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EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it! TCW 85 (the latest movie in the famed wrestling series, as we reported on last week) has an all new contest on the MB!

The movie is the debut from HTG Hollywood’s newest studio, Possum Lodge Studios, which was started by veteran studio head and producer Lucian. Well, the new studio is pulling out all the stops with their new “Who Needs a Hug” contest.

The prize? Hugging Day Award – In honor of Jan. 21, National Hugging Day, Tigger and Eeyore would like to offer you something special. This award allows you to release an Animation film for just $10 million. However, it must not be based on a franchise. Woo hoo!

You can’t beat those saving for an animated film (not even with your own Animation Studio!). How do you enter. Very easy, you just need to head over to this MB post about the contest and guess the winning time of the Beat the Clock challenge at TCW 85. That is it. Who ever gets closest to the actual time wins. The contest closes on Friday, so head on over and enter today!

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The debut release from Possum Lodge Studios is the 100th total release in the TCW franchise. With TV on a long break, the regular scheduled shows have gone to the theaters. Hence, TCW 85 the 85th episode of the regular series, which is building up to the two-part “Hotter than Hell.” TCW 85 is directed by Paul Heyman.

A three match Beat the Clock Challenge will take up all the in-ring action of the show. The winner of the challenge will face World champion Tommy Cornell for the big belt at Hotter than Hell (part II). Additionally, the champion joins the regular announce team of Jason Azaria and Raven. Jason Azaria holds the distinction of being the only person to appear in every single TCW project thus far.

This show takes place in the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan.

TCW was shot about a month before it aired. It’s very much in the moment. While some of TCW’s wrestlers are retired in real life many are either active in Adam Ryland’s Total Extreme Wrestling franchise or the real world.

I often contemplate ending the TCW franchise; however, I find it helps keep me writing and inspires me to write other material as well.

I always plan the TCW franchise out well in advance. When I sit down to prep for a major event I plot out all the lead up shows as well as the card for the big one. This makes writing much easier. I also have plans for the next major show after “Hotter than Hell”, which will be “TCW Goes to Eleven”, as well as an as yet untitled follow up. At a rate of six shows a year this will take us into 2016 at least.

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With the all new Foreign Box Offices numbers posted for all of 2013 and current through all of the movies out of theaters in 2014 we have some big shakeups on the Top Lists over on the HTGMDB!

Four films between 2013 and 2014 have made it onto the Top 20 Films of All Time list, with Poop: The Third Strike from Marlowe breaking the top 5 and over taking the 4th spot. The Flip Brothers Studio has two new movies in the top 20, both of which co-studio head RS had a hand in. DC Showcase: Light and Dark, which RS co-produced with Krisgreet, is at number 7, while RS’ solo superhero origin tale A Bigger World is in the 12th spot. Lastly, Lucian was shocked to hear that his movie, The Red Devil, made over 775 million dollars and is the new number 9 film of all time. Check out the new Top 20 list…

Top 20 All Time
There are shakeups across genres and the top five films of 2013 have been revealed! You can check out all the changes on the HTDMDB top lists.

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(In no particular order)

