by Stephen King, Dead Witch Walking Series and Dirty Dozen, by E.M. Nathanson, are definitely solid materials. This is the lowest of all packages, starting at $15 million but you never know, it might be the highest priced deal at the end of the week.

Now what the heck are you waiting for? Go bid on them here!

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September seems to be another promising months for moviegoers, filled with at least two new releases on each and every week and with a good diversity of genres. I doubt anyone will feel missing out at all. Mr.G tried his best to capture all the info but some movies slipped out of my hands, my bad on that.

September 7, 1st Week of September
To launch the month of September, we have Kill The Wicked from The Dark Horse Films, which is also the one last entry of the Americana series. Set in Montana, 1975, the film tells the story of an ex-soldier (Gary Oldman) who goes nuts and start to terrorize his own town. His brothers (Daniel Day-Lewis, Viggo Mortensen and Ralph Fiennes) are set to hunt and kill him in the wilderness of Montana. The film poses all kinds of ethical questions about war and the difference of murder and killing. Directed by Clint Eastwood and other stars include Juliette Binoche, David Straithern and Jared Harris.

On the same day, we also have Reboot, a direct sequel to Reborn, which was released in June this past year. Rumor has it that it will be a trilogy and Reboot is the second part of it. Plenty of questions remain unsolved from Reborn that will be clarified in Reboot to prepare the audience for the finale in the near future. An intersection movie between the first and third parts, the story focuses on Kim (Deborah Ann Wool), who also appeared in first film and her newly met horrors. The facility staff (Cynthia Nixon and Amanda Tapping) seem to share the twisted fate as well with Professor Gillis in charge.

September 14, 2nd Week of September
Musical seems to be a rising genre as we have another musical tackling the big screen. Glee: Expedition to Fame continues the legacy of the hit Fox series Glee. Why movie instead of another TV season? I am not sure either. This serves as the continuation of it so this is set after the season three finale. New Directions is joining a show choir competition, only to be threatened by the Vocal Adrenaline, and a battle ensues. One can expect returning of some of the old cast and some additions of brand new cast members as well.

My Last Sunrise is a horror film from Decepticon Liberation Front, which is on hiatus for over two years before this. Originally a 10 page entry in the short contest of 2007, it has evolved into a full release of 99 minutes thanks to the tenacity of the producer, Teufel himself. The story centers around a vampire known as Edmund Bayley, a melancholic individual, he has spent decades sucking the life out of the homeless while hiding in a metropolis’ skid row. Life doesn’t go that well though, not even for a vampire. The police start to investigate the deaths in skid row and that is enough for Edmund to make one last decision of his unlife – the end of his miserable existence.

September 21, 3rd Week of September
In this fun filled week lets start with Rush Hour 4, which continues the story of Lee and Carter (Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker). Ambassadors are found dead and it forces them to travel to London, where they met Officer Sarah Robertson of the MI6. Aside from investigating the deaths, they are there to ensure that no more ambassador bleedshed will happen. One task is fine but two at one? Not so easy and as expected, lots of things happened.

The second release of the week is Tumbleweed, a work that has been started a few times by the producer, Jort13, who finally gets to finish it this time. A film with the central theme being country music, it tells the tale and breakthrough of an upcoming country music artist named John into the music scene. As expected from an artistic job, it isn’t lucrative at all for some and with a family to support, John is in the crossroad of his life as he has to think about what to do next – whether to continue his artist career or not.

September 28, 4th Week of September
Fatal Frame: Crimson Butterfly is the second Fatal Frame film, which also has the same name (and probably borrows some of the elements) from the second game of the horror video game series. None of the twins expect their normal and happy life to be changed by nothing but a crimson butterfly. One that leads them through the woods, leads them to a mysterious, deserted village. They are there for a reason, a reason more horrifying than anything they could even fathom. A story with promises, trust and loyalty, Dartcher, the movie’s producer wants to challenge the viewers to question themselves, “What would I do in this situation? Would I be able to do any of the options given?”

Going against the more easternized feature is a very westernize film, The Hook. A superhero film taking place in the FB DC Comics Universe, it is based on the DC comic book Deadman, featuring The Hook (Paul Leyden) – who else did you expect? For those that do not know, in the comic the Hook is the operative who kills Deadman. This is an origin story for the villain, it tells the fall from grace of a rich businessman to becoming the operative known as The Hook. The main villain is Grace Swanso (Jessica Chastain), who runs the company Swanson CO that handles a lot of Gotham City  business at the moment. Rumor has it that this film is only half of the Baseball Mogul/Flip Brothers deal and the other half of it is for a Deadman film.

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Sometimes, just by total coincidence, our virtual Hollywood and the real thing make moves that are very similar. In the past some of our virtual casting choices have become a reality, such as Nathan Fillion as Green Lantern (it became a reality in the animated Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn) and Sarah W. Callies who was cast in the HTG version of The Walking Dead as Carol, only to be cast as Lori in the real life version of the hit graphic novel. Other times, movies and television series are made that are very similar to ones that we’ve made years before. This is one of the latter times.

