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Hollywood Prepares to Honor 2017 Movies

Just days after renovations finished at the HTG Classic Theater, the town is busy preparing for the 21st HTG Awards (aka the Golden Yodas). Notices have gone out listing eligible movies, producers, and breakdowns of the movies telling if they were original or adapted, who directed them, and more. Producers and studios are encouraged to promote their movies and spotlight talent they want to be showcased. Nomination voting will begin next week and last for 1 week, before final voting.

As part of the renovations at the HTG Classic Theater, all of the cement out front has been cleaned and the most recent hands belonging to PJFlip for his Best Producer win at the 20th HTG Awards have been dipped in the cement and dried. While checking out the hands of past Best Producers, don’t forget to stay for a classic HTG movie. New to the theater areĀ Superman: The Man of Steel, Generations 2.5, and Durham Red. They join the original HTG Best Picture Shades of God, Blaze of Glory, Berlin, and many others.

Last Updated on Jan 14, 2018 at 7:43 pm
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