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Sci-Fi Film to Get Graphic Novel Adaptation

Graphic novels based on movies, or vice versa, have become common in the entertainment world. HTG Hollywood is seeing its newest science fiction film, Saving the President, gain a graphic novel addition. In fact, rumors are that a series of graphic novels based on some of the characters will be coming.

In the film, two agents for the British MI6 intelligence agency are assigned to go back to 1963 to prevent the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy. Portraying the two agents are veteran actor Pierce Brosnan and actress Emilia Clarke. Penned by Emergency Landing producer Matthew1919, this is the first movie of Matthew Productions released by Miracle Pictures Studio.

Also featured are funnyman Rowan Atkinson as the scientist who created the time travel program, Henry Cavill as a member of the U.S. Secret Service, plus Chris Pine and Natalie Portman as the Kennedys. JJ Abrams takes the director chair.

With one mission under their belt, rumors for the new series of graphic novels would have the pair traveling to various times in order to either seek information or to nudge things in another direction. Although some of the missions are American in nature, others would be of a worldwide nature. An insider with the graphic novel company has mentioned the possibility of visiting The Alamo, the Donner Party and even time travel mainstay Jack the Ripper.

Saving the President opens in HTG theatres on September the 27th.

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