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Lexx Looks To Soar

Lexx was never a hit show when it aired from 1997-2002, amassing 61 episodes over 4 seasons. A co-production of four different nations: Canada, Germany, the UK and the USA it aired on Global TV and later Space in Canada and on the Sci-Fi network in the US, not on a major network. But now, Ship of Fooles is rebooting the Lexx series and its cult following has taken notice.

A member of “The Fellowship of Geeks” who goes by the handle Xevlover, is one of the many fans who have created fansites proclaiming the coming of the movie. “I can’t wait for January 25th!” he posts on his site. “Megan Fox as Zev? That’s awesome.”

On another site user LastBrunnenG writes, “Anton Yelchin should make an awesome Kai. I can totally see him as an emotionless undead assassin.”

The casting of Jon Bon Jovi in the lead role has met with mixed reactions as has the introduction of a brand new character called Captain Darnok, played by Richard Dean Anderson.

“Did they have to create a new villain? What else are they going to change? Is 790 (an android voiced by Ian Ziering) going to have a body? Is Lexx (the titular spaceship of the film, said to be the most powerful weapon in the galaxy, and voiced by Patrick Warburton) going to be smart?” asks one anonymous user.

Lexx is a short film but the studio is hoping it will launch a brand new series. Rumor has it the studio has thrown considerable resources behind the film including using two unique items. Also HTG’s #2 director, Tim Burton, will be behind the camera.

Lexx has often been compared to Farscape, however Lexx actually debuted two years earlier. A low cost franchise, Lexx will sport a buzz bonus of only 0.08. Will the addition of Fox, Burton and the unique items be enough to propel it to hit status? Word is Lucian managed to bring in the film for a mere 1 million dollars so turning a profit is not an issue, but talent fines could rear their ugly head if the film underperforms in the traditionally weak box office of late January.  Whether this will be a new HTG franchise or go down as a huge failure remains to be seen. What is clear is that Lucian has been producing shorts at an astounding rate lately and is already looking ahead to potential February films.

Last Updated on Nov 26, 2012 at 6:27 pm
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    No need to reboot this amazing series… make a sequel !!!!!!!

  2. paul says:

    carry from from little lex

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