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The film is being released by Lake Hope Features and produced by Drejr29 films. It is directed by Neil Marshall and stars Charlize Theron as Imoren, Emily Blunt as Imoren’s sister, Tryane, Viggo Mortensen as King Madarion and Alexander Skarsgaard as Imoren’s husband, Valynard. Other notable cast members are Chris Hemsworth, Jennifer Lawrence, Mia Wasikowska.


Hybrid: Phoenix Rising is the first film of two, that serve as a prequel to the Hybrid television series. When a child with magical abilities escapes, it sets into motion events that will spark a civil war within the kingdom of Fryiae and Madarion must do what he can to remain in power. In the kingdom of Arnithlul, with the death of their brother Imoren and Tryane must decide to follow their own ambitions and desires or the needs of the kingdom at war.


Most of the film was shot on a stage. What wasn’t shot on a stage was shot on location in the UK. The film is set in four different kingdoms: Fryiae, Illista, Arnithlul, nad Belaham.


The film is set about 30 years before the events in the Hybrid Series.


I wanted to explore how the characters in the series became who they were.


I started working on this film immediately after I finished In Memoriam and right after I finished the third season of Hybrid. I originally wanted to write a film that served as a back story for the characters Vysarane and Evanine from the series. As I started working on the film, I began to go further and further back in time and so I included other characters from the series. In order to tell the stories of Vysarane and Evanine, certain events needed to happen and these events had to be triggered by certain characters. That just expanded the film that I had planned to be a short film.

Hybrid: Phoenix Rising hits theaters worldwide today!

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Producer: JDog84
Portfolio: 2 TV Show
In the business for: 1 Year
Specialty: Focused, Originality

In my mind, JDog84 has always been a mysterious player on the site. One that is taking things slow, loves to write on the background and release thing on time. Focusing one project at a time and with TV project needing longer time to focus on, he is so far the producer of two TV series. With Diamond Records not having a diamond record on its rating, the producer is ready to strike back with his new show, Roommates, so let’s pick his brain a little.

Goliathus: Thanks for the opportunity and to begin with the interview, I must ask the go-to question for the sake of tradition. Any reason or origin of your production name, United Spirit Productions?

JDog84: Not really. I just heard the phrase a few years ago and thought it was a neat term.

G: You are mainly focused on TV now, do you plan to write any movie soon or TV is just your thing and you would prefer to focus solely on that for now?

J: I do have plans to write movies. I’m currently in the early stages of writing a film but with film you only get one shot to get it right so I’m taking my time and making sure it is the way I want it.

G: What’s your favorite genre and why is that?

J: I like comedy because I feel that everyone can relate to it. I enjoy trying to make people laugh and help them forget about the difficult times they have in their lives.

G: It’s probably a bit far ahead to plan but do you have any new idea that you plan to to do after Roommates establishes itself?

J: I do have a few ideas for both TV and Movies but I always try to focus on one project at a time so that I don’t slack off on the quality of a certain project. Right now, my priority is this series and keeping the quality of it as good as I can get it to be.

G: Sully is every TV writer’s dream, is there any award in Sully that you have the desire to win more than other awards?

J: I think for me that winning Producer of the year would be a huge honor because it means that people appreciate your hard work and that your creativeness is being honored.

G: What aspect do you enjoy the most in HTG?

J: I enjoy the freedom that the site allows. Basically any idea and any story can be told here and peoples creativity can really come out.

G: Focusing more on your current project, tell us a little about Roommates.

J: Roommates is my first attempt at writing a sitcom. It’s a story about four twenty somethings that live in an apartment building in Los Angeles. Each one has their own quirks and personality.

G: In your opinion, what sets this sitcom different from the other sitcoms out there?

J: It may be a sitcom and it may be a little off the wall at times but it will also deal with some of life’s issues. A lighthearted look at issues in the world. It won’t be driven by politics but their may be times when real life issues bleed into the show.

G: Is there anything that you learned from Diamond Records that you believe are useful in writing Roommates?