Coming session 13 to HTG: TV is an all new show set around the world of poker, called All In. The series is from writer/producer brianc2008, who brought us the hit zombie movie South Dakota, and is set to air on Rogue Net. It stars William Lee Scott, Brendan Sexton, Mark Rendall, Elizabeth Berkley, Aisha Tyler, and Charles S Dutton. What you might now know is that a few years ago there was a All In movie. Unlike the upcoming All In HTG: TV series, the All In movie’s full title was All In: The Poker movie and it was a documentary on the game of poker and it’s American history. It could be a very interesting movie for the soon to be new fans of the Rogue Net series.

It will also be interesting to see who brianc2008 brings into the new series from the real world of poker. There are a ton of celebrity gamblers and it should be very interesting to see who might appear in the virtual series as themselves. Such people as actor/director Ben Affleck, actress Jennifer Tilly (who appeared in brianc2008’s above mentioned zombie movie South Dakota), and ex-sports superstars Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley, to name a few. I’d love to see that touch of real life added into the mix.

Will you be watching All In when it premieres this session on HTG: TV?

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The soundtrack for The Dark Horse’s last film, Kill the Wicked, has been revealed! The movie is being released by Amy Land Studios with direction by screen legend Clint Eastwood and stars Daniel Day-Lewis, Marion Cotillard, Gary Oldman, and Ralph Fiennes.

Kill the Wicked Soundtrack

  1. “Break On Through [To The Other Side]” by The Doors
  2. “Strange Days” by The Doors
  3. “Beast of Burden” by The Rolling Stones
  4. “Light My Fire” by The Doors
  5. “The End” by The Doors
  6. “Love Her Madly” by The Doors
  7. “Stayin’ Alive” by The Bee Gees
  8. “Voodoo Child (Slight Return)” by Jimi Hendrix
  9. “Touch Me” by The Door
  10. “The Ghost Song” by The Door
  11. “Good Vibrations” by The Beach Boys
  12. “Fortunate Son” by Creedence Clearwater
  13. “Positively 4th Street” by Bob Dylan
  14. “Like A Rolling Stone” by Bob Dylan

The movie hits theaters tomorrow, Friday September 7th, 2012. It opens against Lake Hope Feature’s Reboot.

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After the modest success of unbb24’s two adaptations The Simpsons: Presidential Movie and Toy Story: World Tour, he is moving forward with another adaptation. This time it is based on the hit Fox show, Glee and is titled Glee: Expedition to Fame. It is a musical set in the fourth season of the show, that is unbb24’s version of the fourth season. The film is about the New Directions joining in a show choir competition, but they are threaten by Vocal Adrenaline when Sebastian joins VA to get vengeance against the New Directions. The movie is being released by Amy Land Studios.

Yesterday, The Hollywood Times had a chance to do sit down interviews with the cast and the producer of Glee: Expedition to Fame inside the Hollywood Times building. First, we interviewed the lead male star, Matthew Morrison who portrays the ND coach Will Schuester. We asked him about the making of the film and he said; “Well…What can I say? (laughs) It is like working again normally and this is like my first musical here in HTG. I portrayed Cotton Weary for several films consecutively and this will be my first role outside the Scream films. I want to thank the producer for this opportunity to do this film and playing the role of Mr. Schuester. The making of the film is very fun. I hope that a sequel will be made also.”

Next, we chatted up Darren Criss, who reprises his role of Blaine Anderson from the TV version, and Jenna Ushkowitz, who reprises Tina Cohen-Chang. Criss told us; “Since Rachel and Finn are graduated, me and Jenna will take the responsibility of being the captains of the New Directions. Making this film was very hard and fun because we have to do a lot of choreography. Its even bigger than the show.” While Ushkowitz told us; “My favorite part of the film is making the music video scenes especially when we did Call Me Maybe in the opening scene and we have some various special appearances by some Oscar and Emmy winning and nominee actors. It is very cool.”

Also in this film is Jane Lynch who is playing Sue Sylvester. “My character Sue is very different from the series. It is because my storyline here is not against the New Directions but about the father of my baby in which it will turn about to be an Oscar-winning actor, as hinted at in the series.”

Other cast members in this film are Kevin McHale, Heather Morris, Chord Overstreet, Vanessa Lengies, Samuel Larsen, Grant Gustin and Jayma Mays with the addition of Miranda Cosgrove, Nick Jonas, Christine Baranski, Jenna Elfman, Selena Gomez and Yeardley Smith. Also including special appearances by Lea Michele and Chris Colfer, and the movie’s producer, unbb24.

After talking to the main cast of the film, we took time to interview the producer of the film, unbb24. “Glee: Expedition to Fame is basically my first musical film, my third adaptation and my fourth film with Amy Land Studios. God. It is like working with Pedro for the fourth time is like I have a deal with them because I like to do adaptations despite getting some unlucky reviews and modest box office. Anyway. This film will focus on the fourth season as the main setting of this film. I’m not expecting too much blockbuster but I’m expecting that the audience will love it because I’ve been planning and working on this for like five months I think. I’ve done research for the songs that they are going to sing. I hope that I will get good reviews in this one. This is just my own version of Glee season four. Coincidentally, the movie will release right after the season four premiere. Wow. The production of this film is very awesome. We have Ryan Murphy as director of course and the bunch of cast and also my first onscreen appearance as I’m having a bit of a cameo in this film. Cheers to Pedro and the Glee cast and crew. Please support it.”

Glee: Expedition to Fame premieres on September 14 in an HTG Theatre near you!

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