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Mr.Goliathus’s Insight of TV Session 12

It’s another TV session (or as I prefer to call it- season), but that’s not the point of this article. This is all about what’s new on the TV. Looking at the schedule of the entire session, we can see this session is pretty dark and there’s all sorts of monsters on throughout the session.

For Japan manga and/or anime lovers, Monster, an adaptation of the Monster manga, is a great new show. This session treats these fans well, as they will have another show to watch in the mid-session as FBTV is preparing an adaptation of the Trinity Blood anime. Yes, it’s dark too, featuring vampires.

For those who prefer a more western approach, there’s the new show Eastwick, based on the movie Witches of Eastwick. What else? Here’s a big one; Scream: The Woodsboro Chronicles. Scream fans will be able to re-visit the town of Woodsboro with a continuation of the RL film series. Okay, I think I heard Scream fans yelling “HELL YEAHHHH” just now, but calm yourself down. Another interesting show will be coming at us mid-session, There’s Something in the Dark. I am not sure if A Nightmare on Elm Street inspired this show or not, but rest assure that there is both dreams and demons in this one.

Love short stories? Wise Tales is back and still going strong in its third session. And for those that prefer some comedy blended with their dark side, the half hour animated series Wolfgang & Zombie returns to DRTV. Can you make a dark drama without monsters? Yes you can, and Diamond Records is a great example that tells you humans can be even darker than monster as viewers will go through the ugly side of the music industry in this one. In this competitive business, networks have to plan future sessions ahead of time and this is good for zombie fans who will get a preview episode of World War Z before this session ends via Rogue Net.

TV can’t be all about dark things, right? Otherwise the entire nation will be in depression and psychiatrists will be (even) rich(er).  The TV networks aren’t that cruel. They have readied a few comedies to help balance out our mood. The leader of the comedy “army” is no doubt It’s Always Me. Hey… HEY… I know you are thinking about skipping the rest of this paragraph because It’s Always Me is the only comedy you’d need, but give other production a chance. Joining the comedy army is Amyland, a comedy that revolves around a top Hollywood studio known as Amyland. It is based on the TV Movie No Place Like AmyLand from last session. We also have the return of Desperate Screenwriters and you know just what its about just by looking at the title.

In the competitive business of Hollywood, producers come and go. For this next show, it’s a come. We welcome a new producer and his debut show, Life in NY. If you want a more life-related comedy that doesn’t involve the entertainment industry and isn’t It’s Always Me, then Life in NY is there for you.

For the action and/or fantasy lovers, there’s some strong shows too. The hit fantasy series, Hybrid continues to be there for the fantasy fans. An interesting series of a light and dark hybrid, this is a story worth checking out even for the non-fans. Another Sci-Fi show in this session will be Extraordinary, a story about an alien-human hybrid. One light-dark hybrid and one alien-human hybrid show makes a good session for fans with wild imaginations, but wait… there’s more! Sheriff Pro Tempore will continue this session to bring more… hmm… how to describe it…”western sci-fi”? I guess for the fans of both genre or either of them. On the other side, Marked is up for a second session after a bloody first session. It’s a crime and mystery type show instead of full-out action, but it’s alright, because if you want full-out action, Thorn has got it covered. According to an online survey, many fans rated Thorn highly as a show they would watch and 4 episodes airing in the first session isn’t enough for them so hopefully the show lives up to its expectation and may the hitwoman, Velvet continue to kick @$$.

We have the return of TCW, the biggest wrestling federation of the HTG world. Actually, this is a really good session to be a sports fan, as they will see a brand new sports drama in this session, The Fastest Sport on Earth. The show follows the story of two ice hockey players on their rise to stardom… or the producer might surprise us with them failing to make it to the NHL, you never know. As for the anthology rival of Wise Tales, we have the western-based Marty Robbins’ Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs that tells a story based on one song of Marty Robbins.

In terms of entertainment news, The Hollywood Times still dominate the market. And now if you are interested show business, there’s two great shows audiences to learn things. The Process continues to interview the big and small producers of the business. Another show will be An HTG Archive Exclusive, which talk about how the movie industry works, maybe will even give some tips and so on.

No matter what is your preference, there will be some show for you in this TV session so sit down and enjoy your TV.

Last Updated on Mar 28, 2012 at 2:20 am
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  1. Teufel says:

    Well done, sir. Well done.

  2. RS says:

    Lots of good stuff on (and coming to) HTG TV this session. Can’t wait to sit back and watch.

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