J: Have a plan. Diamond Records was a good idea but wasn’t executed very well. I admit that myself. I didn’t have the story laid out real well. I knew where I wanted to go but the process of getting there wasn’t clear. Sitcoms give you a little more freedom as you are not necessarily writing an ongoing storyline. Every episode is a different story.

G: Is there any major influence or inspiration that gives you the ideas of Roommates?

J: It’s really just a combination of real life experiences and other sitcoms I’ve seen. Myself, my friends, talking to different people about their experiences with people they’ve lived with. Most people have stories about experiences they have had living with other people and that’s the inspiration for this series.

G: Is there any real life experience you draw from when writing this?

J: I spent 18 months living in an apartment while in college. That’s my biggest real life experience used for this project.

G: Is there any pressure on your side when it comes to TV rating for Roommate?

J: As a writer/producer, their is always pressure on you to have a highly rated show but CzarTim has been very patient with me during my time at HTG. He gave Diamond Records a chance and now he’s giving this series a shot. Most of the pressure comes from me putting it on myself. My ultimate goal is to put the most entertaining project out there and trying to entertain as many people as possible.

You can check out the first season of Roommates currently airing on All-Points Bulletin.

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Some unfortunate news is coming out of the TBC headquarters this afternoon, it has been announced today that The Red Star, the show from Lightning Productions and TBC, will be ending its run after two seasons on the air. The announcement was made this morning by a TBC spokesperson who is currently nameless.

“It was a mutual decision from both the network and the producer. They felt the need to cut there loses,” the gender neutral spokesperson said “We are obviously disappointed that The Red Star is ending now but we understanding the reasons why it needs to end. It’s never easy to say goodbye to any show. Especially one this groundbreaking.”

The Red Star, based on the Chinese series Liang Jian, was groundbreaking on many levels. It was the first HTG:TV series to feature an all Asian cast and crew. It was also the first adaptation to be based on a foreign format to grace HTG:TV airwaves.

After a strong debut, the show’s ratings slowly petered off, with the series hitting a new rating low during its recent second season premiere. Reviews for the show have been mixed with producers loving the overall concept of the show but feeling that the series was lackluster in some parts of its execution. Though, the series did have its supporters within the ranks of TBC, it was producer Anonemuss who ultimately felt the need to pull the plug.

“The story is wrapping at its natural concluding point and dragging it out any further feels like a disservice to the series itself,” said Anonemuss at a conference call from his production office “If there was a way to continue on with this story organically, we’d be continuing it.”

The Red Star, during the course of its run, featured such well known Asian actors as Colin Chou, Will Yun-Lee, Zhang Ziyi, Rick Yune, and Tony Leung Chui Wai amongst its regular cast. The show also featured Chow Yun Fat and Li Gong as recurring guests. Rumor has it that Jackie Chan is scheduled to make an appearance in the series finale.

The Red Star airs on The Broadcasting Company. Check out its series finale during Week 3 of the current session. And check back here for more news about TBC shows.

While February is a so-so month for movies except for the huge Valentine’s week, March is a huge month from beginning to the end, a lot of releases and some hugely hyped one at that. A great month for the fans but maybe not so for some movies as there’s a lot of competitions here.

March 1, 1st week of March
Already in theaters are Voice of The Night and The Purging. Voice of The Night threw a lot of ads around the internet and off the internet so you probably see their ads on TV or radio or whatever entertainment form that you like. If you still don’t know what’s it about, then I will briefly explain it here. It is based on novel of the same name, involving two college freshmen of polar opposite, one nerdy; one sport star. Put a dark secret in the middle of the two freshmen and the thriller is on.

That’s about it for that one as I am trying to help The Purging more here to equal the playing field a little bit. The Purging is bringing zombies into the space, or a space station at least, to give those Star Wars nerds out there a taste of the zombie flesh — you won’t taste zombie flesh literally, so don’t freak out. Two soldiers played by Vin Diesel and Colin Farrell are the main protagonists of this film, as they tried their best to survive the dire situation they are in. The film also attempts to be realistic(on a sci-fi level) so don’t expect godmode in this one.

