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New Studio Announcement Video

Ritchie Steven (RS) is standing in the Flip Brothers TV studio in front of full screen wall of posters of HTG films both past and present. Notable in the mix are Superman: The Last Son of Krypton and The Squad.

RS: Hello to everyone out there in HTG land! It is great to dust off this old studio for a special announcement. I’m here today to introduce to the newest member of the HTG studio owners fraternity. Ever since the announcement was made a few days ago that somebody had purchased the old Wonder Inc studio lot, there has been a lot of speculation on who that person could be. Well wonder no further, this guy is someone I have known for a long time and worked with on too many projects to keep track of. A real super guy and with that you probably guessed! So here he is, Kris Greet!

Kris Greet walks into the shot from the side and shakes RS’ hand and gives him a hug.

KG: Thanks for the super introduction.

RS: So, what made you decide to take on a studio?

KG: Well, I loved my time as studio head of 21st Century Cat pictures, but I left there at bit of a rough time in my life. I had always at some point planned to come back to a studio. It was just finding the right time and place to do it. And of course, the right studio.

RS: You feel this is the right time for you now?

KG: Totally, I love writing and producing, but I have this ongoing problem with hands that sort of limits my ability to write on a regular basis. So I thought you know this might not go for away for awhile. Why don’t you pursue the studio thing and I got in contact with the HTG government and the rest is as they say history.

RS: What’s in store for Wonder Inc?

KG: I’ve only just started working a couple of days at it, but in the coming weeks I’m going to start putting the feelers out to producers and seeing what they have. I have a few franchises I plan on offering up so it’s going to be a busy few weeks. Also it’s no longer Wonder Inc, I decided I wanted to start fresh and I got the approval to change the name. I can now exclusively reveal to you that the new name for the studio is Olympus Films.

The logo appears behind RS and Kris.

Olympus Films

RS: That’s awesome. It is fantastic to have you back in the club and I wish you all the success for the future.

KG: Thanks man.

They fist bump and the logo fills the screen; “OLYMPUS FILMS.”

Last Updated on Jul 23, 2017 at 7:47 pm
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  1. The GIH says:

    You had me ’til the fist pump. RS refused to do that to me ‘cuz of the warts. My right hand is full of them. It’s not my fault I was cursed by that gypsy! Stupid old hag.

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