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Currently in HTG Theaters

What is currently out in HTG Theaters? Keep reading to find out more about a few movies out now!

It’s Happening
Flip Brothers Studio presents a PJ Flip movie by director Taika Waititi that reunites Adam Sandler and Drew Berrymore. The romantic comedy co-stars Keanu Reeves and Kevin James.

Saving the President
From Miracle Pictures Studio and producer Matthew1919 is sci-fi drama set around the assassination of JFK. The movie was directed by JJ Abrams and stars Pierce Brosnan, Emilia Clarke, and Chris Pine.

Wil Wheaton’s TableTop – Lord of the Rings
The latest movie in the TV to Event Film adaption series by Lucian is directed by Alex Gibney. Joining Wil playing a Lord of the Rings game are Cate Blanchett and Ian McKellen.

What are you seeing this weekend from HTG Theaters?

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