March 8, 2nd week of March
A slower week of March, we have Drugged 4 which concludes the Drugged series. This time, we are with Eric Hexler(each Drugged focuses on one main character) and his family problem. This time, the conflict is on a larger scale as the people are going up against the Harson, the company of the bad drugs instead of just solving their own personal problems so expect some epic things out of this one.

March 15, 3rd week of March
The Slave is the first film of Dark Horse Studios in 2013 and there’s no doubt from the title that the audience will be into some dark, depressing journey as expected from any Dark Horse release. In this film, we will be dwelling into the grim reality of the mean streets of Victorian London, a place full of vile, vicious and villainous people and events that unfold the characters to their height of passion, depths of obsession and promise of revenge.

If you don’t want to be depressing, then you will be glad to take the other release of the week, Chains of Youth. While I am not sure if this is a happy film or on the not-very-happy area, I am fairly sure that this will be brighter than The Slave, tone-wise. The story revolves around a college freshman and aspiring poet who struggles to find direction in his life, just like a lot of college freshmen out there, and his affair with a married woman. The production company even said that this is a perfect film for the testosterone driven demographic.

March 22, 4th week of March
Lollipop Chainsaw 2 focuses on Stevie Stewart(Deborah Ann Woll). Going out of the video game that the series is based on and with the main character, Juliet Starling not showing much here, the story will revolves around the Stewart sisters – there’s three of them – as they are trying to defend the town from endless waves of zombies. There’s also a new villain played by Kat Dennings so even if you have played the game, this is still a whole new experience.

March 29, 5th week of March
For the final week of the month, we have The Last Musketeer and Charnel House, both I don’t really have much informations on. The little info I have is that The Last Musketeer will be an action-adventure film by Blacksmith Pictures, which is definitely bringing in some hype thanks to the successful release of Lockdown in February.

Charnel House is a horror film from the current HollywoodTG horror powerhouse, Aurora Films. The release date is announced quite recently but it’s from Aurora Films and horror its signature genre, people do expect good things from this one. A basic sypnosis says that this is about a detective investigating a massacre inside a house, only to discover something much more evil and sinister behind the doors.

We will also be tracking the up-and-down of the talent’s status in their venture of HollywoodTG every month, and here’s the list of last month:

On The Raise

  • Elle Fanning: 4.607 -> 5.060(The Hair People)
  • Jessica Amlee: 3.190 -> 4.015(The Hair People)
  • Emily Mortimer: 3.428 -> 3.828(The Hair People)
  • Anna Faris: 3.477 -> 3.875(The Hair People)
  • Miranda July: 1.100 -> 2.079(The Hair People)
  • Deborah Ann Woll: 4.382 -> 7.189(I Know What You Did Last Summer 2, Grand Theft Dog 2)
  • Blake Lively: 5.411 -> 6.278(I Know What You Did Last Summer 2)
  • Lizzy Caplan: 0.618 -> 1.291(I Know What You Did Last Summer 2)
  • Jennifer Garner: 9.877 -> 10.087(I Know What You Did Last Summer 2)
  • Patrick Lussier: 6.109 -> 6.838(I Know What You Did Last Summer 2)
  • Steven Haworth: 0.500 -> 0.565(Ring of Honor: Forever Third?)
  • Kevin Foote: 0.500 -> 0.565(Ring of Honor: Forever Third?)
  • Jim Cornette: 1.030 -> 1.056(Ring of Honor: Forever Third?)
  • Albert Maysles: 1.068 -> 1.089(Ring of Honor: Forever Third?)
  • Yimou Zhang: 2.000 -> 2.741(Rising Sun)
  • Sean Bean: 4.449 -> 4.822(Rising Sun)
  • Jet Li: 5.394 -> 5.895(Rising Sun)
  • Daniel Craig: 6.391 -> 6.592(Rising Sun)
  • Hiroyuki Sanada: 0.500 -> 0.995(Rising Sun)
  • Famke Janssen: 3.596 -> 4.226(The Widow)
  • Kyra Sedgwick: 1.500 -> 2.520(The Widow)
  • Holly Gibbs: 0.573 -> 1.129(The Widow)
  • Holly Marie Combs: 1.323 -> 1.842(The Widow)
  • William Friedkin: 7.225 -> 7.311(The Widow)
  • Jon Abrahams: 0.500 -> 0.951(Cars 3)
  • Richard Moll: 1.000 -> 1.578(Cars 3)
  • Bonnie Hunt: 0.500 -> 1.402(Cars 3)
  • John Lasseter: 1.000 -> 1.802(Cars 3)
  • Parker Posey: 10.987 -> 11.908(Grand Theft Dog 2)
  • Alison Brie: 2.173 -> 3.349(Grand Theft Dog 2)
  • Cate Blanchett: 11.282 -> 12.002(Grand Theft Dog 2)
  • Brett Ratner: 7.018 -> 8.534(Grand Theft Dog 2)

