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The buzz for South Dakota has been building over the past few weeks with a series of cast interviews and movie updates on the message board [SEE: South Dakota]. Now Brianc2008, the zombie film’s producer, has revealed the Official Soundtrack of the movie.

South Dakota Soundtrack

  1. “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong
  2. “You’re Gonna Go Far Kid” by The Offspring
  3. “Renegade” by Styx
  4. “For the Love of Money” by the O’Jays
  5. “Flashing Lights” by Kanye West
  6. “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga
  7. “Resistance” by Muse
  8. “Bad Touch” by Bloodhound Gang
  9. “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now” by Celine Dion
  10. “It’s the End of the World As We Know It (and I Feel Fine)” by REM

South Dakota is being released worldwide on August 17th by the Flip Brothers Studio. It stars Daniel Day-Lewis, Jennifer Tilly, Chase Ellison, Tobey Maguire, Kristin Chenoweth, and Jennifer Lawrence with direction by Edgar Wright.

Interested in having your soundtrack listed on The Hollywood Times? It’s easy! Just email it to us at with the subject “Times Soundtrack”.

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No, the HTG community has not been deceived, the rumors are true, Pokemon is indeed coming to town. The man behind this project is none other than Sparck Valentine, producer of Dark Cloud, the highest grossing show of it’s session (with a movie still under development) and Fastest Sport On Earth, a critically acclaimed drama revolving around the popular sport of Ice Hockey.

The project is being developed under extreme secrecy and has a contest currently undergoing [SEE: So I heard you like Pokemon]. The contest is an attempt to not only bring the community closer to this project, but to build hype for the upcoming show as well, because the preceding weight of this franchise just wasn’t enough.

The names that have been associated to this project include well known names like Michelle Trachtenberg and Kevin Mckidd, as well as perfect strangers such as Marc Senter or Scott Michael Foster. All of this to contribute to well balanced and talented cast to help bring this show to life the best way possible. No official cast announcement has been made.

When reached for comment, most of the actors involved in the making of this show are excited with the opportunity to work with the young producer and in such a meaningful project as Pokemon. They are already counting the days left to begin shooting the pilot episode, which is scheduled to be in the next couple of days. The director of the show was also contacted and asked about the direction the show would be taking. Without giving away any details from the story, he said the show would surprise some people and that it was going for a darker, edgier approach – also that it will be live action. Good news for the older fans of this classic franchise.

Sparck, the producer, was also kind enough to lend us a few words about the show. However, he only addressed the contest, saying HTGers should expect a surprise in the final broadcast. The producer, however, refused to tell us the nature of said surprise, once again proving he’s being very cautious with the whole production surrounding the project.

Among the few details related directly to the show that we were able to access is the setting of the show. Pokemon is set after the events of Pokemon Gold, many HTGers’ greatest adventure as little kids. In terms of length, this show is scheduled to air six episodes on each of it’s two seasons.

In order not to miss any episode of this show, you might want to tune in to Flip Brothers TV this session. Gotta Cath’em All!

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August is yet another strong month for the movie industry as there is nine releases announced as of now and they are well-spread out over all five weeks of August. Clever strategy by the studio heads for not fighting against each other.

August 3, 1st Week of August
Coming up today are Charlie’s Angels 2 and Society of Thieves. As a direct sequel of “The Black Rose”, Charlie’s Angels 2 continues the story as the team is seeking a new angel to replace the one lost in “The Black Rose”. At the same time, the old threat continues to try to shut down the angel project. Can the Angels prevail again? We will see in a few days.

Challenging the Angels will be Society of Thieves, a story of two gangs – Axe Gang and Crocodile Gang – fighting for supremacy in post gold rush Sacramento. Crocodile Gang triggers the war with an assassination on Axe Gang and the Axe Gang wants revenge. Sounds more gangsters than thieves from the synopsis but you never know until you have seen the film.

August 10, 2nd Week of August
More than ten years ago, we have Being John Malkovich; in the 21st century, we have Being Stan Martin. Being Stan Martin is a rom-com that focus more on the male side as it is focused on Stan Martin(Jesse Eisenberg), a dork, and his journey to find his one true love. Some keywords will be dating sites, DJ and best friend.

Imagine a month without a Baseball Mogul release…I can’t. Drugged 2 will continue the story of the few drug takers and this time it will be Billy(Pedro), the side character of the first film. Just like the first one, the film will go through the story of Billy and see how the drugs affect him and his little sister.

August 17, 3rd Week of August
All Fall Down is already covered in last month’s article so no further info is needed.

South Dakota marks the return of Flip Brothers Studio into the scene. The only thing I get from the studio is to expect zombies and a lot of them but my improved spying skill did help me to grab some information from the production company. The virus starts in North Dakota and the strong wind of death brings it to the neighboring state of South Dakota. The main survivor group is an interesting bunch: poker-loving mom, her college son, an AWOL soldier of the virus-experiment camp, an Air Force, a scientist and for the right price, a businessman-entertainer pair. Starting from the casino, they battle against the odds in an attempt to reach Mount Rushmore to escape the state. Notable stars include Yoda winner Daniel Day-Lewis and Sully nominee Jennifer Tilly.

August 24, 4th Week of August
The zombie fans are given a second treat in the form of Lollipop Chainsaw. This one is likely to attract more than zombie fans judging by the poster and also the style of the adapted material, the game of the same name for XBox 360 and PS3. Blake Lively will play Juliet, the hot zombie killer girl as she takes on the zombies in her town. Deborah Ann Woll plays another zombie hunter.