Title Studio Producer Foreign BO Total Box Office
WWE Presents: The Greatest HTG Movie Ever Sold HP Lucian $117,673,676 $252,685,517
Drugged 3 AL Pedro $26,966,414 $128,090,467
Lockdown BAP Blacksmith $127,843,999 $231,976,617
S***Ball AL Pedro $49,150,202 $120,643,233
Lexx HP Lucian $130,100,041 $264,097,687
Bitter Honey and Other Sweet Things WI Aurora $112,651,878 $209,361,390
Bargain HP Lucian $30,482,718 $70,011,910
Return to Dead Island AL Pedro $120,869,307 $248,060,994
Measure of a Man, The HP Diamond $42,003,450 $89,058,023
Homecoming, The LHF Kaven $82,858,939 $162,925,636
Butcher Cuts Loose, The 21CC MadShangi $82,101,892 $168,777,642
Big Brother 2 AL Pedro $46,925,900 $131,044,590
Voice of the Night BAP Brianc2008 $106,816,218 $210,789,640
Purging, The HP Kaven $120,534,419 $232,524,809
Drugged 4 AL Pedro $104,985,924 $227,167,818
Slave, The WI Dark Horizon $114,764,248 $224,926,318
Chains of Youth AL Mad Scientist $105,470,103 $203,188,801
Lollipop Chainsaw 2 AL Pedro $107,071,184 $256,233,084
Charnel House LHF Aurora $230,075,379 $422,594,217
Hybrid: Phoenix Rising LHF drejr29 $196,362,747 $349,711,697
Drugged: The End AL Pedro $116,240,092 $266,537,446
TCW Total Mayhem 2 HP Lucian $181,885,807 $344,508,376
Grim and Scooby HP Pedro $196,506,997 $436,992,730
Silent Hill: Broken Memories WI Aurora $209,314,866 $471,691,482
Society of Thieves: Lawless LHF Lightning $31,127,331 $84,568,664
Serial Killing For Dummies 6 AL Pedro $71,027,013 $337,378,311
Rebirth LHF Kailyn $227,095,790 $441,632,507
Big Brother 3 AL Pedro $56,242,737 $267,153,002
Purging 2: Threshold, The HP Kaven $217,745,429 $434,131,264
Killing Blues CS Mad Scientist $118,716,458 $221,544,429
Tortoise and Hare HP Brianc2008 $80,882,871 $169,239,931
Dead Rising: Cataclysm AL KillerCroc $74,651,135 $193,457,190
Escaping Dead Island AL Pedro $276,425,324 $588,831,351
Grumpy Cat and Boo AL Pedro $225,895,436 $543,050,166
Barton Hollow HP Drejr29 $128,250,201 $257,391,660
Grassman AL Pedro $213,770,489 $480,372,827
DC Showcase: Light and Dark FB RS/Krisgreet $474,425,508 $862,986,593
I Know What You Did Last Summer 3 AL Pedro $156,025,928 $351,470,669
Grave Robbers MP Marlowe $339,072,693 $613,898,126
Son’s Revenge, A HP Brianc2008 $135,057,997 $323,739,391
Diplomat’s Son HP EricM $313,684,966 $592,743,387
How to Sit in a La-Z-Boy Recliner MP Marlowe $328,812,510 $636,882,873
Wall, The CS Quantum $237,251,644 $469,463,086
TCW XV HP Lucian $305,982,673 $557,071,657
I Am Harmer MP Marlowe $84,130,154 $402,804,979
Squatters FB Ed $177,427,947 $337,532,309
Becoming Joan FB Lucian $90,211,007 $189,304,975
Busted HP Brianc2008 $211,075,624 $403,799,639
Red Devil, The HP Lucian $456,798,509 $779,968,158
Nova HP Scott Lyon $31,558,354 $209,185,112
Blood in the Suburbs MP Mad Scientist $246,079,018 $447,601,410
Big Brother Killer Part One AL Pedro $29,384,400 $90,489,280
You are not alone MP Kailyn $132,339,981 $265,173,800
A Bigger World FB RS $372,524,845 $682,908,414
Poop Third Strike MP Marlowe $529,499,631 $942,005,946

EricM stopped by the Mad Scientist Film’s Laboratory to discuss himself and his upcoming film “It’s A Wild World”, which is set to be released by Flip Brothers Studio on June 27.

Tesla: You seemed to have tackled quite the grande project with It’s A Wild World. Where did the inspiration behind this saga come from?

EricM: I’m trying to figure out the best way to answer this question. I’ve been batting around the notion of writing a crime project with Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg for a while now in various forms. I’d started a couple different projects and actually got quite far in one script before my interest kind of faded. Which is kind of my M.O., as I also have a hard drive full of other half-finished and unrealized ideas and stories. So I was kind of sitting there with these various semi-stories that were all crime driven and I found myself in this state of suspension where I couldn’t decide where to direct my energies. Basically I wasn’t writing anything and just mulling over these half-dozen unfinished films I’d started.

So initially it was kind of an exercise to try and jam together these various stories and let them collide with each other to see what the reaction was. I thought it might provide some spark of inspiration or at the very least get me back into the creative flow. I didn’t expect it to become so all-consuming. But I’ve always loved films that really examine an isolated world and the various power structures and relationships within, so it became kind of addicting to weave together these various plotlines and characters into a (hopefully) cohesive whole. I had no intention of going this BIG when I started but it’s been such a joy to work on. I hope it’s entertaining for others but if nothing else it’s been a really gratifying experience to tackle these archetypal crime characters and try to figure out how they’d function in the power structures of this world. It’s been a lot fun.