Falling Down

  • Owen Wilson: 9.002 -> 8.603(Cars 3)

In part 1 of our interview with Kaitlynn we discussed her favorite projects, the origin of her production company name, and more. What else did we discuss in our time together? Read on…

G: Between TV and movie, which do you enjoy writing more? How so?

K: I like TV much more, because I created my own universe there (Eastwick) and can expand on it and come back after some time and do more in and around it. It’s like visiting an old friend. I am weird.

G: Just out of curiosity, do you ever think of doing a film with a male-oriented cast, maybe on some sort of special occasion like 5 years anniversary of you as a member of HTG? Or that thought has never crossed your mind?

K: No, I am a sexist. (smiley face)

G: Well, there’s the answer to yo’all male talents out there. Stop harassing her or her assistants. I remember this question (or similar question) when you interviewed me long time ago. If you can change some aspect of HTG, what would you change or what would you add?

K: More women? Bringing Cassy back? Making people add actors decently into the database so my hours of updating and replacing shit aren’t wasted? That’s probably it.

G: If your “Cassy” stands for Casey Affleck, you got your wish. Any sneak peek of your upcoming project?

K: It’s called Amnesia and will feature Emma Watson as the female lead. I won’t reveal more.

G: I hope I don’t get Amnesia for trying to find out more. You know, get caught and my memory is gone and so on… okay, I will just stop here in case you really know a spell that can knock my memory off. Moving on, as a fast rising production company in HTG, you have won a fair share of awards in the last Yoda and Sully awards. Did you expect winning that much when you are pretty much a freshman of the industry?

K: I expected to get some Sullys, yes, despite Tim being a b**** and producing shows that are far too good. But I didn’t really expect Yodas. Though I wanted them ^^.

G: What is your target in the upcoming Yoda and Sully awards?

K: I’d love to get one or two Sully’s for Eastwick again. And maybe a Yoda for The Widow.

G: Any particular category you think they (Eastick and The Widow) have a good chance to win?

K: It’s more that i want them to win. They are dear to my heart.

G: In your opinion, which award is the “ultimate award” for you as a producer as in it is the one you would be really proud of when you finally win it (not necessarily in the upcoming award, more like your final target sort of deal)? Why?

K: It’s actually not an award, but when I read that the critics liked something. That’s the best thing for me as a producer.

G: Just stay clear of The G, that dude a giant dbag when it comes to the critics’ circle. Which studio do you enjoy working with the most?

K: I love working with Teufel and Tim. Both are extremely impressive persons I learned to really like and rely on. I also enjoyed working with Lucian, because he was quite serious about it. It’s actually hard not to name all of them (except a certain someone I have a beef with).

And then Kaitlynn was pulled away by her assistant for an important meeting. Yeah right, like there’s any meeting in Hollywood that is not important. Well, that will be the end of the interview, see you next time!