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The boys are back in town! (and now they have some new additions) That is right, the baseball season is back and in full swing and with that is the return of the Hollywood Stars!

The team features Hollywood heavy weights and newcomers who are filling their time between movie roles. If you want to pull any member of the Stars off the team to star in your movie, they will gladly accept and work on your movie for free (you’ll just need to issue a press release or article about the hiring- good PR goes a long way for an actor).

This season, the Stars are once again managed by Gus Cantrell (Scott Bakula), and include the starting lineup of First Baseman Jack Elliot (Tom Selleck), Second Base Jackie Robinson (Chadwick Boseman), Shortstop Kelly Leak (Jackie Earle Haley), Third Base Conrad Dean (Dean Cain), Left Fielder Archie Graham (Frank Whaley), Centerfielder Shoeless Joe (DB Sweeney), Rightfield Babe Ruth (John Goodman), Catcher Richie (David Spade), and the starting pitcher with the angelic arm, Mel Clark (Tony Danza). The bullpen features additional greats and the bench has more eager players ready to prove themselves (or work in your movie!).

Learn more about the team here.


What’s out in HTG Theaters? Learn more about some of the movies in theaters.


Saints Row

Flip Brothers Studio presents a revamped version of the video game adaptation of the same name from production company Baseball Mogul Productions. The movie features Steven Yeun in his first leading role and is Will Smith’s first HTG movie since 2015. Co-stars include Michael Cudlitz, Erik King, and Daniel Wu.


Without Seeing the Dawn

From Miracle Pictures Studio and producer unbb24 is this romance directed by Tom Hooper. The movie stars Ansel Elgort, Sophie Turner, Nick Jonas, Zoe Kravitz, and Sarah Paulson. Miracle and unbb24 will be re-teaming for the drama Sally Simple on July 13th.


Teen Angel

Adapted from the television series of the same name, this remake starring Tye Sheridan, Kristen Wiig, Adam Hicks, Morgan Freeman, Alenxer Ludwig, Chloe Moretz, Corbin Allred, and Stone Cold Steve Austin comes from director Jonathan Lynn, producer brianc2008, and Horizon Pictures.

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Officer Bobby Davison, aka Erik King, has left the Hollywood Police Force to take a supporting role in the Flip Brothers video game adaptation Saints Row. He joins Steven Yeun, Will Smith, and Michael Cudlitz in the movie that was penned by Pedro, in a new take on the franchise.

This marks King’s first HTG role since 2012’s Dexter, where he reprised his role from the TV series, also produced by Pedro. He also starred in Quantum’s In Savage Hell and guest starred on the final Batman Beyond episode.

Saints Row follows the story of a city torn apart by rival gangs. A new man in town, Mark Sang (Yeun) joins up with one of the gangs to clean up the city. King plays Dex, a higher member of the gang Sang joins. The movie is currently in HTG Theaters.

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Father Matthews is an iconic character in the Ritchie Steven’s Downtown and Shadows universe. He is a vampire priest with a soul who helps to balance good and evil in a world of demons living among people. Like James Bond and Batman, he has been portrayed by a number of different actors in various movie and television projects. The newest actor to step into the role is Chris Pine, who will lead the aptly titled Father Matthews for Flip Brothers Studio.

The movie showcases the origin of the character and looks at who Jacob Matthews was as a human and how he turned into a vampire. The setting is the Salem witch trials of the 1690s and the hysteria of the time plays into Matthews’ beginnings.

Joining Pine in the horror drama is Mark Ruffalo as Father Kent, a mysterious priest who mentors Jacob Matthews and helps set him on his path. Also joining the cast is Emilia Clarke as Jacob’s wife.

The hope by the studio is that the movie will be the first in a series of movies featuring the character, “We’re looking to expand the world of Father Matthews, using the new cast as a clean slate to move forward with different stories. We’ll be jumping through time a bit, the Salem witch trials in this one, the old west in an upcoming film, and the roaring 20s after that. There is so much fun stuff to explore.” Father Matthews is slated to be released in late summer.

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Just days after renovations finished at the HTG Classic Theater, the town is busy preparing for the 21st HTG Awards (aka the Golden Yodas). Notices have gone out listing eligible movies, producers, and breakdowns of the movies telling if they were original or adapted, who directed them, and more. Producers and studios are encouraged to promote their movies and spotlight talent they want to be showcased. Nomination voting will begin next week and last for 1 week, before final voting.

As part of the renovations at the HTG Classic Theater, all of the cement out front has been cleaned and the most recent hands belonging to PJFlip for his Best Producer win at the 20th HTG Awards have been dipped in the cement and dried. While checking out the hands of past Best Producers, don’t forget to stay for a classic HTG movie. New to the theater are Superman: The Man of Steel, Generations 2.5, and Durham Red. They join the original HTG Best Picture Shades of God, Blaze of Glory, Berlin, and many others.