Tesla: What sort of underworld does this film consist of, and how is this world going to be on display on a larger scale, like you mentioned?

EricM: The short answer is this underworld consists of everything. It’s a completely fictional world, akin to a sort of “hyper reality”. It’s recognizable as our own world but it’s also very stripped down so there’s no real markers like “Hey we’re in New York. Or we’re in Chicago”. I really wanted to examine the operation of a criminal syndicate in a very in depth, realistic way, but also in extreme isolation. So the fictional world allowed me to cut ties with the constraints of reality while hopefully getting at a more emotional/psychological honesty.

The film depicts the criminal underworld of a particular region known as the “Five Cities”. “It’s A Wild World” takes place mostly in Newford City, which is the center for gambling in the Five Cities and also the epicenter of the criminal underworld at the start of “A Crime Saga”. Each of the five cities has a criminal leader and they all operate within one power structure. The film takes place when that power structure is threatened and the various cities each make bids and vie for control. So we also get to spend time in Stirling, which is an old city that’s become lost to drugs as well as the infamous Capital, which is the political center of the Five Cities and wields a lot of control and influence over the crime world. The other cities will be explored in later installments of “A Crime Saga”.

A Crime SagaTesla: Tell us a little about Tom Hank’s character, who you briefly described as an “injured Detective on medical leave who gets drawn into a seedy underworld when he tries to protect a friend.”

EricM: Right, Tom Hanks plays Geoff Kelly. At the start of the film he’s on medical vacation in Saint Lauren which is a tropical island known for their resorts and drug manufacturing. He’s been shot in the hip and needs a cane to walk. He meets a local girl named Iris on the island who is being seduced by some powerful criminals who want to take her back to the cities. He follows her to the cities in an effort to try and take care of her and finds himself accidentally getting involved in this violent power struggle for control of the crime world.

Tom Hanks is interesting because he has this inherent goodness that seems to radiate from him. His character is a guy who’s been a cop his whole life and who’s seen a lot of bad things. He’s lost his wife and daughter, who left him because of his devotion to his job and now he’s been shot and can barely walk. If anyone has a right to be a cynic it’s him but he’s still got this hope and belief in goodness about him. His character has a real need to try and protect the innocent even in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.

Tesla: Why should people go and see It’s A Wild World? What does this film have to offer, or do differently, that other films of similar nature lack or don’t do?

EricM: I think because it’s a different approachwildworld2 to the crime genre than we’ve seen on HTG before. I’ve never been a big sci-fi/fantasy guy but I’ve always enjoyed the concept of world-building that’s inherent in those genres. I’ve tried to bring that same approach to the crime world. You’ve got all these archetypal characters, the good hearted cop, the femme fatale, the heel with a heart of gold, all mashing into each other in hopefully unexpected and entertaining ways. At the end of the day, this is a film I’m extremely attached to emotionally. I loved writing it and I loved putting all my favourite things into one story and seeing what came of it. It’s been a lot of fun for me and if it’s even half as enjoyable for viewers than I think it’ll be a great experience.

Tesla: It’s no secret that your go to genre is crime. What is it about the crime genre that appeals to you as a writer?

EricM: The duality of it. I think the crime genre can really be the perfect genre to examine society as a whole. The genre is all about men and women who are trying to survive, get ahead and prosper which are universal struggles for anyone in life. But what’s great about the crime genre is it allows for those struggles to play out in a very dramatic landscape with really rich and colorful characters. I hope that my films are entertaining for audiences but that they also recognize an inherent kind of truth to the people involved and their methods for achieving their goals.

Tesla: What does the future look like for Frontline Films?

EricM: Well, I’m working on “A Crime Saga Part Two” which should hopefully be in theatres this fall. I’ve also got another film lined up at Horizon for hopefully late summer. That will be totally different thing, focusing on a young romance, so look for that. Otherwise, I’ve got a couple ideas for some adaptations that will hopefully be released in the coming months as well. I’m riding a creative high so I’m hoping it translates into many more releases at HTG in the near future.

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