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Interview: Goliathus

Goliathus is one of HTG’s newest producers and he has jumped right into the mix of things! He recently posted his first article on The Hollywood Times (which you can read here) and he has been busy reviewing movies (check them out here). I sat down to talk to him to see how he is adapting to Hollywood…

KAITLYNN: What is your nickname and/or your production company name?

GOLIATHUS: The name’s Goliathus and I don’t have a production company yet, I am working toward one for now.

KAITLYNN: What is your role in HTG?

GOLIATHUS: Mainly a critic, and an evil one at that. Trying to be a producer, that’s my main goal for now and I am writing some articles to break into journalism as well.

KAITLYNN: When did you join HTG and how did you find it?

GOLIATHUS: I am pretty new, joined by the end of February 2012. I found it while I am searching for Hollywood simulation game on Google.

KAITLYNN: Was it difficult for you to find your way into HTG and its game mechanics?

GOLIATHUS: Yes, to some degree. The good thing is that I read around and love to navigate around the site a lot so I can grasp rules and mechanism better than most new players, I believe. I ask questions on the forum as well so I am slowly picking things up.

KAITLYNN: Who is your favorite/least favorite member in HTG so far?

GOLIATHUS: I am still pretty new so it’s hard to pick a favorite and least favorite. On a relationship scale of -100 to 100, most are stuck around the 0 zone for now. I guess I can answer this better if you interview me again like maybe after a year or so.”

KAITLYNN: What was your favorite movie so far (on HTG)?

GOLIATHUS: Hm, that’s a very tough question to answer as I really haven’t read that much. I would prefer to not choose one for now if that’s okay.

KAITLYNN: Are you currently working on a movie yourself?

GOLIATHUS: I got some ideas in hand but I still need to “solidify” it and work on the detail. I will do it in April, after my examination and hopefully get some of them done before the end of the year.

KAITLYNN: If there is anything you could change about HTG, what would it be?

GOLIATHUS: My dream HTG will be a far more active place with 50 or even 100 (wishful thinking) members at one time, with many pitches and stuff going on, I believe this place will feel very “alive” then. It’s hard though since this isn’t a type of game that everyone likes to play. A faster process on things like updating is another thing I would like to see (and I don’t meant to offend anyone working for HTG right now, I appreciate your effort).

KAITLYNN: Do you think HTG has a future?

GOLIATHUS: If everyone stays and new members keep coming in, sure.

KAITLYNN: Are you playing other simulations or games at all?

GOLIATHUS: I do play a few other online simulation games and I am also a member of a few forum RP, if that counts as a game as well. As for video games, yes, I play a hell of a lot.

Last Updated on Mar 29, 2012 at 12:21 am
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  1. RS says:

    Welcome to the game Goliathus! Loved your first article and it is great to see a new critic with steady reviews 🙂

  2. Goliathus says:

    Thanks RS and thanks Kaitlyn for the interview.

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