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Ritchie Steven (RS) and Kris Greet (KG) are in the Hollywood Times studio. They are standing in front of an Olympus Studio logo on a flat screen TV.

RS: What is up HTG Hollywood! RS and Kris here with another breaking news story. Hot off the heels of the announcement a few weeks ago of his acquisition of Olympus Studios. Kris is here to announce his newest franchise acquisition. Take it away Kris.

KG: Well, it has been a long road but I’m pleased to announce that this hero will finally make his HTG Debut. Take a look.

The flat screen comes to life and the Olympus Studio logo fades away and is replaced by a web, the web slowly forms the words SPIDER-MAN.

RS: That is awesome! So what’s in store for ol web-head?

KG: Well first let me see say that it’s a great personal thrill for me to be able to finally bring Spidey to HTG, I mean when you think of Marvel and DC. You think of Spidey and Superman as the main figureheads of those companies and now I have the chance to write both. But I’m doing something a little different. See Peter Parker will be my main Spider-Man but I feel like films on him have been sort of at the forefront lately. So I’m taking an approach of building the multi-verse of Spider-Man through a series of films similar to what we have done with the DC Showcase series.

RS: So have you decided on who’s going to be in the first film that the HTG audience will see?

KG: I have and I’m pleased to announce that the first Spider-Man to be seen will be Miguel O’Hara aka Spider-Man 2099 and the second Spider-Man will be Spider-Man Noir which will be set in alternate universe during the prohibition era.

RS: Have you had a chance to think about casting yet?

KG: I have and in fact just this morning we closed a deal for Wilmer Valderama to play Miguel O’Hara and Milo Ventigmigla to play Spider-Man Noir.

RS: Wow, I was not expecting that. I like how you’ve gone with older actors to play the character.

KG: Well for me Peter is always going to be 16/17 when he gets his powers in his first appearance but I wanted to stay true to the comics and Miguel and Peter in the Noir universe were grown men when they got their powers so it was a natural choice.

RS: Well, I certainly look forward to seeing the debut of the web slinger…s! Thanks again for sharing this news with us and please do come back again if you have anything new to share.

KG: You’re always my first call dude.

The graphic on the screen changes to images of Spider-Man 2099 and Spider-Man Noir.


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Award winning Mega Producer Lucian has put down a 150 million for the full movie rights to UFC. That’s right, the billionaire behind the HTG versions of TCW, XCC, and WWE might be bringing us an all new fighting experience.

Rumors first started to swirl about this potential purchase after Lucian built a Bowing Alley in his mansion at 2 Sinatra Street in HTG Malibu.  Bowing Alleys give producers a discount of 10% off sports franchise purchases over 10 million dollars. What sport better fits into the successful producers filmography? And could even invade or tie into one of his other franchises? UFC.

Personally I’d love to see WWE superstars step into the octagon and show us what they really have in the ring. What direction will Lucian take with the material? We’ll have to wait and see!

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Ritchie Steven (RS) is standing in the Flip Brothers TV studio in front of full screen wall of posters of HTG films both past and present. Notable in the mix are Superman: The Last Son of Krypton and The Squad.

RS: Hello to everyone out there in HTG land! It is great to dust off this old studio for a special announcement. I’m here today to introduce to the newest member of the HTG studio owners fraternity. Ever since the announcement was made a few days ago that somebody had purchased the old Wonder Inc studio lot, there has been a lot of speculation on who that person could be. Well wonder no further, this guy is someone I have known for a long time and worked with on too many projects to keep track of. A real super guy and with that you probably guessed! So here he is, Kris Greet!

Kris Greet walks into the shot from the side and shakes RS’ hand and gives him a hug.

KG: Thanks for the super introduction.

RS: So, what made you decide to take on a studio?

KG: Well, I loved my time as studio head of 21st Century Cat pictures, but I left there at bit of a rough time in my life. I had always at some point planned to come back to a studio. It was just finding the right time and place to do it. And of course, the right studio.

RS: You feel this is the right time for you now?

KG: Totally, I love writing and producing, but I have this ongoing problem with hands that sort of limits my ability to write on a regular basis. So I thought you know this might not go for away for awhile. Why don’t you pursue the studio thing and I got in contact with the HTG government and the rest is as they say history.

RS: What’s in store for Wonder Inc?

KG: I’ve only just started working a couple of days at it, but in the coming weeks I’m going to start putting the feelers out to producers and seeing what they have. I have a few franchises I plan on offering up so it’s going to be a busy few weeks. Also it’s no longer Wonder Inc, I decided I wanted to start fresh and I got the approval to change the name. I can now exclusively reveal to you that the new name for the studio is Olympus Films.

The logo appears behind RS and Kris.

Olympus Films

RS: That’s awesome. It is fantastic to have you back in the club and I wish you all the success for the future.

KG: Thanks man.

They fist bump and the logo fills the screen; “OLYMPUS FILMS.”

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Today Possum Lodge Studios announced that Searcherz, the upcoming film from Mbroderick, will be moving back two weeks to June 30th.

When asked why, studio head Lucian’s answer was simple. “Greed. We think we can make more money on the 4th of July weekend.”

Elle Fanning (pictured, center), Ilana Glazer and Josh Fadem (pictured, right) take the lead roles in the film. Casting is still underway for smaller parts.

As the calendar shows the plot is easy to explain: Three friends receive an empty cardboard box delivered to their doorstep and embark on a quest to find the missing contents of the box.

With this move PLS prevents a two film weekend, another reason to expect boffo box office. Lucian is rumored to be looking through his collection of items, awards and prowling his space station looking for bonuses to use. Will it take the film into the 2107 Top 5 films? The studio sure hopes so.

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