Lightning Productions is indeed fast as lightning in terms of production speed as they go double double in their debut month with Wrong Side of The Tracks. Wrong Side of the Tracks is a remake of the Chinese film A World Without Thieves. Set in America on a train ride from Chicago to New York. Wayne Boston (Hugh Jackman), with his wife Lucy (Rosamund Pike) goes again his thieving ways to protect Shawn Glenwald (Michael Angarano) and his money from Fox Daniels (Michael Emerson) and his crew of pickpockets.

August 31, 5th Week of August
Never Look Back is already covered in my June article so you can refer it from there. In short, it’s about a 50s movie star who returns to his hometown and his dysfunctional family and try his best to glue himself back to the family. Dark Horse Films said it has the vibe of “Mad Men”. This film is the third film of The Dark Horse Films’s Americana series, which will conclude soon enough.

Earlier in the week the Times interviewed Jesse Eisenberg and Mary Elizabeth Winstead [See: Being Stan Martin Interviews Part 1: Eisenberg/Winstead] and now we are back with part 2 of our interviews for Being Stan Martin. Included today is comedy legend Steve Martin and the film’s writer/producer unbb24.

Steve Martin

TIMES: Mr. Steve Martin. It is great to see you in a new movie, what is your role in Being Stan Martin?

STEVE: I’m Mr. Oldman. (laughs) I think I’m being type cast! No, but to cast a guy with the last name Martin, but not as the lead character with the last name Martin? What is up with that! (laughs again) No, but serious, I’m Stan’s boss in a fast food chain called Someone Fishy. I will be like a love guru for Stan while he is at work. Who doesn’t look at me and think…. love guru? Exactly. Then when Stan is at home, he has the very talented Melissa McCarthy as his guru. There is a lot of guru-ing going on. I give love advice to Stan and I’m happy, it is a very nice film. No blood, no murder, or horrific stuff. This one is just for laughs and some cute moments for a change. And I get to be a little bit serious in this film. No, really! Overall, the film was very enjoyable. Maybe some other producers will want to make comedies? Perhaps? My schedule is wide open.

TIMES: Hey, that leads right into my next question. There are reports in a few different entertainment magazines that you will have a television role next session. Can you tell us something about this? Is it true?

STEVE: It’ll be true when I get and cash a check. But it is true that I’m in talks for a regular role in the new TV series titled Orchid Sense. My role there is very special and very funny. I hope it happens. Like Being Stan Martin, it is produced by unbb24 Productions. I’ll be going from no HTG projects in eight years to two in 2012 already. This is the YEAR OF STEVE MARTIN! (laughs) Did that echo?


TIMES: unbb24, nice to see you again. Okay, what is Being Stan Martin?

Unbb24: Being Stan Martin is a rom-com about Stan Martin, who is on a journey to find love. This is not a usual rom-com because we will focus more on the male lead rather than a female lead. Eisenberg is almost in all of the scenes. He has the most screen time. This is like my first live action comedy film and my second time working on a comedy. The first is my TV series Life in NY, which this movie is a spin-off of- This film is set in the same universe of Life in NY. Debra (Brett Butler) and Amber (Laura Prepon) from the show will make brief appearances in this film.  I just want to show that this film is set in the same universe of Life in NY.

TIMES: Do you have an upcoming film and TV series?

Unbb24: Yeah. I have an upcoming TV series titled Orchid Sense. The TV series will hopefully star Christine Taylor, Shermar Moore, Berenice Bejo, Berenice Bejo and the great Steve Martin, who is in Being Stan Martin. I’m currently working on a TV movie that I will pitch on the networks (possibly to DRTV first) in the future. Then I have one upcoming film, Glee: Expedition to Fame. It is a musical based on Glee and we are currently in production. The Glee movie will release on September. I’m also hoping that someone will pick up my movie pitch titled Supernatural Neighborhood. Then, I will pitch a horror/suspense film that will be titled The Healing. Things have been very busy!

We are very grateful to both Steve Martin and unbb24 for taking time out of their very busy schedules to talk with us. Watch Martin in Being Stan Martin when it premieres on August 10th in HTG theaters near you.

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Ken Watanabe, who has been stationed at the HTG armory for the past few years under the pseudonym General Kuribayashi, will be leaving his post to be in the new movie Society of Thieves, for producer Anonemuss of Lightning Films and Lake Hope Features. This role, which marks Watanabe’s first part since 2011’s Split Paths, reunites Watanabe with his Gunz: The Duel co-star Tony Leung Chui Wai. The part is said to be that of Chen Fan, a high ranking member of the gang Andy Lau heads.

“This is a great little action flick that Anonemuss cooked up and I’m very glad to be apart of it,” Watanabe commented at a recent press conference promoting the film. “It has heart, action, drama and all the other right ingredients to make for a film that is truly enjoyable.” This film marks what looks to be a long and prosperous film venture for new producer Anonemuss who, after booking this film, already has several other films lined up including a remake of the Chinese classic A World Without Thieves at 21CC.

“What we have here is someone who is eager to work and somebody who has talent to be nurtured,” said Quantum, CEO and founder of Lake Hope Features. “I’ve worked with a lot of new producers and Anonemuss sticks out as one of the most eager newcomers I’ve seen in a while. I hope he can keep it up.”

Rumor has it that Ken Watanabe will not be replaced at the Armory as new recruits are currently not being looked for at this time. Though, he is apparently circling a part in a new Rogue Net series, which has yet to be officially announced. If that is true, Ken Watanabe could be seeing one of his busiest years in, well, years. Watanabe ended the press conference by stating “Though I will miss being a general for HTG’s fine Town, I’m glad I get to go back doing what I love and that is being in the movies.”

John Woo directs an all star cast that also includes Liam Neeson, Joe Flanigan, Damian Lewis, Rick Yune, and Chloe Moretz.

Society of Thieves opens in theaters this Friday.

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